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On this site you find information about who wrote which song and who played it. Ofcourse only blues related...
Just browse the discographies section to find what you want to know.

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Links to several sites with Information on The Coasters

1934 - 2005
Little Milton gone to meet John Lee Hooker

The Blues Foundation. Your Home
for Blues, Blues, Blues!

60 bluesgiants
The Official Moody Blues Web Site

The Distinctive Blues Magazine Online

"Nothin' But The Blues" on WTJU 91.1 FM Radio
Blues Traveler
Blues Bytes
Electric Blues
Da Blues music of Fresno and Central California
Harry's Blues Lyrics Online, Home Page, US Find what's going on at the House of Blues in your area.
Archie Edward's Blues Heritage Foundation
Baltimore Blues Society

Blues Bank Collective
Kolam Ayer Blues Club (KABC)
San Antonio Blues Society (SABS)
Blues Society of Northwest Florida .
European Blues Association
Linn County Blues Society
Mississippi Valley Blues Society
Cascade Blues Association
Fox Valley Blues Society
Manitoba Blues Society
New Zealand Blues Society
Capital Area Blues Society
Natchel' Blues Network
Charlotte Blues Society
Oklahoma Blues Society
Boston Blues Society
Blues For Peace
Blues Foundation
DC Blues Society
Kyana Blues Society
Phoenix Blues Society
Skylands Blues Society
Suncoast Blues Society

Toronto Blues Society

Washington Blues Society

B.B. King's Worldblues Web Site!

Play with the best musicians practice makes perfect. The best place to practice your electric bass guitar is wherever you are. Make sure and get a sturdy deluxe bass guitar case so your baby doesn't get scratched on the road. Here's some fun historyabout the bass guitar. Playing the Blues guitar is about feeling. The electric guitar is a great instrument in Blues music. The harmonica is another great way of expressing feelings into music. Statistics show that playing music is therapeutic. If you'd like to try a new instrument the digital piano is a great place to start. The only way to get better is to practice everyday and bring your keyboard case with you can't miss. Some of the greatest blues players of all time started playing on a simple acoustic guitar.
You always have to start somewhere and once you learn moving onto an amazing electric guitar can make us all feel like
Johnny "Clyde" Copeland.
Yoy find it all in this site
:    Blues On Stage--Web Hosting & Design

Jimmie Vaughan
The Official Jimmie Vaughan Website
Jimmie Vaughan
w.a. williams photography jimmie vaughan
Jimmie Vaughan Calendar of Events
Jimmie Vaughan Image Gallery



    1. ...
      The Legend.
      John Lee Hooker.
       August 22, 1917 - June 21, 2001

      The Rosebud Agency - John Lee Hooker John Lee Hooker
      John Lee Hooker - The World´s Greatest Blues Singer
      BOOM BOOM ROOM Harry's Blues Lyrics Online, John Lee Hooker Lyrics, index page
      The Mudcat John Lee Hooker Room BOOM BOOM ROOM Home

      JOHN LEE HOOKER - Blues Artists, john lee hooker - Corporate Entertainment - Richard De La Font Agency
      hooker Master Bluesman John Lee Hooker VITAMINIC - John Lee Hooker - Electric LP
      John Lee Hooker Biography on the ARTISTdirect Network
      Blues is the healer
      John Lee Hooker Music posters, prints, and pictures JOHN LEE HOOKER records
      John Lee Hooker's Boom Boom Room Glossary Hooker, John Lee
      Hooker,John Lee I'm John Lee Hooker - jpc
      Hooker,John Lee The Folklore Of John Lee Hooker - jpc - Books - John Lee Hooker 'Soul to soul' - November 13, 2000 -- Explore Similar Items
      Argus MusicSearcher John Lee Hooker


      N O R S K E - B A N D
      Amund Maarud Band
      Berglund, Kristin
      Bjørn Berge
      Blues in a Cop
      BokkeReidars Bluesband
      Fjordveien Blues Company
      Florrie & Nattergalene
      JB & the delta jukes
      J.T.Lauritsen & The Buckshot Hunters
      Kampens Hete
      Laband & The Jelly Babies
      Nils og Blåmenn
      Pedal & The Moving Targets
      Pål Sine Haner
      Reidar Larsen & The Storytellers
      Reverend John Bluesband
      Square One
      Steppin' Out
      Tønsberg Bluesband
      Up to Fly
      Vidar Busk

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Molde Internationale Jazzfestival .
Kongsberg Jazzfestival 1997
Vossa Jazz
All About Jazz "
Blue Note Records
Jazz Central Station
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