Ritske S. Huismans
Professor Structural Geology and Tectonics

Head of Geodynamics Group
Department of Earth Sciences
Bergen University
Allegaten 41, N-5007 Bergen, Norway
(47) 55 58 81 16



research interests-group members

Research interests:
Lithosphere Mantle Interactions
Interaction Surface Processes and Tectonics
Interaction Magmatism and Tectonics
Fluid Flow and Deformation
Passive Margin Formation and Inversion
Development of Numerical Methods

Current group members
Vivi Pedersen (post doc)
Romain Beucher (post doc)
Thomas Theunissen (post doc)
Gang Lu (post doc)
Rosie Smithells (post doc)
Guillaume Duclaux (post doc)
Arjan Grool (PhD) joint with Univ. Nancy
Claudio Morra (PhD) joint with Univ. Sao Paolo


-Post doc position in subduction dynamics


Updated: November, 2014