English News

In 2001 the Information Department at UiB started an international initiative that included

  • revision of UiB’s English web pages
  • English News” – a web-based news service that would profile UiB’s activity for international visitors via web
  • English printed profile material

Read the 'Kollegiumsak' (the University Board's decision to have a permanent position attached to this activity) 2002. Read about the service from På Høyden

The “English News” aimed to profile activities and infrastructures to both inform about UiB but also to attract international students, guest researchers and research partners.

It had a production rate of 2-3 articles per week on average for a period from the end of 2001 to June 2004.

The service worked closely with researchers from the different faculties at UiB, the Office of International Relations and the Vice-Rector who was responsible for international affairs.

The statistical analysis group at UiB’s IT department reported that there was a significant increase in the number of web hits after the new web pages and the English News were published.

The archives of the original English News service extend from 2001, week 40, to 2004, week 23.

In June 2004 the Communication and Media Department decided to discontinue this activity as an independent service at UiB.