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GRASSMATE is a South-North cooperation within the academic fields of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education.

The main aim is competance building. GRASSMATE provides more lectures at tertiary institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa to develope research competence in Science, Mathematics and Technology Education.

Simultaneously GRASSMATE develops a network of researchers from the involved tertiary institutions.

GRASSMATE is jointly hosted by The University of Bergen in Norway and the University of the Western Cape in South Africa. A diversity of universities in Sub-Saharan Africa participates.

The project is funded by the NORAD through the Norwegian Committee for Development Research and Education (NUFU) for the project periode 2002 - 2006.

Senior researchers and PhD-students attending a GRASSMATE seminar in Cape Town in January 2003.

September 2008: Liphoto will recieve his PhD-degree

Soon in print: Book with contributions from Grassmate-students, editied by Holtman, Julie, Mikalsen, Mtetwa and Ogunniyi

Coming up soon: Report about the project:

March 2008: Four GRASSMATE students, Whittles, Mupindu Tsvigu, Magano Kapenda, and Kwaira received their PhD-degrees.
September 2007: Kelly received her PhD-degree

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