This Ph. D project is sponsored by VISTA, which is a research coorperation between the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters and STATOIL

Wettability and flow in capillary systems

Wettability is recognised as being a very important parameter in all oil recovery processes due to its influence on the distribution and flow of fluids within reservoir rocks. Wettability can in reservoir rock can either be homogeneous, or heteregeneous. In the first case all parts of the reservoir has the same affinity for water and oil, whereas in the latter case the wettability characteristics of the reservoir can be different from pore to pore or even within a single pore. Heterogeneous wettability can be further subdivided into fractional and mixed wettability. In this project our main focus is on the developement of mixed wettability and the effect of correlated heterogeneous wettability on flow in reservoir rock.


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Manuscripts in preparation:

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