Interactive Model Prototyping in Visualization Space

Identifying and building models, and quantifying model parameters

-- Ove Daae Lampe and Helwig Hauser

Who am I?

Ove Daae Lampe

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Researcher at CMR Computing and PhD Student at UiB

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Interactive Model Prototyping in Visualization Space

Model Building


Model Constructs

Visualization Space

Model prototyping in Visualization Space analyzes visual representations of the data rather than the data.

In effect we rasterize the data once, and optimize the difference between this and a rasterized version of a model

But WHY Visualization Space

User sketching and Automated Fitting

Interactive Convergence

Constant-step iterations while interacting. Newton's optimization applied afterwards.


Workflow I

Our proposed workflow

Workflow II

  1. Visualize and Observe
  2. Sketch and Fit
  3. Externalize and Subtract
  4. Iterate

Test Dataset

Step 1. Visualize and Observe

Step 2. Sketch and Fit

Step 3. Externalize ...

Step 3. ... and Subtract

Step 4. Iterate

    • μ = (1.004,1.004)
    • σ = (0.1989,0.2015)
    • μ = (1.0,1.0)
    • σ = (0.2,0.2)



Drilling Data I

Drilling Data II

Torque measured in kN.m over time in seconds

Torque measured in kN.m over time in seconds.

Step 1: Visualize and Observe

Step 2+3: Sketch, Fit, ... and Subtract

Step 4: Iterate

Externalized Result

Result: a quantitative plot of mean torque over depth and error (one standard deviation ≅ 68% of the measurements).


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