As well as having some knowledge of DreamWeaver, Adobe’s web design software, I have had experience with a number of web content management systems. In addition, together with Svein Norland at BIO I was responsible for providing the basic structure for project websites using Drupal, a supplementary web content management system supported by UiB’s IT Department.

While I have a relatively good working knowledge of the technical aspects of the various websites, my primary responsibility has been content.

Examples of websites:

Word Press Blog:


Drupal based web-sites:


In 2007 I was responsible for building a website for the Centre for Geobiology. We worked with the company Reaktor and used the content management tool, Kreator. (this site is no longer updated because the Centre pages have been copied over to UiB's new external web)
(the licence for this site will terminate in the first half of 2010, and the site may go offline)

I have been responsible for the BIO and Centre for Geobiology websites in the UiB external web (over 600 pages on these sites).


Nordic Marine Academy

MAR-ECO Project

GO Sars (UIB)