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Environmental statistics \\
for climate researchers
} \end{minipage}}

Dr. David B. Stephenson1
Department of Meteorology
University of Reading
Earley Gate PO Box 243
Reading RG6 6BB, U.K.

Dr. Rasmus E. Benestad
Norwegian Meteorological Institute DNMI
P.O. Box 43, Blindern
N-0313 Oslo

Course Aim: To introduce the basic statistical concepts relevant to environmental science and to provide experience in the correct use and interpretation of the various statistical methods currently used in the analysis of weather/climate observed and model simulated data.

Practical Exercises Each topic covered in the lectures will be followed by exercises using real data in practical classes.

Prerequisites Minimal statistical knowledge but some basic mathematics and computer skills will be assumed.

Day Morning 10:00-12:00 Afternoon 14:00-16:00
Monday 1. Introduction (DBS) 2. Descriptive statistics (DBS)
Tuesday 3. Probability Distributions (REB) 4. Outliers and extremes (REB)
Wednesday 5. Statistical Inference (REB) 6. Linear modelling I (DBS)
Thursday 7. Linear modelling II (DBS) 8. Multivariate methods (REB)
Friday 9. Time series I (DBS) 10. Time series II (REB)
(***) denotes initials of the lecturer who will present the topic

List of Course Participants

4-8 September 2000

Participant E-mail address
Jan Kristian Jensen
Cathrine Myrmehl
Alf Kirkevåg
Idar Barstad
Helge Drange
Nils Gunnar Kvamstø
Kjetil Lygre
Øvind Breivik
Tore Furevik
Jan Erik Stiansen
Odd Helge Otterå
Lasse Dretvik
Paul Skeie
Gard Hauge
Vibeke W Thyness
Even Nilsen
Kristian Nielsen
Anne Britt Sandoe
Knut Barthel
Anne D Sandvik
Øyvind Sætra
Morten Skogen
Ina T Kindem
Helge Strand
Martin Miles
Stig Nilsen
Øyvind Byrkjedal
Mats Bentsen

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David Stephenson