Wonder... Mystery... the Unknown...

This is what science communication is about.

Whether it was making the words of a math textbook come alive, or sharing some of the number facts behind the natural grace of a marine mammal; whether it was honing rhetorical twists and tightening consistency in manuscript editing or conveying the passion and potential of a research project; I have been involved in science communication for nearly 30 years.

Communicating... Interpreting... Presenting... Sharing... Participating... Involving... Engaging ...

Learning about science is like travelling to a foreign country. But with science, most of us are just armchair travellers. Few will ever visit a research laboratory, suit-up for bio-safety level anything or participate actively in fieldwork. Yet our tax dollars fund these activities. We vote for people who regulate these activities. The results of these activities impact virtually every aspect of our daily lives.

As democratic world citizens, as parents of future world citizens, it is critical that we have at least a minimal understanding of research developments and the research process so that we can understand ourselves, our health, our world, our impact and so that we can optimize our future and the future of our home, the planet Earth.

We need science communicators as travel guides.


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