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Summer 2014, I was diagnosed with Stage III (T3M) appendicular/colon cancer; adenocarcinoma, the most common kind of colon cancer. November 2014, Stein was also diagnosed with the same cancer, also Stage III (T3N2), although his is at the other end of his colon.

This website is about our journey with the c-word; a journey towards an unknown destination; but a journey filled with hope.

It began with shock and denial – it was - it is - hard for us to accept that the c-word related to us. We have tried to keep looking on the bright side [of life].

The next hurdle was accepting that we were sick. In my case, my appendicitis was actually very lucky.

We were both extremely fortunate that so many friends and family travelled with us, virtually and otherwise on this journey. It made all the difference.

Life on the C-side is a journey that affects many, many people - more than just us. Before we ourselves were involved, we had no idea just how many are implicated. It has been a sobering experience.

We are now cancer survivors: as of December 2015, I am a 15-month survivor; Stein is a 7-month survivor.

I hope that this little site can inform about and help share this very human and life-changing experience. (NB: Most pictures can be clicked on for a larger version)

Lots of love
Elinor (& Stein)

PS remember:
Dark humour is like cancer; not everybody gets it!!!
AND Most cancers are just bad luck!!!

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