Ritske S. Huismans
Professor Structural Geology and Tectonics

Head of Geodynamics Group
Department of Earth Sciences
Bergen University
Allegaten 41, N-5007 Bergen, Norway
(47) 55 58 81 16



research projects
  • Coordination of ESF Eurocores TopoEurope project: Coupling between tectonics and surface processes during lithosphere inversion of the Pyrenean-Cantabrian mountain belt (NFR supported 2009-2012, 1 PhD and 1 Post doc, total 6 PhD’s and post docs; see also http://pyrtec.uib.no). Main focus is to understand the relation between inheritance, surface processes, and tectonic deformation during crust and lithosphere scale rift and passive margin inversion.

  • Co-coordination of Earth System Modeling project (Statoil supported, 2010-2015, 2 post docs, total 7 PhD’s and post docs). Main focus is to understand the relation between topographic development, source to sink processes, and (paleo) climate in the context of rift and passive margin development.

  • Barents Sea Paleozoic basement and basin configurations (BarPz), Petromaks 2 project. 2 post doctoral fellows, 1 PhD.Collaborators : Prof. Mjelde (UIB), Prof. Faleide (UIO), 2014-2018.

  • Partner in SWAMMIS, Subduction zone Water and Metamorphism: a Modelling and Imaging Study, (RCN Frinatek project): supervision one post doc subduction dynamics 2014-2018.

  • Partner in Multirift, Pre-existing structural controls on normal fault growth, tectonic geomorphology and sedimentation in multiphase rifts, (RCN Petromaks 2 project): supervision one post doc 3D rift dynamics 2013-2017. (see also http://org.uib.no/multirift/about.html)

  • SIU - Capes Project collaboration higher education Bergen University-Sao Paolo University: Integrated orogen-sedimentary basin studies, 2013-2015. co-supervision 1 PhD student. Collaborators: Prof. Marcos Egydio Sylva (USP), Dr Victor Sacek (USP), Prof Haakon Fossen (UiB)

  • Sedimentary basin and North Pyrenean foreland fold and thrust belt formation. PYR_FFTB (FONDATION FRANCO-NORVÉGIENNE (FFN) project, linked to ANR project PYRAMID), co-supervision 1 PhD student. Collaborator: Prof. Mary Ford

  • RCN FRINATEK, Main supervisor personal post-doctoral research fellow Dr Vivi Pedersen: Paleotopography, Late Neogene and Quaternary glaciations, and landscape evolution in the Norwegian region, 2014-2018.

Past Research projects
  • 3D modeling of lithosphere extension and passive margin formation (NFR supported 2008-2010, 1 PhD and 1 Post doc). Main focus is to understand 3 dimensional aspects of rifting, passive margin formation, rift inversion, and collision.

  • Integrated study of the Barents Sea, Petrobar (UiO coordinator; NFR supported, 2008-2010, 1 post doc, total 7 post docs). Main aim of the subproject is to understand mechanisms underlying subsidence of the Eastern Barents Sea using petrological consistent density models.

  • Thermal-mechanical structure of ridges (UiB supported, 2007-2010, 1 post doc). Main focus is on controls on thermal and mechanical structure below ridges and rifts linking lithosphere deformation to upper mantle scale deformation.

  • Geothermal energy research (NFR-Renergi supported, 2009-2012, 1 PhD, total 4 PhD’s and post docs). Main focus is on reactive fluid and heat transport, deformation (compaction and hydro-fracturing), and chemistry in geothermal applications.

  • Rift and passive margin research (1 master student). Main focus is on understanding variation in structural style of rift and passive margin development in the context of South Atlantic, North Atlantic, Iberia-Newfoundland conjugate rifted margins (see also discussion of Thematic content below).

  • Coordination of IODP / ODC North Atlantic conjugate margin drilling proposal (pending). Main aim is to sample and constrain mechanisms for volcanic margin formation.

  • Advanced Solution Methods for Geophysical Simulation of Plate Tectonics (NOTUR funding, 2008-2009, Advanced user support). Main aim is to develop highly efficient parallel iterative solvers for 3D computational fluid dynamic modelling.






Updated: April, 2010