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Communication challenges today!

Institutions today face unprecedented communication challenges.

Communication is socially critical responsibility, however, it is morphing at a tremendous rate and in directions that are increasingly impossible to predict.

How do we address an institution’s need to professionally and effectively communicate amid the challenges of changing media, multi-media, changing target groups with changing needs, changing social  norms, changing technical standards and formats, thinking strategically ...

Effective communication requires:  leadership, reflection, experience, perspective, enthusiasm, engagement and curiosity.

It needs input from a variety of sources: internal, external, technical, theoretical …

It needs team members with a variety of competencies, who are flexible and willing to learn and adapt.

In addition, knowledge institutions such as universities have the additional challenge of communicating across language barriers and cultural differences. Effective international communication also requires having an international perspective, international experience, multi-cultural awareness … It requires a multi-competency communication team that includes an international dimension.


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