NORBIS Course Preparations

Prepare for the course


The course depends heavily on students using their own laptops for interactive work exercises during the course. Make sure you bring your charger. There is reasonably good access to UiB wifi in the lecture room. However, you should make sure you download and install all the software described below before the course.

IMPORTANT: Make sure in advance that you have a laptop with sufficient administrator rights to install the required software!

R software

R, from is one of the main tools at the course. If you do not have extensive experience with R, it is very important that you at least familiarize yourself with basic usage before the course.

We recommend that you go through as much as possible of the free R tutorial at before the course.

To use R effectively, you need a suitable editor. We recommend using RStudio for this, and many of the demonstrations during the course will be in RStudio. So please install RStudio before the course. Alternatively, a good text editor will work. See recommendations below.


Haplin is an R package that will be used extensively throughout the course. We will use Version 7.0.0 (or newer). Please note that the newest Haplin version may not yet be available at CRAN. Instead, you can install Haplin directly from here.

Other software to be installed before the course

  • Haploview
    Please also download the two example files found close to the bottom of the Haploview page
  •  PLINK. Version 1.9 is probably best for our use
  • A text editor, for instance Notepad++ (for Windows), Kate (multi-platform) or gedit (Linux)
  • The R-package gmlnet. Install as standard package under R: