What is Planet Bergen?

PlanetBergen is the most anticipated webseries in years. It will take you on an epic journey, throughout 4 episodes. The show will shine a light on some well-known phenomena, that everyone in Bergen will instantly relate to. The production is a part of the course INFOMEVI 171 - in which New Media and film-and-tv-students are working together.

How much effort goes into the production of each webisode?

Tons and tons. Each webisode is a result of approximately 1 year of intense research and observation, and we have roughly 500+ hours of raw material per webisode - which is later cut down to a meagre 4 to 5 minutes due to course limitations.

Is this program suitable for children?

This documentary is rated PG-13. It will contain brief clips of nudity, plenty of sexual innuendo - and a dash of foul language. So no.

Where are the lions, giraffes, elephants and hyenas?

In africa. Here.