I'm a PhD student in climate dynamics at the Geophysical Institute in the University of Bergen and the Bjerknes centre for climate research. My PhD is focused on the dynamics of warm climates and more specifically I'm looking into the stability of the Arctic sea ice and ocean circulation in response to freshwater perturbations. My main interests are the changing freshwater forcing and its effects on the shelf processes and the stratification (especially the formation of the cold halocline) as well as the faith of the warm Atlantic inflow in the changing Arctic. This work is a part of the Dynawarm project at the Centre for Climate Dynamics, and more recently I've also had the chance to work with the Ice2Ice project. The last part of my PhD is more focused on future changes in ocean heat fluxes to the Arctic region and consequent changes in the Arctic stratification. My supervisors are Camille Li together with Lars Henrik Smedsrud and Bjørk Risebrobakken.

I earned my master's and bachelor degrees at the University of Helsinki with professor Bert Rudels. During my studies I also worked at the marine research department in the Finnish Meteorological Institute. During this time I had the possibility to participate on research cruises as a part of THOR project and I also worked with the first Argo deployments in the Baltic Sea

I'm interested in climate dynamics, especially in different thresholds and abrupt climate changes. In addition to large scale dynamics also small scale phenomena such as eddies, turbulent mixing and convection are of my interest. Both my master's thesis as well as bachelor's thesis were looking into these questions.


Aleksi Nummelin
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