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The Inquirer: The Bernard Herrmann Anthology, volume 3

The Inquirer: The Bernard Herrmann Anthology, volume 3


Preamble PRCD 1789 (CD, 1992).
Preamble's Bernard Herrmann Anthology, volume 3 is a terrific sampler of some of the composer's work. It contains suites from various recordings (some original, some re-recordings) of Citizen Kane, The Magnificent Ambersons, The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Kentuckian, Williamsburg: Portrait of a Patriot, Night Digger, Battle of Neretva, and Sisters.

The Citizen Kane music is better represented on Charles Gerhardt's RCA recording from the 70s (his "Salaambo Aria" is magnificent). And Herrmann's own recording (on the recent Unicorn-Kanchana disc with Obsession) is superior to Tony Bremner's on Vol. 3.

The Magnificent Ambersons music is subtle and rich.

The music from The Day the Earth Stood Still doesn't do justice to Herrmann's forward-looking electronic score. You'd be better served getting the recently released original soundtrack on Fox.

Night Digger and Battle of Neretva are suite-ized versions of the original scores, as is the butchered Sisters music.

The Kantuckian is presented in a 20 minute suite conducted by Fred Steiner. It has some very rousing music, and in place of the original score, is quite fulfilling.

The real treat on the disc is Williamsburg, which Herrmann scored for free. It has a uplifting quality similar in many respects to the The Three Worlds of Gulliver score.

Volumes 1 and 2 of the Bernard Herrmann Anthology are the re-recorded original scores to The Magnificent Ambersons and Citizen Kane, respectively. As mentioned above, the Kane music doesn't hold up as well as on other recordings, but the Ambersons disc is a revelation.

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Night Digger, The Battle of Neretva and Sisters are all from the original soundtracks (OST) conducted by Herrmann himself. These are available on separate CDs.

The music for The Kentuckian and The Day the Earth Stood Still is available (along with other non-Herrmann music) on a CD from Preamble called The Kentuckian.

The music for Williamsburg and an editing of cues from Citizen Kane is only available on this CD.

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