Tore Furevik


Ongoing activities

  1. BulletResearch training: Norwegian Research School in Climate Dynamics, ACDC summer schools, Bergen Summer Research School

  2. BulletAppointments: Steering board climate program KLIMAFORSK, national representative JPI Climate, UiB representative WUN, Editorial board Hubro.

Research interest

  1. BulletClimate variability and climate change

  2. BulletAtmosphere-ocean-ice interactions, teleconnections

  3. BulletFocus on the North Atlantic, Nordic  Seas and Arctic

Teaching experience

  1. BulletAtmosphere and ocean dynamics

  2. BulletHigh latitude physics

  3. BulletClimatology and climate change

  4. BulletData-analysis and statistics

Tore Furevik, SKD c/o Geophysical Institute, Allégaten 70, N-5007 Bergen, Norway

Phone: +47 55 58 26 91, Fax: +47 55 58 98 83, Email:, URL: