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My current grad-students and some of their projects

Plaster experiments, with Signe Ottesen (Statoil), Tore Odinsen (Statoil), Eivind Bastesen and Atle Rotevatn

Plaster can be used to model different kinds of (mostly) brittle deformation in the laboratory. Three students have recently started to model within the three principal tectonic regimes; extension, contraction and strike-slip.

• Study fault geometries formed in the three different regimes
• Compare with real examples from outcrop and seismic data sets
• Explore the temporal development of structures in the different settings under different boundary conditions.
• Understand the range of likely and possible deformation styles in the three different regimes, from large- to small-scale structures.

YouTube movie of plaster experiment. Plaster people

Strike-slip model (Nov 13, 2013).

Extensional model.

Rifting, North Sea Rift

• Interpretation of seismic data and well information in order to understand the evolution and structural geometry of this rift at various scales.

seismic line


Ester Cobles Johannes Vik Seljebotten: Structural/mineralogical mapping of peridotite in Almklovdalen, Åheim. MSc.

Plaster experiments:

Renate Eimind Tveit: Plaster experiments (Main advisor: Atle Rotevatn). MSc.

Ingvild Blækkan: Plaster experiments (Main advisor: Atle Rotevatn). MSc.

Rifting, North Sea Rift:

Rosa Polanco-Ferrer: Northern North Sea rift system, with emphasis on the Tampen area. With Tore Odinsen and others, Statoil. Project: MultiRift. PhD.

Chao Deng (PhD, U of Bergen): North Sea Rift, modeling. Project: MultiRift. PhD.

Anette Broch Mathisen Tvedt: Salt tectonics (Main advisor: Atle Rotevatn). Project: SALTEC. PhD.

Antje Antje Lenhart: Tectono-stratigraphic evolution of multiphase rift basins. Main advisor: Christopher Jackson. Institution: Imperial College. Project: MultiRift. PhD.

Cleber Peralta: Sinai/Red Sea rift project, comparing the structural pattern in the basement with the rift-related fault pattern in the overlying sediments.

Flavio Almeida: Fault growth and fault interaction, northern North Sea. With Paul Whipp (Statoil). Project: Fault interaction.

Synne Skaar Ågotnes: Fault growth and fault interaction, northern North Sea. With Hamed Fazli Khani. Project: MultiRift. MSc.

Marte Refvem: Fault growth and fault interaction, northern North Sea. With Hamed Fazli Khani. Project: MultiRift. MSc

Heidi Knutsen: Deformation bands in chalk – control on distribution and mechanism of formation

Karoline Øvretveit: Depositional and structural relationships along the basement-Cambrian contact in the NW Hardangervidda - Hallingskeid area.

Porous sandstones:

Sven Philit: Main advisor: Roger Soliva. PhD.