Kevin Brubeck Unhammer, Computational Linguistics, University of Bergen

Kevin Brubeck Unhammer

Master's of Computational Linguistics at the University of Bergen (UiB), Norway; my thesis was on parallel treebanks and LFG-informed phrase alignment, part of the XPAR-project ("Language diversity and parallel grammars").

On this page you'll find the various classes I've taken at UiB and the University of Amsterdam, along with some papers (literature list at; more about me at my wiki user-page.

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Fall 2009

Worked as a seminar teacher for the Prolog course INFO232.



Semester assignment (in Norwegian):

Computational modeling of language @ UiB


Semester assignment (in Norwegian):

Language Technology Applications @ UiB

Spring 2009

Worked as a seminar teacher for the course KOGVIT101: Introduction to Cognitive Sciences this semester, also got a place in Google Summer of Code with Apertium.


Fall 2008

Worked as a seminar teacher for the Prolog course INFO232.


Semester assignment (in Norwegian):

Modern Grammatical and Semantic Theory @ UiB

Spring 2008: exchange to the University of Amsterdam

Documented on the blog Amsterdamreisen.

Unsupervised Parsing


Probabilistic Grammars and Data-Oriented Parsing @ UvA

Fall 2007


(Norwegian) HOWTO on installing Slime and SBCL on the Solaris-machines at UiB.

Automatic Analysis of Language @ UiB

Spring 2007


Some .emacs-lisp for making XLE more user-friendly when working with LFG grammars.

Syntax @ UiB

Fall 2004 - Spring 2006: Oslo

Computers-Language, Logics and Psychology

Various classes in programming, analytic philosophy, statistics, logic, cognitive science

From INF1010 @ UiO, spring 2005:

Other work

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