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Structural geology software on the web:

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Stereonet with Google Earth link, Fault slip analysis (FaultKin), trishear (FaultFoldForward), StrainSim etc. for Mac and Windows by Rick Allmendinger.

Nestor Cardozo's Stereonet3D and other programs for the Mac


Stereonet3D (Stereonet with 3D view and export to Google Earth), GeoCalc (Vectors and tensors calculator), SSPX (strain modelling from displacement/velocity data), Trishear3D (3D forward fault related folding), Backstrip (1D backstripping of sedimentary strata), and Flex2D (flexural analysis for constant or variable elastic thickness plates).

Orient: Excellent plotting program

trishear Frederic Vollmer'splotting software: Stereographic (and non-stereographic) projections, circular histograms, spherical statistics, and fault slip and spacial analysis.

Visible Geology (stereonet)

trishearStereo plotting program (web-based) with a nice 3D option. Also check out the other excellent 3D programs of Visible Geology.

trishearGreat plotting program that does stereonet projections, rose diagrams, Flinn plots, ternary plots and more. By Carlos Grohmann and G. Campanha.


Open-source stereographic projection program (or stereonet program) for structural geology Currently not for OSX.

University of Wisconsin's deformation programs

trishear A nice selection of strain programs that closely relate to Chapter 2 (Deformation).

trishear Very useful strain program by Frederic Vollmer.


trishearStrain program written by Chris Warren and Paul Karabinos at Williams College. Java, all platforms.

trishearGreat programs for strain analysis and plotting in Flinn diagram, Hsu diagram and more. Requires Mathematica™. By Matty Mookerjee.

trisheartrishearTwo useful program written by Jiri Rez for Windows.


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