Parade in Juneau

This picture is probably taken on the corner of South Franklin Street and Front Street. The building behind these men are the "Seward building". "Seward Building" and also the building further down the street are still there. A wild guess is that this picture is taken on Labour Day in 1917, but it could be any summer day between 1916 and 1919. My grandfather, is below the "JEWELRY" sign and he was member No. 161 of the Deap Sea Fishermen's Union of the Pacific. Could the parade be labour unions? Most of the men has also got a small white or whitish bow-tie on their jackets, could the parade be a anti-war march? Perhaps this can date the picture and also explain why they are marching down the Franklin Street?

Photographer: ?
Processed by: W.K. Case
Number in left corner: 148
Copyright: Unknown
Owner of picture: Lars Solli, Stranda, Norway.

The person beneath the JEWELRY sign is probably Martin Olsen, born 1893 in Stranda, Norway

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Arne Solli,