Markus Sortland Dregi
Phd student

Research interests

I mainly work on the parameterized complexity of graph problems, including kernels and FPT-approximations. But I also enjoy other types of problems and classical complexity.


I did a bachelor in Computational Science and Mathematics with specialization in mathematics at the University of Oslo. Then I did my masters in algorithms at the University of Bergen. I've also worked part time as a Java developer for NISIS - Norwegian Intelligence and Investigation Service and done summer internships for Vizrt and Data Respons.


I'm part of the team arranging the Norwegian Informatics Olympiad. Furthermore, I've taken part in several outreach projects directed towards high schools students in the area around Bergen. In addition I represented the algorithm group at a research stand at Christie Konferansen 2013.


I have been a teaching assistant for the following courses:
  • INF334 - Advanced Algorithmic Techniques, University of Bergen
  • INF237 - Algorithms Engineering, University of Bergen
  • INF102 - Algorithms, Data Structures and Programming, University of Bergen
  • INF101 - Program Development Methodologies (Programming 2), University of Bergen
  • INF4130 - Algorithms: Design and efficiency, University of Oslo
  • INF1100 - Introduction to programming with scientific applications, University of Oslo


I have given talks at the following places:


I have review papers for the following conferences and journals:
  • TCS 2014
  • WG 2014
  • ICALP 2013

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