u                                PHYS291 PROJECT COURSE                 By Sssentongo Martin


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PHYS291-Data Handling in Physics is a computer programming course taught at UIB in the spring semester to Physics students at Bachelor and Master degree level. It has 2 hours for theoritcal lecture sessions and 2 hours of classroom practice with computers per weeek. The hands-on practice  exercises help students to upgrade in the computer programming skills and how to handle Physics data for intepretation and analysis. For more information about the course, here is the main page.

Department of Physics and Technology
Weekly exercises were forwarded to students using the university webmail acccount for each student and the exercises were about the use of root and g++ compilier of C++ programming. The operating system that best fits root package is Linux and one of the merits of using Linux via its terminal is that it records automatically all commands used in the shell terminal and here are some of the practice outlines of commands used in root to load and execute files for data analysis, and the commads used in the terminal together with g++ compilier.

This can be understood as a condition in which cells localized with in the body grow and reproduce uncontrollably, which can eventually invade and destroy surrounding healthy tissue and body organs. Cancer sometimes begins in one part of the body before spreading to other areas in a process called metastasis.

There are over 200 different types of cancer, each with its own methods of diagnosis and treatment however therapy of cancer is mainly done in the three medically known ways; Surgery, Chermotherapy and Radiotherapy.

You can find out more about specific types of cancer and their treatment by using the links to the left of this page. And for this course project, we shall only look at Prostate and Breast cancer cases.