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 About me:
 Hi, my name is Johan!
 I'm currently studying physics at the University in Bergen
 (UiB) and this webpage is a project I am working on while
 taking a course called phys291. The course is a
 programming course where we learn about the uses of
 Linux and are given insignt into how C++ works, how a
 computer works and other basic things.

 One thing is certain... compare this page with a professional
 one, and I dare say its...

Picture of the institute of physics and technology, UIB

Additional information:
This website is made in the program called
"Kompozer" and consists of 5 html files, 6 textfiles,
8 button-pictures, 8 pictures and 1 hidden
overview file (pptx). This file is found here.

Contact information:
One can contact me trough my email-address at