IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the removal of GenABEL from CRAN on 24 May 2018, a new version of Haplin, Version 7.0.0, was developed, being independent of GenABEL. Version 7.0.0 and now Version 7.1.0 are available from CRAN.

Haplin is implemented as a standard package in the R software and thus runs on Windows, Linux and MAC. Running Haplin requires no previous knowledge of R.

R can be downloaded free of charge from The R Project for Statistical Computing. For Windows users, a  shortcut to the R installation file is found here.

To install Haplin, start R and use:


which fetches the newest Haplin version from the CRAN repository and installs it on your computer.

To use Haplin in an R session, use


NOTE: When running Haplin on Windows, the ff package (called by Haplin) may require Rtools to be installed. You can install Rtools following the instructions here:

New data handling in Haplin
Please refer to the html vignettes for details on the new data handling system.

To see available vignettes from within R:

 vignette(package = "Haplin")

To read one of the available vignettes, for instance the intro:

 vignette("A_Haplin_intro_installation", package = "Haplin")