A breathtaking documentary

A production set in the capital of Norway, Bergen. Throughout four episodes we've captured moments surrounding four different phenomenons. The Blue Stone, Floibanen, Little Lungfarmwater and the German Wharf. The moments we have captured are unique and exceptional of its kind.

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The Blue Stone

We have witnessed one day in the life of The Blue Stone.

What will happen with the Hords while they’re waiting for something to happen?


Bergens highest mountain, Fløyen, is almost impossible to climb.

Luckily the two wagons “Red Riding Hood” and “Blue man” will bring you to the top safely.

Little Lung

There are over 100 million people that depend on the water in Little Lung, Bergens largest water supply.

The water pond is essential for life in Bergen to endure.

the Wharf

The Wharf situated in Bergen is the world's largest of its kind. The buildings varies in colour and are old.

An interesting fact about this particular wharf is that it's German..