Carola Freiin von Villiez

Professor of Philosophy
University of Bergen

Research interests:

Current projects:

National sovereignty and self-determination of peoples: international law, normative foundations, discourse

Funding: Interdisciplinary Centre for Humanities Studies, rectorate of the University of Bergen (2019)

The principle of national sovereignty is widely acknowledged to be the birth-norm of international law. Its nature, legitimate extent and implications for the generation as well as execution of both national and international law can, however, be properly assessed only in connection with the principle of self-determination. Where the former is the birth-norm, the latter must be considered its grounding, indeed, its basic norm. The project seeks to analyse the factual, juridical and normative relationship between national sovereignty and self-determination in international law, in Immanuel Kant's writings on philosophy of law and political philosophy as well as in current popular discourse.

Friendship: concept, normative theory and practice

Funding: DAAD/NFR programme Personal Project Partnership (2017/18)

Friendship is part of our daily experience and, since antiquity, also an ideal of an accomplished life. While it remains constitutive of genuinely human life, its normative conception has changed. The project seeks to discern and analyse these changes in the concept, normative theory and practice of friendship.