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Friday, 2007 September 28, 12:15

Foredragssalen, Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen

Alastair D. Jenkins

Introduction to atmosphere-ocean interaction


The fluid circulation of the Earth and other planets is driven by energy sources with low entropy (high temperature or direct mechanical forcing), the energy being re-radiated at higher entropy (lower temperature) to outer space.  The energy flux through the planetary circulation system supports a range of dissipative processes and structures: convection cells, zonal jets, eddies, breaking wave trains, clouds, precipitation, and so on.  The principal energy source for the atmospheric and oceanic circulation of the Earth is the incoming flux of solar radiation, although the flux of gravitational tidal energy from the Sun-Earth-Moon system is locally important, and the flux of thermal energy from the Earth's interior is in principle measurable.  (The interior thermal energy flux is dominant for Jupiter and the other giant planets of the solar system.)

In this lecture we will discuss the distribution of energy amongst the various components of the atmospheric and oceanic circulation, and the various contributions to the energy, momentum, and mass exchange between the components.

Discussion points:
  • What is the energy balance of different processes, with application to the availability of renewable energy resources?

Seminar programme:

Talks are normally 45 minutes, and the room is usually available until 14:00 for discussions after the talk.  Anyone (from the Bergen area or elsewhere) who wishes to give a seminar in this series is invited to contact the Scientific Coordinator Alastair D. Jenkins <>

2007 September 28
Foredragssalen, GFI
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Introduction to atmosphere-ocean interaction
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