Automation of stock chart analysis and automated creation of trainingsdata for a neural network


For a subject called "Data handling in Physics" at the UIB we were required to write a project reaturing C++ and ROOT. I divided my project into two parts, one for C++ and one for ROOT.
As I am interested in the stock market and apply some analysis on it, I wanted to have a tool, which automatically filters stocks according to my demands.
I am also interessted in Neural Networks and have already written one myself, therefor it isn't far off I combine it with the stock market. The bad thing about a new Neural Network is, that I need a lot of trainings data to train it, so I also wanted to have this process to be automated.

Using of the programming languages

In C++ I did most of the data analysis and the creation of the trainingsdata for my neural network as C++ is a very well developed programming language with a very big userbase for any kinds of questions already ansered.
In ROOT I tried to do a lot of things, but very little(feeling like nothing) of my effort was rewarded and ended in a succsessfully compiling code.
As I am using my C++ part for furture projects on my computer, all the path names are static in order to not to confuse myself and make everything unnecessarily complicated. My ROOT part
My C++ part

Source codes

.tar file of "Aktien-sutomatisieren (C++)
.tar file of "Aktienkurse-zeichnen (ROOT)
.tar file of "Aktienread (ROOT)