Index to the Etymologies (one-file version)


Version 1.1


abandon (S) WAR; abandonment (S) WAR

abhor (Q, OS, S) PHEW, (R) DYEL; abhorrence (S) DYEL

abide (R) NDOR; abide by (Q) KHIM; abiding (Q, S) STAN, (S) KHIM

ablebodied men, troop of (S) WEG

abominable (S) DYEL

abound (R, S) UB; abundance (Q) UB; abundant (Q) GALA, (Q, S, A:) UB

about (R, S) OS

above (S) ORO

abundance (Q) UB; abundant (Q) GALA; abundant (Q, S, A) UB

account (noun) (OS, S) NAR2, (Q) KWET/PET; chronological account (Q) LU

acre (A) RED

across (R) THAR, (S) (prefix) AT(AT)

active (Ilk) LEK

actor (Q) KAR (rewritten >) (Q) KYAR (see KAR)

actual (Q?) ANA2

acute (Q) TER/TERES, (R, Q, S) LAIK; acuteness (Q) LAIK

adhere (R) KHIM, LEB/LEM; adhering (Q) KHIM

adult (Q) WEG; adult male (R, Q, OS, S) DER

Adurant (Ilk) AT(AT)

[advesperacit] (OS, S) WIN/WIND

Ælfwine (Q) NIL/NDIL, (Q) SER

affect (R, S, OS) PERES, affected (of vowel, sc. mutated, umlauted) (S) PERES; affection (= love) (S) MEL; affection of vowels (= umlaut) (S) PERES

again (R, Q, S) AT(AT), (Q) [TAT]

age (A, Q, OS, S) RAD; suffering from old age (S) GENG-WÂ; aged (S, OS?) YEN

agent (Q) KAR (rewritten >) KYAR (see KAR)

agile (R, Q, S) KYELEK

Aglon (S) LOD

ago (R, Q, S) YA

agony (Q) KWAL

Ainu, Ainur, Aini (Q) AYAN

air (as substance) (S) WIL, (Q:) WIS; 'air' as a region (S) WIL; lower air (Q) AIWÊ, (A, Q, S, Ilk:) WIL; upper air (Q:) SPAN; air (music) (Q, S) LIN2, [GLIN]

Aiwenor (Q) AIWÊ

alas (S, Q) NAY

Alataire (Q) AYAR/AIR

Alchoron (S; Q) AR2, LA

Aldalemnar (Q) GALAD, YEN

Aldaron (Q) GÁLAD

alive (Q, S) KUY; to be alive (S) KUY

all (R, Q) IL; all that is wanted (Q) PHAR

allegiance to, hold (S) BEW

allow (R, Q) DAB

Almáriel (Q) GALA

alone (Q, S) ERE; be alone (R) ERE

alphabet (Q) TEK

Alqalonde (spelt Alqualondë in the published Silmarillion) (Q; S) KHOP cf. LOD

alter (R) PERES

Ambaróne (Q) AM2

Amon Ereb (S) ERE

Amon Uilos (S) OY [GEY]

amputate (S) OS

Ancalagon (S) ÁLAK, NAK

ancient (Q, S) YA, (S) GENG-WÂ

andatektha (OS) TEK (see andeith)

and yet (Q) NDAN

andeith (longmark) (S; OS) TEK (but this form is obsoleted by andaith in LotR Appendix E)

Andfang (S) ÁNAD/ANDA

Andolat (Q) NDOL


Andúnie (Q) NDÛ

Anfang (S) ÁNAD/ANDA; Anfang, Andfang (S) SPÁNAG

angelic spirit (Q) AYAN

angle (R, S) BEN, (S) NAS

Angolonn (S) ÑGOL

Angrod (S) RAUTÂ

animal's foot (R, OS, S) POTÔ (Note: the double OS and S forms listed are not alternatives, but sg and pl)

Annals (S) YEN

anniversary day (S) YEN

approach (R) TUL

Aran Dinnu (S) THIN, TIN (but rather *Aran Tinnu in mature Sindarin, with revised lenition rules)

Araume (OS; A, S, Q) ORÓM

Araw (S; A, OS, Q) ORÓM, (S; Q) ROM

arch (S) KU3

Ardh-thoren (S) GARAT (see under 3AR p. 360)

Ardholen (S) GAT(H)

Argad (Ilk) AR2

Argador (Ilk) AR2, GAT(H)

Ariad (Falathrin) AR2

Ariador (Ilk, Falathrin) AR2, ÉLED, GAT(H)

Arien (Q) AR1

arm (A, Q, OS, S) RAK

Aros (Ilk; S) YAR

arose (OS) ORO

arrange (OS) PAR

arrow (Q) PÍLIM

art (S) MAG, under MA3

Arthoren (S) GARAT (see under 3AR p. 360)

Arthurien (S/Ilk) GARAT (see under 3AR p. 360), THUR

article (for exchange) (S) MBAKH

Arveruen (Q) BES

Aryante (Q; S) AR1, (Q) ANA1

Askar (Ilk) SKAR

asleep (Q) LOS

assembly (A, S) KHOTH

associate (OS, Q) THEL/THELES, (OS, S, Q) TOR

at peace (Q) SED

Atalante (Q) DAT/DANT

Aule, Aulë (Q; S) GAWA/GOWO cf. BEL; Aulë, surname of (Q, S) TAN

authority - having (divine) authority or power (Q) BAL

Autumn (Q) DAT/DANT; autumn (Q) NAR1, (Q, S) LAS1, (S) KWEL

Avakúma (Q) AWA, OY

Avalóna (Q) LONO

Avari (Q, S, OS) AB/ABAR (but Afor pl Efuir, Efyr are not valid words in mature Sindarin, as they are obsoleted by pl. Evair in WJ:380, sg. *Avar - the word was known only to the Loremasters and not in common use)

awake (R) KUY; awakening (noun) (Q, S) KUY

away (R) 3O (p. 360), AWA

awful (S) TÁWAR, TUR

axe-blade (Q, A) SYAD; axe-stroke (A, S) SYAD


babble (S) GLAM; babbling (S) GLAM

babe (R, Q, S) LAP

back (adverb) (R) NDAN; back (adverb) (R) RAD; back (preposition) (R, Q, S) AT(AT); back again (Q) [TAT]; back (noun) (Dor) NDAN

backwards (prefix) (Q) NDAN


bake (Q) MBAS

Balannor (S; A, OS, Q) BAL

Balar (S; A) BAL

bale out (Q) KALPA

ball (Q, S) KOR

Balrog (S) ÑGWAL

Balthronding (Ilk) STARAN

bank, especially of a river (Q,S) RAMBÂ (Note: this root should be understood as RAB, of which *rambâ is a derivative)

Bannos (S; Q) MBAD

Banwend, Banwen (S; OS, Q) BAN

Barachir (S?) KHER

Baradis (T; Q) BARATH

Baragund (S) BARÁS

Barahir (S) BARÁS

Baranduin (S) BARÁN

barbaric host (=Orcs) (S) GLAM; barbarous speech (S, A) ÑGAL

bare - stripped bare: (Q) SKAL1, SKEL

bark (verb) (R) KHUG (One edition erroneously reads 'bar' for 'bark')

Barthan (S) GAWA/GOWO, TAN

base (R, Q) TALAM, (R, Q?) SUD; from hood to base (Q) TEL/TELU

batter (Q) PALAP

battle (noun) (OS, S) NDAK; (S) KOT, MAK; battle (verb) (S) NDAK Battle of Sudden Fire (S) BERÉK (This entry gives Dagor Vregedúr; the form in mature Sindarin is Dagor Bragollach "Battle of Sudden Flame"; see Silmarillion Index)

bay (small landlocked) (Q) KHOP, [KOP]

bay (sound that a hound makes) (R) KHUG

be (Q) 2, (R) ANA2

be fond of (of liking, friendship) (R) SER

beach (Q, S) PHAL/PHÁLAS

beams - emit slender (silver pale) beams (R) TIN

bear (animal) (R, A, Q, S, Ilk) MORÓK, (S) LIS, MAT

beard (A, Q, T, OS, S) SPÁNAG

beat (Q, S, A) PALAP, (R) DARÁM, (R) NDAM, (R, S) DRING; Beater (swordname) (S?) DRING

beaten track (A, OS, S) BAT

beautiful (A, Q, S) BAN, (Q) LIND

bed (A, S) KHAW, (Q) KAY; bedchamber (Q) STAB; bedridden (Q, S) KAY

beech (Dor) GALAD, ORO, (Dor, S:) NEL, (R, OS, S:) PHER/PHÉREN; beech, beech-tree (A, Ilk, Dor, T, Q, S:) BERÉTH, (Q, T:) PHER/PHÉREN; beech-mast (Ilk) BERÉTH; beechnuts (Q) PHER/PHÉREN; beechen (Q) PHER/PHÉREN

beget (R) , (R, Q, S:) ONO; begetter (Q) ONO

begin suddenly and vigorously (S) (Hoeno, heno is probably a misreading for *hoerio, *herio) KHOR

beginning (Q) ESE/ESET (Read probably *yessë for esse; see FIRST.)

begun again (S) AT(AT)

behind (S) TELES

being alive (Q) KUY

Beleg (Ilk) BEL; Beleg's bow (Ilk) STARAN

Belego (S; Q) GAS

Belegoer (S; in mature Sindarin Belegaer; see Silmarillion index) AYAR/AIR, (S; Q) ÁLAT

Belegol (S) GAWA/GOWO

Belegost (S) BEL, OS

Beleriand (S) BAL

bell (Q, S) NYEL; bells, ringing of (S) NYEL; sound bells (verb) (S) NYEL

beloved (Q) MEL

Belthil (S) SIL, (S; OS) BAL, (S?) THIL

Belthronding (S? Ilk?) BEL, Bel-thron(d)-ding (Ilk? S?) DING

bend (R) REP

beneath (Q) UNU

bent (Q) RÁYAK, (S, A, Ilk, Dan) KU3

bent (dry grass) (Q) STAR

Beor, Bëor (S) BEW

beside (Q) AR2

betray (R, OS, S) WAR; betrayer (S) WAR

beyond (R) THAR

bind (R) NUT, (R, S) WED; Binder (name of Mandos) (Q) MBAD

bird (small) (R, Q, S) AIWÊ; (Q, S) PHILIK; Birdland (Q) AIWÊ

bite (verb) (R, Q, S) NAK; bite (noun) (Q) NAK; biting (S) NAK, (S, A) NAY; Biting-Storm (dragon-name) (Q) NAK

bitter (A, Q, S) SAG; bitter cold (S) KHELEK (see KHEL)

black (R, A, Q, S) MOR (but S moru is a misreading for morn), (Dor, Dan:) DUN, (Dor:) ÑGOROTH; blackness (Q) MOR; blackbear (S) LIS; blackthorn (etc.) (S) TUS; Black Foe (S) MOR; Black Gulf (S) YAG; Black-sword (S) MAK

broadsword-blade (Q, A) SYAD

blaze UR (This entry was struck out in the Etymologies, but a word that must be derived from this stem occurs in LotR, so it seems that Tolkien restored it.)

blessed (Q) GALA, KHER; blessedness (Q, S) GALA; 'blessings' (Q, S) GALA; bliss (Q, S) GALA

block (verb) (Q) TAP

blood (R, Q, S, Ilk) YAR (but the Silmarillion Appendix gives sercë, not yár, as the Q word for "blood"); Blood-stain (S) WA3; Blood-stained (S) YAR

blossom (Q, S) LOT(H)

blot (Q) MBOTH

blow (e.g. of axe) (S) DARÁM, blow with fist (S) DARÁM

blow (verb) (R) THÛ, WÂ/WAWA/WAIWA, noise of blowing or breathing (R) SWES

blue (R, A, Q, S) LUG2; pale blue (Q, OS, S) 3EL (p. 360), (R, S, Q:) [GLINDI]; Blue Mountains (Q, S) LUG2, (S) [GLINDI]; land under Blue Mountains RAD; Blue Towers (S) LUG2

[blue-grey] (A, Q, S) WIN/WIND

blush (as noun) (S) KARÁN

boat (Q, S) LUT

bold (A, Q, S) KAN, (Q, OS, S) BER; be bold (OS) BER; boldness (Q) BER

Boldog (S) NDAK, ÑGWAL

bolster (A, Q, OS, S) NID

bond (A, Q, OS, S) WED, (OS, S, Ilk) WED, (Q, S) NUT, (S) WEG

book (A, Q, OS, S) PAR; book-language (= Quenya) (Q) PAR

Bór (S) BOR

border (Q, Dor, S) ; (R, Q, S) REG

Borlas (S) BOR; (S) GALÁS

Boromir (OS, S) BOR

Borthandos (S) BOR, (S) KHAN

bosom (Q) PAL; bosom of earth (Q) PAL

boss (S) NDOL

both (R, Q)

bottom - from top to bottom TEL/TELU

bound (Q, S) NUT

bow (for shooting) (R, A, Q, S) KWIG; bow (R, A, Q) KU3; bow-shaped (S, A, Ilk, Dan) KU3; bowed (S, A, Ilk, Dan) KU3; bowstring (S) TING/TANG

bow down (R) NDÛ

braid of hair (A, Q) SPIN; braided hair (OS, S) SPIN

branch (A, Q, S) GÓLOB

brand (Q, OS) YUL (but in Namárië in LotR, Q yulma means "cup")

Brandir (S) BARÁD, DER

Branduin (S) BARÁN

brave (OS, S) BER

bread (Q, S) MBAS

break apart (Q) SKAT; break asunder (R, Q) SKAT

break out suddenly (A, S) BERÉK

breaker (S) PHAL/PHÁLAS

breath (Q) SWES, (Q, S) THÛ, (S) SWES; breathe (Q, S) THÛ; noise of blowing or breathing (R) SWES

breeze (Q, S) SWES

Bregolas (S) BERÉK

Brethil (S) NEL

Brethiliand, Brethilian (S) BERÉTH

bride (A?) I, (OS?, S) , (A, OS, S, Q) NDIS

bridegroom (A) ; (A, Eld, OS, S) NDER

bridge (Q, S) YAT

bright (Ilk) (S) GYEL; bright light (A, S) KAL; bright-colored (= green) (S) KAL

brilliance (Q) AKLA-R, RIL; brilliant (A, S) KAL

Brilthor (Ilk?) MBIRIL

bring (R, S, Ilk) TUK

Brithombar (Ilk) BIRÍT

Brithon (Ilk) BIRÍT

broad sword (Q) LAG; broadsword-blade (Q, A) SYAD

Brodda (a Mannish name) Brodda (sic)

broken stones (A, Ilk) BIRÍT

Bronwe, Bronwë (S; OS, Q) BORÓN, (S; OS) WEG

brooch (A, Q, Ilk, S) TAK

brook (Q, A) NEN

broth (OS, S) SÁLAP

brother (Q, OS, S), (Q?) THEL/THELES, (R, OS, Q, S) TOR, sworn brother (OS, S, Q) TOR; brotherhood (Q) TOR

brown (OS, S) RUSKÂ, dark brown (Q, OS, S) BARÁN

bud (A, Q, S) TUY

build (R, Q) KAR; builder (A, Q, OS, S, Ilk) STAB; building (A, S) TAK, (Q, S) KAR; building, especially of wood (Q) PAN

burdensome (Q) DUB

burly (Q) POL/POLOD

burning (A, OS) BARÁS

bush (A, Q) TUS; (S, A) ORO

but (Q) NDAN; but yet (Q) NDAN

butterfly (Q, T, S, Ilk) WIL

by (S) 1


cake of compressed flour or meal for journeys (S) KRAB

Calamando see Kalamando

Calamor see Kalamor

Calaquendi (obsolete spelling Kalaqendi in Etym) (Q) KAL

call (Q) GYEL

Cambant (S) KWAT

Camlost (S) LUS, MAP, (S; Dor) KAB

canopy (verb) (Q) TEL/TELU

cape (A, Q, S) MBUD

Caradras (Caradhras) (S) RAS

carpenter (A, Q, OS, S, Ilk) STAB

catch (noun) (Q) GAT; catch (verb) (S) GAT

cause (verb) (R, Q) KYAR (see also KAR)

cave (R, Q, S, Dor) ROD, (S) GAT(H), (T, Q, OS, S) PHÉLEG; cavern (A, S) GAT(H); cavernous (OS, S) ROD

cease (Q) KHAW, KYEL, PUS

Ceirdan (S) TAN

Celebrant (S) RAT

Celebrimbor (S?) KWAR

Celebrond (S) RUD

Celebros (S) ROS1, RUS

Celegorn (S) GOR, KYELEK

Celon (Ilk?) KEL

centre (R, Q) ÉNED, (R, S, Q) NÉD; centre of the world (Q) ÉNED (which gives Endor; a more normal translation of Endor is "Middle-earth")

[Certhan] (S) TAN

cessation (S) PUS

chain (S) WED

chamber (A, Q) STAB

channel (Q) KEL

chant (Q) LIR1

charm (S, Dor?) LUK

chase (R) ROY1; 'chaser', i.e. hound of chase (A, Q, S) ROY1

Chasm of Ilmen (Q) GAS

cheat (R, OS, S) WAR

cheeks (S) KARÁN

chief (adj.) (Q) KHER; chieftain (Q) 3AR (p. 360)

child (R, Q) SEL-D (meaning changed from "daughter". The normal Q word for "child", not found in Etym, is hína pl. híni; see WJ:403.) Children of the Valar (Q) BAN

chronological account (Q) LU

Cil-thoron, Cil-thorondor (S) THOR/THORON, Cilthoron (S) KIL/SKIL

Cilgalad (S) KIL/SKIL

Cilthoron, Cilthorondor (S) KIL/SKIL

circle (Q, S) RIN, (S) KOR; circular (Q, S) RIN (Note: S rhinn 'circular' should probably be *rhenn); circular enclosure (Q, S) KOR

Cirdan (S) TAN

city (Q, S) OS; city (built above ground) (S) KYAR (see KAR); city in underground caves (S) OS; twilit city (S?) TIN

clamour (Q) ÑGAL

clan (Q) NDOR, (Q, S)

clasp (Q, S, Ilk) TAK

claw (Q) GAT, (S) GAP

clean (A, Q, S) POY

cleared (of land) (Q, S) LAT; clearing in forest (S) LAT

cleave (R) MAK, RIS; (R, Q) SYAD; 'cleaver' (= sword) (S) KIRIS, (A) SYAD

cleave (to) (R) KHIM; cleave to (Q) KHIM

cleft (A, Q, S) YAG; (Q, A) SYAD; (Q, S) KIL/SKIL; (S) KIRIS

clenched fist (S) DARÁM

clever (A, OS, S) MAG, under MA3

cloth (Q) LAN; clothing (S) KHAP

clothe (S) KHAP

cloud (Q) ÚLUG, (Q, S, A) SPAN

club (OS, S) RUD

clutching hand (R) KWAR

cobweb (A, S, Q) SLIG

cold (R, Q, OS, S) RINGI; bitter cold (S) KHELEK (see KHEL); ice-cold (Q) KHELEK (see KHEL); cold pool or lake (in mountains) (Q, Dor, S) RINGI

collect (verb) (Q) KHOTH; collection of flowers, blossom (S) LOT(H)

come (R, Q, S) TUL; come behind (R) NDEW; [come forward] (R) EDE/EDEL (see ELED); come out (of flowers, sun, etc.) (R) ETER; come swooping down (R) THOR (p. 393); come to an end (R) KYEL

come to an end (R) KYEL (cf. KEL); come to life (R) KUY

commerce (Q) MBAKH

compact (A, Q, OS, S) WED, make a compact (Q) [WED]

compel (R, Q) MBAW

compose (R, OS) PAR

comprehend (R) KHAN

compress (R) STAG

compulsion (Q) MBAW, (S) STAG

conceal (Q, OS) SKAL1, (R, S) DUL

conceive (S) NOWO (note: conceive here means 'have an idea' not 'become pregnant'); conception (Q) NOWO

concern (verb) (OS) PERES; concerning (S) OS

conch (A, Q) SYAL

confined (R) AK

confirm (S) TAK

confused noise (S) GLAM

conquer (S, A) TUR

consonant - spirant consonant (Q?) SUS, stopped consonant (S) PUS

conspicuous (Q) MINI

construct (Ilk) TAK, (R) KAR; construction (A, Q) TAK, (Q) TAN

contemn (R) SPAY; contemptible (Q) SPAY

continual (Q) BOR; continually (adv.) (S) KHIM; continually (Q) BOR; continual repetition (Q) BOR (read *vorongandele for vorogandele)

contorted (S) SNUR

contract ([Q], S) WED

contrive (R) GAWA/GOWO; contrivance (S) GAWA/GOWO

control (R, Q, S) TUR; in control of (Q) 3AR (p. 360)

cooked food (Q?, S, Ilk) AP

copper - Tolkien originally assigned the meaning 'copper' to RAUTÂ, but changed it to 'metal'; in The Peoples of Middle-earth p. 366 an Eldarin stem URUN 'copper' is mentioned, but no later derivates, Q or S, are given. Hammerer of copper (Q, S) NDAM (but after the change mentioned above, Q Nambarauto/S Damrod would mean *'hammerer or metal' instead)

copper-coloured (Q, S) GAY

Côr > Caur (A, S) KOR

cord (S) SNUR

core (S, Q) NÉD

corn (S) YAB

corner (S) NAS; corner (from inside) (R) BEN

corpse (A, Q) KWEL, (OS, S) NDAK

corrupt (S) THUS

coruscation (Q) RUS

count (S) ; count (verb) (R, S) NOT; count up (Q, S) NOT; countless (S) NOT

countenance (S, A) THÊ

country (Q)

courage (Q, S) KHÔ-N

course (OS, S) YUR; course (of a river) (A, OS, S, Ilk) RAT

courtyard (S) PAD

cover (R, A, Q, S) TOP; covering (A, Q) TEL/TELU

crabbed (S) SNUR

craft (Q) TAN, (R, Q, S) KUR, (S) MAG (see MA3); craftsman (Q) TAN

Cranthir (= Caranthir in the published Silmarillion) (S) KARÁN, THÊ; land of Cranthir (Dor) RAD

create (Q) ONO; creature (Q, S) ONO; creature of Melko[r] (Q) BAN; deformed and hideous creature (A, Q, T, Ilk, S) ÚLUG

crescent (S) KU3; crescent moon (S) KU3

crest, crest of wave (Q) WIG; crested wave (Q) PHAL/PHÁLAS

Cristhoron (S) KIRIS

crooked (A, OS, S) RAG, (Q) RÁYAK, (Q) REP, (R, Q) SKWAR

cross (S) RAT

crossbar (Q) SKWAR

crossing (S) AT(AT), RAT

Crossway (gloss not certainly legible) (S?) THAR

crow (R, Q, S) KORKA (see KARKA)

crowd (A, Q) STAG, (A, Q, OS, S) RIM, (S) KHOTH

crown (Q, A, OS, S) RIG; crowned (Q, S) RIG; crowned lady (used = queen) (S) TÂ/TA3; crown-gift (A, S) RIG; from crown to foot (Q) TEL/TELU

cruel (Q, S) ÑGWAL, (S) MBAW

cry of encouragement in battle (OS, S) SIW

crystal (Ilk) MBIRIL

cunning (S) KUR

cupola (Q) KOR

Curufin (S) PHIN, KUR

cushion (A, Q, OS, S) NID

custom (A, S) KHIM

cut (noun) (Q, S, Ilk) RIS, (R, S) KIRIS; cut (verb) (R, A, Q, S) RIS; cut round (S) OS

cutlass (S) LAG

cycle (A, Q, OS, S) RAD


Dadhrin (S) NDAN (Note: Dadhrin is perhaps an error for Dadhrim)

Daedhelos (S) DAY, DYEL

dagger (Q, S) SIK

Dagor nuin Giliath (S) NU

Dagor Vreged-úr (= Dagor Bragollach in mature Sindarin) UR (This entry was struck out in the Etymologies, but a word that must be derived from this stem occurs in LotR, so it seems that Tolkien restored it.)

Dagor Vregedúr (S) BERÉK (see Battle of Sudden Fire)

Dairon (Dor?) DAY

Dalath Dirnen (Talath Dirnen in the published Silmarillion) (S) TIR

damp (S) NEI

Damrod (S) NDAM, RAUTÂ

Dan (Dan) DAN

Dân (S) NDAN; Danas (Dan) NDAN, (Q, S) DAN

dance (R, Q) LILT

dangle (Q) LING/GLING

dare (A, Q, S) BER, (R) KAN

dark (Q) MOR, (Q, S) DO3/DÔ, (Q, S, A) NDUL, dark (of colour) (R) DUN; dark brown (Q, OS, S) BARÁN; Dark-elf DO3/DÔ, Dark Elves (Q, S) MOR; dark shadow (Q) ÚLUG

daughter (Q, S) YEL (this entry was removed from Etym, but as the ending -iel for "daughter" occurs in the word Uinéniel "Daughter of Uinen" in a post-LotR text in UT:182, we may speculate that Tolkien restored YEL), (R, Q:) YÔ/YON, (R, Q, S:) [SEL-D]; daughter of twilight (a kenning of the nightingale) (S, Q, A) TIN

dauntless man (A, S) STÁLAG

dawn (Q) AR1

day (A, Q, S) AR1, (Q, S) LEP/LEPEN/LEPEK; first day (Q?) YEN; last day of year (Q, S) YEN; day-time (Q, S) AR1; former days (Q) YA; dayspring (Q) TUY; Daybringer (Q, S) AR1; days of the week (in the Valian 5-day week) LEP/LEPEN/LEPEK

dead (Q) KWAL, (S, A) WAN; dead (by natural cause) (Q) PHIR; dead (of mortals) (S) PHIR; deadly (S) DYEL; deadly fear (S) ÑGOROTH; dead of night (S) DO3/DÔ; Deadly Nightshade (S) DYEL

dear (Q, S) MEL; [dear as friend] (Q) YEL, dear (Q, OS, S) MOY

Death (personified) (Q) ÑGUR; death (Q) KWAL; (OS, S, Q) ÑGUR; (S, A) WAN; Wand of Death (swordname) (S) ÑGUR

decide (R) STAN

declivity (Q, S) PEN/PÉNED

decripit (S) YA; decrepit (of things) (A) GYER

deed (Q, S) KAR (rewritten; S carth may be used, but cardh = "house")

deep (A, Q, S, Ilk) TUB, (Ilk) AYAK, (Q, S) NU; deep lore (Q, S) ÑGOL deep shadow (Q) PHUY; deep valley, under or among hills (A, Q, S) TUB

defile (S) AK

deformed and hideous creature (A, Q, T, Ilk, S) ÚLUG

Dein (S) NDAN

Delduthling (S) DO3, DÔ, (S; Q) DYEL, SLIG

Deldúwath, Deldúath (S) DYEL

delicate (A) SLIN

demon (R, Q, S) RUK

demonstrative stem (R) S

Denethor (R) DAN

deny (R) AB/ABAR, (Q) LA

depart (R, Q) WAN; (R) [AB/ABAR]; (R) [ELED]; departed (Q) LED, (Q, A, S) WAN; departed spirit (Q, S) MAN; ['departed' Elf] ELED; [departer] (A) AB/ABAR

deprived (R) ERE

descendant (R, Q, T, OS) ÑGYÔ

desert (noun) (Q, S) ERE

desire (Q) MER, MIL-IK, (R, Q:) YES; desire (noun) (A, Q) ID, desirable (Q) ID

despise (R) SPAY

destine (verb) (Q) MBARAT

destiny (Q) MBARAT

detestation (S) DYEL

device (Q) TAN, (S) GAWA/GOWO; devise (R, Q) GAWA/GOWO

dew (Q) ROS1, (S) MIZD; dewy (Q, A) NEI

dexterous [dextrous] (Q) PHOR

diacritic (Q) TEK

die in pain (R) KWAL

difficulty (S) TÁRAG

*Dilion (hypothetical Ilk name of the river Gelion, not used) GYEL

Dimbar (Ilk?) DEM

Din-Caradras (S) DEN

Din-Dûhir (S) DEN

Dineth (S) NETH, NÎ

Dior (Dor) NDEW

diphthongs (Q) SAM

direction (R) TE3

Diriel (S) DER, GYEL

dirty (Q, OS, S, Ilk) WA3; dirtiness (Ilk) WA3

disappear (R, Q) WAN

disgust and fear, feel (R) DYEL

distant (Q) PAL, (R) KHAYA

distil (R) ROS1

distinct (A, S) MINI

disturb (S) PERES

divide (R) KIL/SKIL; divide in middle (R) PER

divine (= of or belonging to the Valar) (Q) BAL, having (divine) authority or power (Q) BAL, divinity (Q) BAL

do (R) KAR (rewritten >) KYAR (see KAR); do not (Q) UGU/UMU; doer (S) DER, (Q) KAR (rewritten >) KYAR (see KAR)

dog (Q, S) KHUG

Dolad (S) NDOL

Dolbaran (S) BARÁN

Dolmed (Dor) MIZD, NDOL

Dolwethil (S; Dor) THUR

dome (Q) KOR; dome (especially of heaven) (Q, S) TEL/TELU; domed roof (Ilk) ROD

doom (Q, S) MBARAT, (R:) MBAD, (R, Q, S:) MANAD (see MAN); doom (verb) (S) MBARAT; doomed (S) MBARAT

Dor firn i guinar, Dor Firn i guinar (S) PHIR, KUY

Dor na Fauglith (S) PHAU

Dor-deloth (S) DYEL

Dor-na-Thuin (S) THÔN

Dor-thonion (Ilk) THÔN

Doriath (S) NDOR, (Ilk) THUR, (Dor) 3AR (p. 360), ÉLED, GAT(H)

Dorlamren (S; Dor) LAM

Dorlómen (S from Dor; Dor) LAM

Dorthonion (Ilk) ÑGOROTH

dot (OS, S) PIK, (Q) TIK, dots placed above or below the line of writing (Q) TIK

double (Ilk, Q) AT(AT); double (adj) (S, Q), (verb) (S) TATA

dough (A, Q, S, Ilk.) MASAG

dove (R, A, Q, OS, S)

down (feather) (Ilk.) KWES

down (Q) UNU, (R) , (S) DAT/DANT; down below (adverb) (Q) NU; bow down (R) NDÛ; go down (R) NDÛ; downhill (S) DAT/DANT, PEN/PÉNED, [DEN]; downslope (Q) PEN/PÉNED

dragon (R, Q, S) LOK, (S) ANGWA/ANGU; spark-dragon (Q) LOK; winged dragon (Q) LOK; fire-dragon (Q) LOK, fire-dragon (Q) LOK, fish-dragon (= sea serpent) (Q, S) LOK

drain (S) SUK

Drambor, Dramborleg DARÁM

draught (S, Q) SUK

draw (R) TEK, (R, Q) TUK; draw water (Q) KALPA

dread (Q, OS, S) GÁYAS, (R, S) GOS/GOTH; dreadful (A, OS, S) GÁYAS; Dread Demon (S) GOS/GOTH; dread glance (S) GOS/GOTH; Dread imprisoner (Q, S) MBAD; dread-glance (S) THÊ

dream (R, Q, S) ÓLOS, (Q, S) LOS; dream (verb) (S) LOS, (S, A) ÓLOS

drink (Q, S) SUK; drink of the Valar (Q) LIP; drinking-vessel (A, Q, Ilk) SUK

drip (R) LIB1, ROS1

driven under compulsion (S) KHOR

drop (S, Q) LIB1

dry (Q, OS, S) PÁRAK

dryad (A, Q) TÁWAR

Duilwen (Ilk) DUI, GWEN

dungeon (S) GAT(H)

duress (R) MBAD, (S) STAG

dusk (A, S?) TIN; starlit dusk (Q) TIN; dusky (Q, S, A) NDUL

dust (Q, S) ÁS-AT

Duveledh, Dúrion (S) (Duveledh is prob. an error for *Dureledh) MOR

dwarf (Q, S, Dor) NAUK; Dwarf-city (S) NAUK; *Dwarf-treasure (Dor) MIR

dwell (R) MBAR, (R, S) NDOR; dwelling-place (Q, S, A) NDOR


Eadwine (Q) KHER, NIL/NDIL

eager (S) BARÁS

eagle (Q, OS, S, Ilk) THOR/THORON

ear (A) LAS1, (S, Q) LAS2

Eärendel's son (= Elrond) ROD

early (Q) AR1; early morn (Q) TUY; early night (without moon) (A, S?) TIN

Earráme (Q) AYAR/AIR (see AY), RAM

ears (of one person) (A, S) LAS2

earth (S) KEM; Earth (Q, S) MBAR; earthen (Q, S) KEM; bosom of earth (Q) PAL; Earth-smith (Q, S) TAN; Earthbuilder (Aule) (Q, S) MBAR

east (Q, OS, S) cf. MEN, (Dor) RAD; East (Q) ET; eastern (Q) ; East-march (Dor) RAD; East-vale (Dor) RAD

eat (R, Q, S) MAT

eavesdrop (S) LAS2; eavesdropper (A, S) LAS2

echo (Q, Dor) LAM, (S) GLAM, echoing (Q, Dor) LAM, (S) GLAM

Ecthelion (S) STELEG

eddy (verb) (R, Q, S) SWIN; eddy (noun) (Q) SWIN


edge (Q, Dor, S) , (R, Q) REG

egg on (R) SIW

Eglador (Dor; S) GAT(H)

Eglamar (Dor) ÉLED

Eglath (Dor; = Q Eldar) GAT(H)

Eglor (Dor) ÉLED

Eglorest (Dor) ÉLED, (Ilk) RIS

Egnor (S) EK/EKTE, NAR1

eight (R, Q, S) TOL1-OTH/OT

Eilinuial (S? Dor?) KHIS/KHITH

[El-boron] (Dor) BOR

El-rûn (S)

Elbereth (S; T) BARATH, (S) EL

[Elda] (Q; S) ELED

Eldakan (Q?) KAN

Eldalie, Eldalië (Q; S) ÉLED

Eldamar (Q; S) ÉLED

Eldar (Q, S, Ilk) LED

Eldarin (Q) ÉLED

Elder Tree (Q) SIL

[eldest] (A) ÉLED

Eledhrim (S; Q) ÉLED

Eledhser (A; Q) SER

Eledhwen (S) ÉLED, WEN/WENED

Elenarda (Q) 3AR (p. 360)

Elende (Q) ÉLED

Elendil (Q) NIL/NDIL

Elennor (S; OS?, Q) ÉLED

Elentári (Q) EL

elephant (Q, S) MBUD

Elerína (Q) EL (The published Silmarillion, ch.1, uses the spelling Elerrína, which is probably more correct)

Elesser (Q; A) SER

eleven (Q) MINIK-W (see MINI)

Elf (see also Elves) (Q, S, Dor, Dan) ÉLED (but in mature Sindarin, "Elf" is edhel pl. edhil rather than eledh pl. elidh), (R, A, Q, S, Dan:) KWEN(ED) (but ignore S penedh, penedhrim; Tolkien later decided that no cognate of Q Quendi was in use in Sindarin). [Elf-fair] (S) ÉLED; *Elf-Folk (Q, S) KWEN(ED) (see Qendelie, Penedhrim); Elf-maid (S) ÉLED; Elf-river (Dor) ÉLED

Elfaron (S) SPAR

elm-tree (R, Q, S, "D" [=Dor?]) LÁLAM, (R, Q, S, Ilk, Dan) ÁLAM

Elrond (S) EL, 3EL (p. 360), (Ilk?) ROD

Elthorn (Ilk?), Elthoron (S?) THOR/THORON

Elulind (S?) 3EL (p. 360)

Elvenhome (Q) ÉLED

Elves who never left Middle-earth or began the march (Q, S, OS) AB/ABAR (but Afor pl Efuir, Efyr are not valid words in mature Sindarin, as they are obsoleted by pl. Evair in WJ:380, sg. *Avar - the word was known only to the Loremasters and not in common use). Cf. also: Elves remaining behind (Q, S) LEB/LEM; [Elves who left Middle-earth] (Q) AB/ABAR; concerning Elves (S) OS; (men and) elves (Q) UGU/UMU

Elwe, Elwë (Q) WEG, *Elw (hypotethical S form of Q Elwë, not used) WEG

Elwing (S) EL, 3EL (p. 360)

ember (Q) YUL, embers (S? OS?) YUL

eminent (S) KHAL2, ORO

emit light (Q) PHAY; emit slender (silver, pale) beams (R) TIN

employ (R, S?) YUK (The illegible gloss to S iuitho, tentatively interpreted "enjoy" by Christopher Tolkien, should probably be "employ")

empty (Q, OS, S) KUM, (R, Q, S) LUS

emptyhanded (S) MAP; Emptyhand (S, Dor) KAB

enchant (Q, S) LUK; enchantment (R, Q) LUK; enchantress (A, Dor, S) LUK

enclosure (Q) PAD; circular enclosure (Q, S) KOR

end (S) TELES; end (R, A, Q, S) MET (S methen may be "end" as an adjective, more or less = *"final"); end (noun) (Q) KYEL; final end (R, Q, S) MANAD (see MAN); lower end (S) TALAM; end (verb) (Q) KYEL; end (verb trans.) (Q) MET; come to an end (R) KYEL; endless (S) NOT

Endamar (Q) ÉNED, NDOR

Ender, Endero (Q; S) TULUK; (Q) NDER

endless (S) NOT

Endor (Q) ÉNED, NDOR

endure (OS, S) BORÓN, (R) BOR, endure (S) DAR; enduring (Q, S) BORÓN; not endure (R) WAR

enemy (Q, S) KOT; enmity (S) KOT

enfold (R) KHAP, WAY

enjoy (Christopher Tolkien's reading of a near illegible gloss - the context points rather to "employ") (S) YUK

enmesh (S) NAT

enmity (S) KOT

Enner (S; Q) TULUK

enough (adjective) (Q, S) PHAR, (adverb) (S) PHAR

entangle (R) SNEW; (S) NAT; entanglement (S) NAT

Entar, Entarda (Q) EN

entrance (R) AD; entrance to harbour (Q) LOD

envelope (A, Q, OS, S) WAY

Erchamui (S) KAB

Ered Lómin (S from Dor; Dor) LAM

Eredengrin (S) ORO

Eredlemrin (S) GLAM, ORO, (S; Dor) LAM

Eredlindon (S), ORO, [GLINDI]

Eredwethion (S; Ilk) WATH, (S) ORO

Eregion (S?; Dor) ERÉK

Eriant (S; Q) AR1

errant (Q, S?) RAN

error (S) MIS

Eruman (Q) ERE

Esgalduin (Ilk) SKAL1, DUI

Esgaroth (Ilk) ESEK

establish (S) TAK

Este, Estë (Q) SED, (Q; OS, S) EZDÊ

eternal (R, Q, S) OY, (Q) [GEY], (Q, S) [EY]; eternity (S) OY, (Q, S) [EY], (S) [GEY] (Christopher T thinks guireb means 'eternal' rather than 'eternity', which is probably correct but doesn't matter, as Tolkien replaced GEY with OY, obsoleting the words derived from GEY.)

evening (Q, S) THIN; (Q, S, Ilk) [WIN/WIND]; late evening (S) DO3/DÔ

ever (R, Q) OY, (Q) BOR, (A, Q) [EY, GEY]; [ever-snow] (Q) EY, everlasting (age?) (Q) OY; everlasting (Q, A) OY, (R) [EY], (Q) [GEY]; Everlasting Snow (= Oiolossë, Taniquetil) (Q, OS, S) OY; (A, Q) [GEY]

everything (Q) IL

evil (Q, S) UGU/UMU; evil-smelling (Q) THUS

exalted (A, OS, S) KHAL2

excavate (OS, S) ROD

excessive (T) BEL

exchange (R) MBAKH

excite (R) SIW

exile (S) (OS, S) LED; exiled (OS, S) LED; King of the Exiles TÂ/TA3

exist (R) ANA2

expand (Q) PAL; expansive (Q) PAL

expression (S, A) THÊ

extend (Q) PAL; extend (R) TAY; extended (Q) TAY; extension TAY; extended point at side (A, S) RAM

exterior (Dor) GAT(H)

eye (R, Q, S) KHEN-D-E

Ezda (OS) SED (Note: should be Ezde)


face (noun) (Q:) ANA1, (S:) KARÁN, (S, A:) THÊ, (R, S, A, Dor:) NIB; face (verb) (Dor) NIB

fade (Q, OS) (And S? Is thinna the S equivalent of Q sinta-, or does it mean "evening"?) THIN, (R:) KWEL, (A, Q, OS:) [WIN/WIND]; fade away (R:) KWEL, KYEL (see KEL)

faintness (S) SWIN

fair (Q) BAN, MEL, SLIN, (S) GWEN; fair (especially of voice) (R, Q) LIND; fair folk = (men and) elves (Q) UGU/UMU; Fair Ones (Q) ID

Falanyel (Q) PHAL/PHÁLAS


Falathren (S) PHAL/PHÁLAS

fall (Q, S) DAT/DANT; fall down (R) DAT/DANT; fallen (S), The Fallen (Q) DAT/DANT; falling steeply (of river) (Ilk) STAL


fallow (A, Q, S) SMAL, (R, Q, S) MAD

family (Q, S) ; familiar (Q, OS) MOY

fane (Q, S) YAN

fang (S) KARAK; sharp fang (R) KARAK

Fannor (S; Q) TUR, (S) TÂ/TA3

fantastic (S) SWIN

Fantur (Q; S) TUR, (Q) SPAN

Fanyamar (Q) SPAN

far (R, Q) KHAYA, (Q) PAL; far away (adv.) (Q?) KHAYA; far off (adv.) (Q?) KHAYA; far-seeing stone (Q) PAL; Far-seer (Q) TIR

fare (R) LED; fared (OS) LED

fashion (R) TAN; fashion (verb) (S) KAT

fasten (Q, S) TAK

fat (R, A, Q, OS, S, Ilk) TIW; grow fat (R) TIW (see TUY)

fate (Q, S) MBARAT, (R, Q, S) MANAD (see MAN); fated (Q) MBARAT

father (R, PQ, Q, S, Ilk) ATA (but in mature Sindarin, the pl. of adar is edair rather than the form edeir given here)

fathom (A, Q, OS, S) RAK

Fauglith (S) LIT

fawn (coloured) (R, Q, S) MAD

Feanáro, Fëanáro (Q; A, OS, S) PHAY; Fëanor (S; A, OS, Q) PHAY, (S) NAR1; Féanor (S) PHAY; Feanoúr (S) PHAY (but the etymology "radiant sun" was later rejected; in the Silmarillion, Fëanor's name is interpreted "spirit of fire")

fear (noun) (S) NIK-W; deadly fear (S) ÑGOROTH; fear (verb?) (R) GÁYAS; feel fear and disgust (R) DYEL; fear exceedingly (S) GOS/GOTH

feast (Q, S) MBER

feat (S) KAR (rewritten; carth may be used, but cardh = "house")

feather (R, A, Q) KWES

feel (S) MA3; feel disgust at (Q, OS, S) PHEW; feel fear and disgust (R) DYEL

Felagund (S) PHÉLEG (Note: etymology changed. In PME:351-352, Felagund is said to derive from Khuzdul, Dwarvish.)

fell (adj. not noun) (S) DYEL

fell (= skin, noun not adj.) (A, Q) SKEL

female (R) , (R, Q, S) INI; feminine counterpart to DER 'man' (R,Q) NIS

fence (Dor) GAT(H); fence (R) THUR; *fenced (not so glossed, but defined as the "p[ast] p[articiple] of thoro- fence) (S, A) THUR; fenced field (OS, S, Q) PEL(ES) (note: OS peleki is probably an error for *pelehi); Fenced Fort GARAT (see under 3AR p. 360); Fenced Realm (Dor) 3AR (p. 360); Fenced Realm (Dor?, S) GAT(H)

Fennyr, Fennir (S) SPAN

festival (Q, S) MBER; festive (Q, S) MBER

fetch (Q, S, Ilk) TUL

fey (Q) MBARAT

field (Dor) NAD; fenced field (Old English tûn) (OS, S, Q) PEL(ES) (note: OS peleki is probably an error for *pelehi)

fierce (S) MERÉK (replaced by MBEREK, not given as a separate entry); fierceness (S) BERÉK

fiery (Q) UR (This entry was struck out in the Etymologies, but a word that must be derived from this stem occurs in LotR, so it seems that Tolkien restored it.)

fiery (S) BARÁS; fiery red (A?) NAR1; fiery spirit (S) KHOR

fight (between two or a few) (S) MAK; fight (verb) (Q, S) MAK; fight (with sword) (verb) (R) MAK

fill (S) KWAT; fill up hole (R) DIL

filth (Ilk) WA3

final (Q) KYEL; final bliss, final end (R, Q, S) MANAD (see MAN)

find a way (S) RAT

Findabar (S) PHIN

Findo (T; Q, Ilk, Dor?) THIN

Findobar (S) MBAR

Findros (S) RUS

fine (A, S) SLIN, (A, T, OS, S) BARÁD, (Q, S, Ilk) TER/TERES

fine rain (Q) ROS1, (R, A, Q, Dan) MIZD

finger (R, Q, S) LEP/LEPET

Fingolfin (S) PHIN

Fingon (S) PHIN

Finrod (S) PHIN, RAUTÂ; House of Finrod

Finwe, Finwë (Q) PHIN, WEG; *Fionw (hypotethical S form of Q Fionwë, not used) WEG

Fionwe, Fionwë (Q) PHI, WEG; *Finw (S) (hypotethical S cognate of Q Finwe, not used - see WEG) PHIN, WEG

fire (R) NAR1, fire (Q, S) UR (This entry was struck out in the Etymologies, but a word that must be derived from this stem occurs in LotR, so it seems that Tolkien restored it.) Fire-dragon (Q) LOK; fire-fading = autumn (Q) KWEL, NAR1

Firiel (later name of Lúthien - read Fíriel as in LR:62?) (S) PHIR

firm (Q) TULUK, (Q, S) STAN, firm (Q, S, Ilk); make firm (S) TAK

first (Q) MINI, (R, Q?) ING, (Q) ESE/ESET (Read probably yesta for esta: In the Etymologies, Tolkien marked the entry ESE/ESET with a query because it yielded words that clashed with words derived from another stem, ES. In LotR Appendix D, we find yestarë as the name of the first day of the year, evidently meaning simply *"first-day" (means day). This indicates that Tolkien had decided to change the stem to YESE/YESET, thus eliminating the homophones. Hence we should prefix a y to all the Quenya words derived from this stem.) First day (Q?) YEN; first year (Q?) YEN; Firstborn ESE/ESET (but the form Estanesse [read Yestanesse? see FIRST] given here is probably obsoleted by Minnónar in The War of the Jewels p. 403, sg. *Minnóna.) [Firstborn] (A?) EDE/EDEL (see ELED)

Firyanor (Q) PHIR

fish (R, A, Q, S, Dor) LIW, small fish (R, Q) KHAL1, (Q) SKAL2; fish-dragon = sea-serpent (Q, S) LOK; fish-watcher (Q, S, PQ) TIR, (Q,S) SKAL2

fist (R, Q, OS, S) KWAR; clenched fist (S) DARÁM

fit (A, Q, S) MAG (see MA3)


fix (R) STAN, (R, Ilk:) TAK; fix in place (especially of wood) (R, Q, S) PAN; fixed (Q) TAK; fixed board, especially in a floor) (A, OS, S) PAN; 'thing for fixing' (A) TAK

flag (stone) (Q) MBAL

flame (R, S) NAR1; flame-coloured (Q) KUL

flap (S, A) PALAP

flash (R) RUS

flat (R, Q, S) DAL; flat of hand (R) RUN; flat surface (S) DAL (but in the published Silmarillion, we find talath for dalath); flat vale (Ilk) DAL

flight (rushing) (A) ÁLAK

fling (R) RIP

flirt (noun) (R) RIK(H) (Note: meaning is *'erratic motion')

float (R, S) LUT; float in air (R) WIL

flood (Q) ULU; flooding (Q) ULU

floor (R, Q, S, Ilk) TALAM, (S) PAN

flour (A, Q) POR

flourish (noun) (A, Q) RIK(H)

flow (Ilk) RAT, (R) ULU, (R, Q, OS, S) SIR; flow (noun) (Q) KEL; flow like a [?torrent] (Tolkien's gloss was illegible) (S) RIP

flower (large, single) (Q) LOT(H)

flower (R, Q, S) LOT(H); collection of flowers (S) LOT(H)

flowing (Q) ULU

fly (verb) (R, Q) WIL, (A, S) RAM, (R) RIP, flying (Q) RIP

foam (A, Q) WIG; foam (noun) (R, Q, S) PHAL/PHÁLAS; foam (verb) (S, OS, T) PHAL/PHÁLAS; foam-flower (Q, S) WIG; Foamflower (Q, S) LOT(H); foaming [?fall] (Tolkien's gloss was illegible) PHAL/PHÁLAS

Foe-hammer (S) DRING

fog (A, Q, S) KHIS/KHITH, (R, A, Q, S) KHIS/KHITH; white fog (S) MITH; foggy (S, Dor) KHIS/KHITH

folde (Old English word) (Q) PAL

folk - see people. Fair folk = (men and) elves (Q) UGU/UMU

follow (R) NDEW, (R, A, OS:) BEW, (R, Q:) KHIL, (A, OS, S:) BEW; follower (A, OS, S) BEW, (A, Q, Dor:) NDEW; followers (mortal men) (Q) KHIL

food (cooked) (Q?, S, Ilk) AP

foot (R, Q, S, Ilk) TAL; animal's foot (R, OS, S) POTÔ (note: the double OS and S forms listed are not alternatives, but sg and pl); sole of foot (A, Q, S) TALAM, (R, A, Q, S) RUN; footprint (Q, S) RUN; from crown to foot (Q) TEL/TELU; footstool (S) STAR

forbid (Q) KWET/PET

force (verb) (R) MBAW

ford (S) AT(AT), RAT

?foreign (Tolkien's gloss was not clearly legible) (Q?) ET

foremost (R) ING

forest (R) TÁWAR; Forest of Brethil (S) BERÉTH

'forked tongue' (serpent-name) (S) STAK

form (R) NOWO; formed (A, OS, S) KAT

former days (Q) YA; formerly (Q) YA

Forodrim (S) PHOR; Forodwaith (S) PHOR

forsake (S) WAR

fort, fortress (Q, S) GARAT (see under 3AR p. 360); Fenced Fort GARAT (see under 3AR p. 360)

forth (R) AWA, (R, Q, S) ET

fortress (S) BARAT, OS

fortunate (Q) KHER

fortune (Q) KHER; fortune (R, Q, S) MANAD (see MAN); fortune (good) (Q) ÁLAM, [AL] (Q, S), GALA

forward (Dor) RAD; go forward (Dor) NIB

foul (Q) THUS

foundation (Q) TALAM

four (R, Q, S) KÁNAT, (S) NEL

fragile (R) NIN-DI

free (adj) (Q) MIS, free (= cleared, of land) (Q) LAT; *the free (= Teleri) (Q) MIS; running free (Ilk) LEK; free/freed (S) LEK; free (verb) (R, S) LETH (see LEK); freeing (S) LEK

[freeze] (R) KHEL

frequent (A, Q, OS, S) RIM

fresh (Ilk) LAIK, (Q) GWEN, (S) LÁYAK; freshness (Q) GWEN

friend (A, Q, S) MEL, (Q) SER, (R, Q) NIL/NDIL, (R) [YEL]. Cf. also the Quenya words melindo, melissë from MEL, glossed "lover" (masc. and fem., respectively), but the stem means "love (as friend)". Friendship (Q) NIL/NDIL, (S) WEG; friendly (Q) NIL/NDIL, (S) MEL, (Q) [YEL]

frog (S) KAP

from (R, Q, Ilk, S) 3O (p. 360); from among (R) 3O (p. 360); from crown to foot / hood to base / top to bottom (Q) TEL/TELU

front (R, A, S) NIB

[frost] (Q, S) KHEL


fruit (Q) YA; Fruit-giver (Q, S) YAB

full (Q) PAT; full (R, Q, OS, S) KWAT; full hand (S?) KAB; fullness (S) KWAT

full stop (in punctuation) (Q) PUS

fungus (A, Q, S) SWAD

fur (S) SKEL; fur-coat (S) SKEL


Galadhor (S) GALA, GÁLAD

Galadloriel (S; Q) LÁWAR/GLÁWAR, (S) GALAD, [GLAW-(R)]

Galagloriel (S) GALAD

Galathilion (S) LOT(H), THIL, GALAD

Galathilvion, Galathilion (S) GALAD

Galdor (S) GALAD; Galdor, Gallor (S) GALA

game (Q) TYAL

gap (A, S) GAS, gap (R, S) DEN

gape (R) PHAU, YAG, (R, S) GAS

garment (S) KHAP

Garth(th)oren, Garthoren GARAT (see under 3AR p. 360)

Garthurian (Dor/Ilk) 3AR (p. 360), GAT(H), cf. THUR; (Ilk; S) THUR

gasdil (S) DIL

gash (Q) KIRIS, (Q, A) SYAD

gate (R, A, Q) AD; great gate (Q, S) AD

gather (R) KHOTH


gay (S) MBER

Geleidhien (S) ÑGOL

Gelion (S) GYEL

genitive sign (S?) 1

germ (Q, S, Ilk) ERÉD

get old (Q) GYER

giant (noun) (Q) NOROTH

giddy (S) SWIN; giddiness (S) SWIN

gift (Q, S) ANA1

Gil-galad (S) cf. GIL (where a general noun gilgalad "starlight" is given)

Gilbrennil (S) GIL

gilith (S; Q) WIL; Gilith, Gilwen (reading of the latter uncertain) (S; Q) GIL

Gilthoniel (S) GIL, TAN

Gilthonieth (S) TAN

girl (S) WEN/WENED, [SEL-D - meaning changed to "child"]

give (A, Q, S) ANA1; give out a sweet sound (R) NYEL; give quick twist or move (Q) RIK(H); give way (R) DAB, WAR

giver (Q) ANA1 (but the word anto "(male) giver" listed here clashes with anto "mouth" from LotR)

glad, be (R) GALA, (R) GALÁS

Glamdring (S) DRING

Glamhoth (S) GLAM, ÑGAL

glance (dread) (S) GOS/GOTH

glass (Ilk) MBIRIL, (R, A, Q, OS, S) KHYEL(ES)

[Glaurfindel] (S) GLAW-(R)

Glewellin (S; Q) LÁWAR/GLÁWAR

glimmering (S) GIL

[Glingal] GLING

glint (noun) (Q) TIN; glint (verb) (Q, S) TIN; glinting (Q) TIN

glister (S) THIL

glitter (Q) MBIRIL, (R) RIL; glitter of metal (R) RUS; glittering (Q) RIL; glittering light (Q) RIL; glittering torrent (Ilk?) MBIRIL

globe (Q, S) KOR; globed (A, Q, S) KOR

gloom (A, Ilk) DEM, (A, Q) ÚLUG, (R, Q) LUM, (S) MOR, (S, Ilk) DO3/DÔ; gloomy (Q) MOR, (R, A, Ilk) DEM, (S) DUB

Glorfindel (S) LÁWAR/GLÁWAR, PHIN, [GLAW-(R)]

glorious (Q, S) AKLA-R

glory (S) KAL, AKLA-R

[glow] (R) GUL

gnashing of teeth (S) NAK; gnashing teeth in grief (S, A) NAY

gnaw (R) NYAD

Gnome (R, Q, OS, S, T, Dor, Dan) ÑGOL; Gnomes (Q) IS, NU; Land of the Gnomes (Q, S) ÑGOL

go (Q) WAN, [ELED], (R) LED; go (especially of water) (R) KEL; go abroad (OS) LED; go all the way (R) PHAR; go away (R) WAN, (R) [AB/ABAR]; go down (R) NDÛ; go forward (Dor) NIB; go free (R) MIS; go into exile (OS, S) LED; go round (Q) PEL

goblet (Q, S) SUG (see SUK)

goblin (A, Q, OS, S, Dor, Dan) ÓROK

Gochressiel (Dan?) KHARÁS

God (Q) BAL; Sickle of the Gods (Q) OT/OTOS/OTOK

gold (as metal, substance) (A, Q, OS, S) SMAL, (language not stated:) LÁWAR/GLÁWAR, (Q, S) [GLAW-(R)], (R, Q, S) [KUL/KULU]. (Note: In LotR, the Q word for "gold" is given as malta, not malda as under SMAL.) Gold-cleaver (= Maglor) (Q, S) MAK. Of gold (S) SMAL, (Q) [KUL/KULU];

gold light (R, A, Q, S, Dor, Oss.) LÁWAR/GLÁWAR; golden red (R, Q) KUL

Gondobar (S) MBAR; Gondobar, Gondambar, Gonnobar (S) GOND

Gondolin (S) GOND, GARAT (see under 3AR p. 360), Gondolind, Gondolinn, Gondolin (S) DUL

Gondorthrimbar, Gondothlimbar (S) GOND

Gondost (S) GOND

Gondothrim, Gondothlim (S) GOND

gone (Q) WAN

good (of things) (A, Q, S) MAG (see MA3); goods (Q) 3AR (p. 360); good fortune (Q) ÁLAM, [AL], GALA

goose (R, Q, S) WA-N

gore (Q, Dan, S, A) SNAS/SNAT (note: natsai should be an * form)

gorge (Q, S) KIL/SKIL

Gorgoroth (S) ÑGOROTH

Gorsthir (S? OS?) THÊ

*Goss (hypothetical S cognate of Q Ossë, not used) GOS/GOTH

Gostir (S) GOS/GOTH, THÊ

Gothmog (A, S) MBAW

Gothrog (S) GOS/GOTH

govern (Q) TUR, (R) KHER; governance (Q) KHER

grammar (Q) TEK

grandchild (R, Q, T, OS) ÑGYÔ

grant (Q) DAB

grasp (Q) MAP

grass (Q, Ilk) SALÁK-(WÊ); stiff grass (S) STAR; stiff and dry grass (Q) STAR; wide grassland (S) NAD

grave (S) KHAG

gravel (A, Ilk, S) BIRÍT

great (A, OS, S) BEL, (R:) UR; Great Bear (constellation - the Elvish names have a wholly different meaning) (Q, S:) OT/OTOS/OTOK; Great Bear (constellation) (Q, S) KIRIK; Great City (S) BEL; great gate (Q, S) AD; great in size (R, Q?) ÁLAT; great quantity (Q) UB; Great Sea (S) BEL

Great Sea AYAR/AIR (but in mature Sindarin, the Great Sea is called Belegaer rather than Belegoer; see Silmarillion index); great serpent (R, Q) LOK; great wing (of eagle) (A, S) RAM

greed (Q) MIL-IK; greedy (Q, S) MIL-IK

green (Ilk, Q) GWEN, (R, A, Q, Ilk) LÁYAK, (S) KAL; greenness (Q, Ilk) GWEN; green food plant (OS) SALÁK-(WÊ); Green-elves (Q, S) LÁYAK; Greenleaf (Q) LAS1

grey (A, Q) KHIS/KHITH, (A, Q, S, Ilk) THIN, (S) MITH

Grond (S) RUD

gross (= 144) (S) KHOTH

ground (R) SUD, (R, Q, S, Ilk) TALAM

grow (S) GALA; grow fat (R) TIW (see TUY); growth (S) GALA

guarded (Ilk) THUR; Guarded Plain (S) TIR

guess (Q, S) INK/INIK

Gui (S; Q) [GEY]

Guiar (S; A, Q) ULU

[guile] (S) KUR

[Guilos] (S) GEY

[Guir] (S) GEY

gulf (A, S, Q) YAG

gull (Q, S) MIW

Gurfannor (S) ÑGUR, SPAN

Gurtholv [> Gurutholf] (S) ÑGUR; Gurutholf [< Gurtholf, Gurtholfin] GÓLOB

Gwethion (Ilk?; S) WATH

Gwingloth (S; Q) WIG

Gwîr (S; A, Q) WEY


habit (A, S, Q) KHIM

hack through (S) SYAD

hadhafang (S) STAG

Hador (S) KHAT

hair (R, Q, S) LOKH; braid of hair (A, Q) SPIN; braided hair (OS, S) SPIN; lock of hair (OS) SPIN; shaggy hair (OS, S) PHAS; tangled hair (Q) PHAS

Haldir (S) DER, SKAL1

half (Q, S) PER; half-Elf (S) PER; half-Gnome (S) PER

hall (A, S) STAB; great hall (S) STAB; wooden hall (Q) PAN

halt (R) PUS, (S) DAR; halt (noun) (S) PUS

halve (R) PER

hammer (noun) (Q, S) NDAM; hammer (verb) (R, Q, S) NDAM (Note: S damna- should be *damma); hammerer of copper (Q, S) NDAM (Note: RAUTÂ replaced by URUN)

hand (R, PQ, Q, OS, S) MA3, (S) KAB, (A, Ilk, Dor) MAP; clutching hand (R, Q) KWAR; full hand (S) KAB; palm of hand (S) LAD (OS, S) DAL; flat of hand (R) RUN

handicraft (S) MAG (see MA3)

Handir (Q) KHAN

handle (verb) (Eld., Q, OS, S) MA3, (R) MAG (see MA3)

handy (Q, OS, S) MA3

hang (R, Q, S) LING/GLING, (Q, S:) [GLING]; hang over oppressively (R) DUB

harbour (Q) KHOP, [KOP]; harbourage (Q) KHOP

hard (Ilk, A) STARAN; hard to deal with (Dan) SKWAR

harp (noun) (Q, S, Ilk.) ÑGAN; little harp (Q) ÑGAN; harp (verb) (Q) ÑGAN; play a harp (S) ÑGAN; harp-player (A?, Q, S) TYAL; harper (Q, S, A) ÑGAN; harping (Q) ÑGAN; harping on one tune (Q) BOR (read *vorongandele for vorogandele)

harsh (Q) NÁRAK

hasp (Q, S, Ilk) TAK

hassock (S) STAR

haste (R, Q) GOR; ?haste (Tolkien's gloss was illegible, but as the word in question has a plural form, the interpretation "haste" is very unlikely - read probably "hawk", as suggested by Christopher Tolkien) (Q) PHI; hastening (A) SKAR; hasty (Q) GOR

hateful (S) DYEL

Haudh i Ndengin (S) NDAK

havathang (S) STAG

have (S) 3AR (p. 360); having many oaks (Q) LI; having many poplars (Q) LI; having trees (Q) 3AR (p. 360)

haven (Q) KHOP; (S) PAD

?hawk (Tolkien's gloss was illegible, but this interpretation is more likely than "haste") (Q) PHI

hawthorn (S) ORO; hawthorn (etc.) (S) TUS

he (A? Q?, S) S (The "so"-inflexion mentioned actually manifests in Quenya as the ending -ro, s becoming r between vowels: antaváro *"he will give" [LR:63]. A later text suggests that Tolkien rejected the S pronoun ho "he" in favour of e.)

head (R, Q) KAS, (S, OS:) NDOL, (R:) [KEPER]; round head (Q) NDOL; Wet Head (Dor) NDOL

health, be in (R) GALA

heap (R, Q, S) KUB

hearer (A, S) LAS2; hearing (Q) LAS2

heart (A, Q, S) ID; physical heart (R, Q, S) KHÔ-N; Heart of hidden rock (Gondolin) (S) DUL; heart-vigour (Q, S) KHÔ-N

heat (A), white heat (OS, S) BARÁS; red [heat?] (Tolkien's gloss illegible), smouldering heat (Q) YUL

heaven, vault of (Ilk) ROD

heavy (R, A, Q, S, Dor) LUG1; heavy stroke (S) DARÁM

hedge in (R) THUR

height (R) ORO, (S, A) TÂ/TA3

heir (Q) 3AR (p. 360)

Helcaraxë see Helkarakse

Helevorn (S?) KHYEL(ES)

Helkarakse (spelt Helcaraxë in the published Silmarillion) (Q, S) KARAK

hell (R, S, Q) MBAD

helmet (A, Q) KAS

hem (Q, Dor, S)

herb (OS, S) SALÁK-(WÊ)

here (R) SI

Herendil (Q) KHER, NIL/NDIL

hero (A, Q, S) KAL, (A, S) STÁLAG; hidden hero (S) SKAL1

hew (R, S) DARÁM; hewn log (S) DARÁM

hidden (Ilk) THUR, (Q) MUY

hidden (Q, A, OS, S) SKAL1, (S) DUL; hidden hero (S) SKAL1

hide (R) DUL; hide (from light) (R) SKAL1; hiding (noun) (Ilk) SKAL1

hideous (S) BAN, (T, Ilk) ÚLUG; deformed and hideous creature (A, T, Ilk, S) ÚLUG

high (R) ORO, TÂ/TA3, (S) KHAL2, (S) TUR; high tree (R) ORO; high isolated tree (Q) ORO; High White Horn (Q, S, A) NIK-W; high-speech (Quenya) TÂ/TA3 (but here Quenya is equated with Lindarin, which is not valid information after Tolkien's later revisions: Lindar became a name of the Teleri, not the Vanyar as in the former conception)

Hildórien (Q) KHIL, PHIR

hill (A, Q, S) TUN, (S) AM2; isolated hill (A, S) TUN; hill-side (Q) AM2, (R) [DEN]

hindmost (Q) TELES

Hirilorn (S?) NEL

Hísilóme, Hisilómë (Q, S) LUM

Hísilumbe, Hísilumbë (Q; S) LUM

hiss (R) SUS

historical (Q) LU; (S) KWET/PET

history (Q) LU, NAR2, (Q, S) KWET/PET

Hithliniath (S?) KHIS/KHITH

Hithlum (S; Q) LUM; (S) KHIS/KHITH

hold (S) 3AR (p. 360), (R, S) [GAR]; hold allegiance to (S) BEW; holder (S, Ilk) TAK

hole (A, Q) GAS, (A, Q, S) DAT/DANT, (R) DEN

holiday (Q) MBER

Hollin (Dor? S?) ERÉK

hollow (R), hollow of hand (Q) KAB; hollow (adjective) (OS, S) ROD, (noun and adj.) (Q) UNUK; hollow out (OS, S) ROD, (Q) UNUK

holly (Q) ERÉK, holly-tree (S) TUS, ERÉK, (S, Dor) ÓR-NI (under ORO); holly (etc.) (S) TUS

holy (A, Q) AYAN; holy one (Q) AYAN; holy place (Q, S) YAN; holy spirit (R) MAN

honey (R, Q, S) LIS; honey-eater = bear (A, S) LIS

hood (A, Q), from hood to base (Q) TEL/TELU

hook (Q) GAT, (Q, S) GAP, (R) REP; hooked (Q) REP

horn (R, Q, S) TARÁK, (R, Q, S) TIL; horn (especially on living animal, but also applied to mountains) (Q,S) RAS (Note: rhaes should probably be rhass); horn (musical) (Q, OS, S) ROM; horn of Ulmo (A, Q) SYAL; horn-blast (R) ROM; the Horned, the (Q, S) TIL; sound of horns (S) ROM

horror (R, Dor, S) ÑGOROTH, (S) GIR; horrible (Dor) ÑGOROTH, (S) DYEL, (T, Ilk) ÚLUG

horse (Q,S) ROK

host (A, Q, OS, S) RIM, (S) KHOTH, (S) WEG

hostile (Q) KOT

hot (A, OS) BARÁS; be hot (R) UR (This entry was struck out in the Etymologies, but a word that must be derived from this stem occurs in LotR, so it seems that Tolkien restored it.)

hound (A, Q, S) KHUG, (R) [KHUGAN]; hound of chase (A, Q, S) ROY1

house (Q, S) KAR, (S) TAK; walled house (Q, S) PEL(ES); house (= clan) (Q, S) ; House of Finrod (S) ; household (S) KHER

howl (verb) (R, S) ÑGAW; wolf-howl (Q) ÑGAW; howling (noun) (S) ÑGAW

Huan (Q) KHUG

huge (A, OS, S) BEL, (S) TÁWAR

human (adjective) (Q, S) PHIR

hummock (S) STAR

hump (Q, S) TUMPU

Hundor (S) KHÔ-N

hunt (noun) (OS) SPAR

hunt (Q, S) ROY1 (note: raime should probably be *roime); hunt (verb) (R, OS, S) SPAR; hunter (S) SPAR; hunting (OS, S) SPAR, (Q, S) ROY1

Huor (Q, S) KHÔ-N, (S, A) GOR

Hurin (A?, S) KHOR; Húrin, Húrinn (S) ID

hurl (R, S) KHAT

husband (A, OS, S, Ilk) BES; (S) KHER; husband and wife (A, Q) BES

hyrned (old English: "horned") (Q, S) TIL


I (R) NI2

Iarwath (S) WA3

ice (R, S, Q) KHELEK (see KHEL); ice-cold (Q) KHELEK (see KHEL) (read helka, helca [as in LT1:254] for helk, an impossible word in Quenya)

idea (Q, S) INK/INIK, (S) NOWO; form idea (R) NOWO

Idh (S; OS, Q) EZDÊ

Idhril (S) ID; Idhril Gelebrendal (S; Q - but in mature Sindarin Idril Celebrindal) KYELEP/TELEP (entry rewritten)

Ilkorin (Q) AR2, (Q, S) LA; Ilkorins (Q, S, Ilk) LED, SIL

ill (A, Q, OS, S) SLIW

illuminate (Q) KAL

Ilmare, Ilmarë (Q, S) GIL

Ilmen (region above air where stars are) (Q) GIL; ilmen (Q; S) WIL; Ilmen-assa (Q) GAS

Ilurambar (Q) IL, (Q) RAMBÂ

Ilúvatar (Q) ILU, ATA

imagine (R) NOWO; imagination (Q) NOWO, INK/INIK

Imladris (S) RIS

immortal (Q) PHIR

immoveable (Q) TULUK

impelled (S) KHOR

impetus (R, S) GOR; impetuous (S) ÁLAK, (S) GOR, (S, Ilk) SKAR

Imprisoner (Q) MBAD; Dread Imprisoner (Mandos) (Q, S) MBAD

impulse (Q) KHOR; impulsion (Q) KHOR

in (Q) MI; in very great number (Q) UB

in- (=un-) (Q) UGU/UMU

incitement (Q) SIW

incline (noun) (Q, S) TALÁT; inclined (Q, S) PEN/PÉNED

indicate (R) ES

Indis (Q) I, (Q) NDER, NDIS, NETH, NÎ

Indlour (A, S?) ID

Ingil (Q?) ING

Inglor (S) ID; (A, S) LÁWAR/GLÁWAR

Ingolonde (Q) ÑGOL

Ingwe, Ingwë (Q) ING

inhabit (R) MBAR, [inhabited regions] (Q) MBAR

inner thought (S) ID

innumerable (S) NOT

insert (R, OS, S) STAK

inside (R) MI; to the inside (Q) MI

intellect (Q) KHAN; intelligence (Q, S) KHAN; intelligent (Q, S) KHAN

interior (adj.) (Q) MI

into (Q) MI

invent (Q) GAWA/GOWO; invention (Q) GAWA/GOWO

[Iolosse] (Q) EY, GEY (Iolosse was changed to Oiolosse and the entries EY, GEY struck out)

Irilde Taltelepsa (Q; S) KYELEP/TELEP (entry rewritten); Irilde Taltelemna (Q; S) KYELEP/TELEP

Írimor (Q) ID

iron (R, S, N) ANGÂ; iron (adj), of iron (Q,S) ANGÂ; iron-bond (S) WED; Iron-prison (S, Q) MBAD

Isfin (S) PHIN

Isildur (Q) NDÛ

island (A?, Q, S) TOL2, (R, Q) LONO

isolated (A, S) ERE; isolated hill (A, S) TUN; isolated tower (Q) MINI

issue of water (A, Q, S) KEL

isthmus (Q) YAK, YAT

Istimor (Q) IS

it (Q) TA, (Q, S) S

Ivann (S; Q) YAB


jagged hedge of spikes (Q) KARAK

jaw (A, Q, S) NAK

jerk (noun) (R, A, S) RIK(H), jerk (verb) (Q, S) RIK(H)

jewel (Q, OS, S) MIR, shining jewel (Q) MBIRIL; *Jewels of the Noldor (= Silmarils) (S, Dor) MIR

join (R) SA, YAT; joining (Q) YAT

joy (R, S) GALÁS, (S) BOR, GYEL; joyous (S) MBER

jubilation (S) GYEL

judge (verb?) (A) BAD; judge (noun) (S) BAD; judgement (A, S) BAD (the form bâd- mentioned after S baudh is evidently an archaic form, though it is not asterisked)

juice (Q, OS, S) SAB, (Q, S) PIS; juicy (S) PIS

jut out (R) BUD


Kalakilya (Q) (Calacirya gen Calaciryo in Namárië in LotR) KAL, KIL/SKIL

Kalamando (listed as S, but surely Q) KAL

Kalamor (listed as S, but surely Q) KAL

Kalaqendi (spelt Calaquendi in the published Silmarillion) (Q) KAL

keen (Q) TER/TERES, (R, Q, S, Ilk) LAIK; keenness of perception (Q) LAIK

kind (adj) (S) MEL

kind - of one kind (Q, A, OS) TOR

kindle TIN; Kindler (title of Varda) TIN

king (Q, S) 3AR (p. 360) (but elsewhere the Q word for "king" is aran pl. arani, never haran pl. harni), (A, Q, S, Ilk:) TÂ/TA3; kings (used of the Valar) (Ilk) BAL; King of Eagles (Q) TÂ/TA3, (Q, S) THOR/THORON; King of Hithlum (S) TÂ/TA3; King of the Exciles (S) TÂ/TA3; King of Twilight (Dor?, S) THIN, (S, Ilk) TIN; (but Aran Dinnu would rather be *Aran Tinnu in mature Sindarin, with revised lenition rules)

kingfisher (Q, S) KHAL1, SKAL2, (S) TIR

kinsman (S) THEL/THELES, TOR; kinswoman (OS, S) THEL/THELES

knead (R) MASAG, MBAS; kneading (R) MASAG

knife (Q, S) SIK

[knob] (R) KEPER; round knob (S) NDOL

knock (verb) (R, S, Q), keep on knocking (Q), knocker (A, Q, S) TAM

knot (Q) NUT, (Q, S) SNAR

knotted (S) SNUR

know (Q) IS, (R) SAY; know about (Q) KHAN; knowledge (Q) KHAN, (Q, S) IS; having knowledge (Q), IS; have knowledge (S) IS

Kôr (Q, S) KOR

Kuiviénen (spelt Cuiviénen in the published Silmarillion) (Q; S) KUY


labour (noun) (S) TARAS; labour (verb) (Q, S)

lace (verb) (R) NAT

lady (OS?) , (Q, OS, S) KHER, (S) BARÁD; crowned lady (used = queen) (S) TÂ/TA3

lair (S) KAY

lake (A, Q, S) AY

lament (noun) (R, Q, OS, S?) NAY; lament (verb) (R, Q) NAY; lamentable (S) NAY; lamentation (S) NEI

lamp (Q) KAL

land (Q), (Q, S, A) NDOR; Land of Pines (S) THÔN; Land of the Cave GAT(H); Land of the Dead that Live (S) PHIR; Land of the Gnomes (Q, S) ÑGOL; land outside (Dor) GAT(H), lands outside Doriath (Ilk, Falathrin) AR2

landlocked bay (small) (Q) KHOP

language (Q) KWET/PET; language of the Noldor enslaved by Morgoth (Q)

larch (A, Q) SPIN

large (Q, R) UR; large (R, Q?) ÁLAT; large number (Q) KHOTH; large pool (Dor) MBOTH; large tree (S) ORO; very large (Q) UB

last (verb) (OS, S) BORÓN; lasting (S) BORÓN; lasting quality (Q) BORÓN

last (adj.) (Q) TELES; last day of year (Q, S) YEN; last year (Q) YA

Lastalaika (Q, S) LAS2

late evening (S) DO3/DÔ

Laurelin (Q, S) LÁWAR/GLÁWAR, LAS1, LIN2, [GLIN], (S [Glingal]) LING/GLING

law (Q) STAN; law-abiding (Q) STAN

lay (noun) (S) GLIR; long lay (S) GLIR

lay hold of with hand (R) MAP

leaf (R, A, Q, S) LAS1; leaf-fading (A, S) LAS1; leaf-fall (Q) DAT/DANT, (Q) LAS1; leaf-fall (S) KWEL; leaf-shaped (Q) KAT

lean (R) TALÁT; lean against (R) NID; leaning (Q) TALÁT

leap (R) KAP; leaping down (S?) THOR (p. 393)

learned (adjective) (Q) ÑGOL; (Q, S) IS; learned in deep arts (S, A) ÑGOL; learned man (Q) IS

leave (R, Q) ELED (It is not perfectly clear whether Q lesta- "to leave", pa.t. lende, is a valid word or not. The stem ELED was "replaced" by another. Elsewhere, lende is stated to be the past tense of linna- or lelya- "go".)

leaves, roof of (Ilk) SKAL1

left (A, S) KURÛM, (Q) KHYAR; left (hand) (R, Q, S) KHYAR; left hand (A, S) KURÚM; lefthanded (A, S) KURÚM, (Q, S) KHYAR

left behind (A, Q) LEB/LEM

leg (R, Q) TÉLEK

Legolin (Ilk) LEK

lengthened (Q), lengthening (S) TAY

let down (R) WAR

let loose (R) LEK

letter (A, Q, S) TEK

level (S) LAT; level space (A, OS, S) PATH

Lhinnon (Ilk, A) LIN2

Lhamthanc (S) STAK

Lhothland (S?) LAD

lick (R) LAB; lick (verb) (Q, S) LAB; lick (verb frequentative) (Q) LAB; lick up (R, Q) SÁLAP

lie (R) DUB; lie at ease (R) KHAW; lie down (R) KAY; lie heavy (R, Q) DUB; lie open (R) LAT

life (Q, S) KUY

light (A, S, Q) KAL; bright light (A, S) KAL; glittering light (Q) RIL; silver light (Dor) SIL; light of Laurelin (R, A, Q, S, Dor, Oss) LÁWAR/GLÁWAR; light of Silpion (A, Q, S) SIL; light (adj.) (S) KAL; emit light (Q) PHAY

Lindar (= Vanyar not Teleri, according to Tolkien's later revisions) (Q) LIND. Other names of the Lindar (Q): ID, MEL, TÂ/TA3

Lindon (Ilk, A) LIN2; Mountains of Lindon LUG2

line (R, S) TE3, (S, A, Q) TEÑ

lion (R, A, Q, OS, S) RAW

liquid food (OS) SÁLAP

listen (R, Q) LAS2; LAS2; listen in (S) LAS2; listener (A, S) LAS2; listening (Q) LAS2

little (Q, S) TIT; little harp (Q) ÑGAN

lively (Ilk) LAIK

loaf (Ilk) KOR, (S) MBAS

loathe (Q) DYEL; loathing (noun, not participle) (Q, S) DYEL; loathsome (Q, S) DYEL; Loathly Land (S) DYEL

lock of hair (OS) SPIN; shaggy lock (Q) PHAS

lode (S) RAT

lofty (A, T, OS, S) BARÁD, BARATH, (A, Q) TÁWAR, (R, Q, OS, S) TÂ/TA3, (S) KHAL2

log (hewn) (S) DARÁM

Lómendor (Dor; S) LAM

Lóminorthin (Dor; S) LAM, (S) GLAM

lonely (Q) ERE; lone stones (S?) KEPER

long (A, Q, S) ÁNAD/ANDA; long (and thin) (S) TAY; long and trailing plant (Q) UY; long lay (S) GLIR; long-lasting (Q) BORÓN; long-lived (S, OS?) YEN; long-snouted (A) MBUD; long-wall (S) ÁNAD/ANDA; Longbeard (S) ÁNAD/ANDA, SPÁNAG; Long Walls (S) RAMBÂ

long for (Q) MIL-IK

look (see or seem) (R) THÊ, look (noun) (S, A) THAR

loom (noun) (Q) LAN

loom (verb) (R) DUB

loose (Q, R) LEK (Note: Q leuka is probably a misreading for *lenka)

lord (A, Q) TUR, (S) 3AR (p. 360), (S) BARÁD; lord of cloud (A, Q, S) SPAN; lord of death-cloud (Q, S) SPAN; lord of dream-cloud (Q, S) SPAN

lore (S) IS, (S, Dor) ÑGOL; deep lore (Q, S) ÑGOL; secret lore (Q) ÑGOL

Lórien (Q; S) LOS, ÓLOS, SPAN, (Q) SED; day of Mandos and Lorien [sic, not Lórien] LEP/LEPEN/LEPEK

lost (Q) WAN

Lothlann (S) LUS

loud noise (R) ROM; loud sound (Q, OS, S) ROM

love (as friend) (R, Q) MEL; love (noun) (Q, S) MEL; love (verb) (of liking, friendship) (R) SER; loveable (Q) MEL; lovely (Q) ID; lover (masc, fem) (Q, S) MEL; loving (Q) NIL/NDIL, (S) MEL

low (Q, S, Ilk) TUB; lowlying (Q, S, Ilk) TUB; lower end (S) TALAM; lower air (Q) AIWÊ; lowlying vale (Ilk) DAL

low-growing tree (as maple, hawthorn, blackthorn, holly, etc.) (S) TUS

lust (Q, S) MIL-IK; lustful (Q, S) MIL-IK

Lúthien, Luithien, Luthien (S, Dor, A); LUK; later name of Lúthien (S) PHIR

lying heavy (Q) DUB; lying in bed (= sickness) (Q, S) KAY


Mablost (Dor; S) KAB

Mablung (Dor) LUG1

mace (S) - cf. RUD

machine (S) GAWA/GOWO

Maedhros (S) RUS

Maeleg (S; Q) MIL-IK (not valid in mature Sindarin)

magic (Q, S, Dor) ÑGOL, (R) LUK; magic skill (S) PHIN; magical (Dor) ÑGOL; magician (S) ÑGOL

Magladhûr (S) MAK

Maglavorn (S) MAK

Maglor (S; Q) MAK

maid (Q) GWEN, (S) [SEL-D - meaning changed to 'child']

maiden (R, Q, S) WEN/WENED

Maidhros (S) MAD, MAG (see MA3)

Makalaure (Q; S) MAK

make (Ilk) TAK, (R) KAR (rewritten), (R) TAN, (R, Q) KAR; maker (S) DER. Cf. also: make a mark (R) TEK; make a way (S) RAT; make come (A) TUL; make fast (R) TAK; make long(er) (R) TAY; make room (R) DAB; make soft by rubbing (R) MASAG; make to spark (Q) TIN; make war (S) NDAK

male (Q, S:) INI, (R:) , (R, Q, OS, S, Dor:) 3AN (p. 360); adult male (R, Q, OS, S) DER

man (R, Q) NDER, (R:) NÊR, NIS, (Q, PQ, OS:) , (Q:) WEG, (R, Q, OS, S:) DER, (S, Dan:) BES, (Dan:) BER; adult man (Q:) WEG; learned man (Q:) IS; steadfast man (OS, S, Ilk:) BOR; trusty man (OS, S, Ilk:) BOR; valiant man (Ilk:) BER; noble man (A, Q, S:) KAL; man in the Moon (Q, S:) TIL. Cf also: man-power (S) WEG, manhood (Q, A, S) WEG; manly (Q) WEG

manathon (S, meaning unclear) MANAD (see MAN)

Mandos (Q; S) MBAD, (Q:) GOS/GOTH; Morimando (a name of Mandos) (Q) MOR; Nurufantur (another name or title) (Q) ÑGUR, (Q; S) SPAN

day of Mandos and Lorien LEP/LEPEN/LEPEK

Manwe, Manwë (Q, S) MAN, (Q) WEG; *Manw (hypotethical S form of Q Manwë, not used) WEG; surname of Manwë THÛ; Kalamando (a title of Manwë) (Q) MBAD, KAL; Manwë's hall (S) TÂ/TA3; day of Manwe (Q, S) LEP/LEPEN/LEPEK; son of Manwë (Q) PHI

many (R, Q, S) LI; having many oak-trees (Q) DÓRON; having many years (= old) (Q) YEN

maple (etc.) (S) TUS

margin (R, Q) REG

mark (Q, S) TEK; tiny mark (Q) TIK; make a mark (R) TEK

married pair (A, Q) BES

Martalmar (Q) TALAM

Martan (Q) GAWA/GOWO; Martan, Martano (Q; S) TAN

mast (A, Q) TYUL

mast (Q, OS) PHER/PHÉREN (Note: mast here means 'beechnuts, acorns')

master (A, Q) TUR, (A?) TÂ/TA3, (Q, OS, S:) KHER, master (S, A) TUR; Master of Fate (Q, S) TUR; masterful (A) TÁWAR; mastery (R, A, Q, S) TUR

matrimony (A, Q) BES

meagre (S, A) SLIN

meal (R, Q) POR

mean (Q, S) SPAY

meaning (S) ID

meat (Q?, S, Ilk) AP

Megildur (S) MAK

Melian, title of (Ilk) TÂ/TA3; a Q form learnt from Melian SIL

Melimar (Q) MEL

Melko [= Melkor] (Q, S) MOR; Melko (Q; A, S, Gnomish) MIL-IK (but Moeleg is hardly valid in mature Sindarin, and the etymology found under MIL-IK was later rejected); Melko's mace, see RUD

Melthinorn, Melinorn (S) SMAL

(men and) elves (Q) UGU/UMU

Menegroth (S) ROD

merriment (Q) GALÁS

merry singer (S) GYEL

metal (Q, S) TINKÔ, (R, Q, OS, S) RAUTÂ; polished metal (OS, S) RUS; glitter of metal (R) RUS

mewing (Q) MIW

mid- (S) NÉD; middle (Q) ÉNED, (R) NÉD; Middle-earth (Q, S) MBAR, (Q?) NDOR, (Q) EN (Note: The standard translation of "Middle-earth", found in LotR, is Q Endor [ÉNED, MBAR], S Ennor, not Entar, Entarda as under EN.) Midyear (Q?) YEN; Midyear week (Q, S) LEP/LEPEN/LEPEK

mighty (A, S:) TÁWAR, (A, OS, S:) BEL, (A, Q, S:) TUR, (S:) TÁWAR

Minnas-tirith (S) TIR

mîr na Nauglin (S) NAUK

Mirimor (Teleri) (Q) MIS

mist (R, A, Q, S) KHIS/KHITH; wet mist (S) MITH

Mithrim (S) MITH, RINGI

mock (R) YAY

mocking (Q, OS, S) YAY

Moeleg (S; Q) MIL-IK (not a valid word in mature Sindarin)

moist (Q, A) NEI; moisture (Dor) MIZD; moisten (S) LINKWI

monster (A, Q, S) BAN, (A, Q, T, Ilk, S) ÚLUG; monsters (Q) UGU/UMU; monstrous (S) BAN

mood (Q) ID, (Q?) TUR

Moon (A, Q, S, Dor:) I, (S, Q:) THIL (but in mature Sindarin, Ithil seems to be the normal word for the moon rather than a "poetic name" as stated here), (Q, S:) RAN, (Q, S:) SIL, (S:) SPAR; crescent moon (S) KU3

Mor-thu (S) THUS

Morgoth (S?) KOT

Morimando (Q) MOR

Morimor (Q, S) MOR

Moriqendi [Moriquendi] (Q) MOR

Mormakil (Q; S) MAK

Mormegil (S; Q) MAK

morn (early) (Q) TUY

morning (Q, S) AR1

mortal (adjective) (Q) PHIR; mortal (noun) (S) PHIR; mortals (Q, S) KHIL; mortal maid (S) PHIR; mortal man (Q) PHIR

Morwen (S) WEN/WENED

mother (R, Q, Ilk, S) AM1 (note: the pl. of Ilkorin aman, given in Etym as emuin, is a misreading for emnin) (S) NAN; mother (hypocoristic) (S) NAN

mound (A, Q, S) TUN, (R, A, Q, S) KHAG, (R, Q, S) KUB, (S) KHAW (see KHAG also)

mountain (R, Q, OS, S, Dor) ORO; mountain-top (Q) ORO; mountain peak (Q, S) AYAK; range of mountain peaks (S) AYAK (read aeglir for oeglir in mature Sindarin); range of mountains (S) ORO; mountain peak range (S) LIR2; mountain-stream (A, S) ULU; Mountains of Lindon (S) LIN2, LUG2

mouth (A, Q) GAS, (R, Q) PEG; mouth of a river (A?, Q, S) ET

move back (R) AB; give quick twist or move (Q) RIK(H); move towards (point of speaker) (R) TUL

move (noun) - sudden move (R, S) RIK(H)

muscle (A, Q, OS, S, Ilk) TUG

music (Q) LIN2; Music of the Ainur (Q) AYAN

mutated, of vowel (S) PERES


nail (A, Q, S) TAK

naked (A, Q, OS, S) SKEL

Nambarauto (Q; S) NDAM

name (R, Q) ES

Nan Don-goroth (S) DUN; Nan Dongoroth (S) ÑGOROTH

Nan Dungorthin (Dor) DUN, ÑGOROTH; Nandungorthin NAD

Nan Orothvor (S) ÑGOROTH

Nan-tathren (S) TATHAR; Nan Tathren (S?) NAD

Nan-dairon (Dor?) DAY

Nann Orothvor (S) DUN

Nargothrond (S) NÁRAK, OS, ROD

Narog (S) NÁRAK; realm of Narog (S) NÁRAK

Narogardh (S) NÁRAK

Narqelion [Narquelion] (Q) LAS1

narrative poem (S) GLIR; narrator (A, Q, S, Dor) KWET/PET

narrow (R, A, Q, S) AK; narrow neck (Q) YAK; narrow path (Q) AK, (R, A, S) LOD

nasal (Q) NEÑ-WI

natural death (as act) (Q) PHIR

Nauglamîr (Dor), Nauglavir, Nauglvir (S) NAUK

Ndolmed (Dor) NDOL

neat (Q) POY

neck (A, Q, S) YAK, narrow neck (Q) YAK

need (noun) (A, S, Q) MBAW, (S) STAG

negative prefix (Q, S) LA

Neldoreth (Dor) NEL

Nen-Echui (S; Q) KUY

Nessa (Q) NDIS, NETH, NÎ

net (Q) NAT, (S) WEY

Neth (S) NETH,NÎ

new (Q, S) SI (but in later Quenya, Tolkien uses vinya, not sinya, for "new"), (S) AT(AT); news (S) SI

Nienna (Q) NEI

night (OS, S) PHUY, (Q) LUM, (R, A, S, Q, Ilk) MOR; night (S) NDÛ; Night (Q) PHUY; night, night-time (Q, OS, S, Ilk) DO3/ (for Q cf. DOMO; A forms whence Q lómë are found under DOMO); early night (without moon) (A, S?) TIN; night-shade (S) DO3/DÔ; nightfall (S) DO3/DÔ; nightingale (Q) DO3/DÔ, (Q, Ilk, S) TIN, (Q, Ilk) MOR, (Q, S) LIN2; a kenning of the nightingale (S, Q, A) TIN

nimble (Ilk) LEK; nimbleness (R) PHIN

Nimdil-dor (S) NIK-W, TÂ/TA3

nine (R, Q, S) NÉTER

Ninkwitil(de) Tára (A) NIK-W

Nírnaeth Arnediad, Nírnaeth Aronoded (Nirnaeth Arnoediad in the published Silmarillion) (S) NAY

Nivrim (Dor) NIB, RÎ

Nivrost (Dor) NIB, ROS2

no (R, Q) LA, (R) ; no indeed not (Q) LA; no, not (prefix) (A, Q)

noble (A, OS) KHAL2, (A, T, OS, S) BARÁD, (R) TÂ/TA3; noble man (A, Q, S) KAL

Nogrod (S?) NAUK

noise (loud) (R) ROM; confused noise (S) GLAM; noise of blowing or breathing (R) SWES; [noise of leaves] (Q, Ilk) EZGE

noose (OS, S) SNEW

normal (Q) STAN

north (Q, S, A) PHOR, North (Q) MEN; northern (Q, S) PHOR; Northerland (S) PHOR; Northmen (S) PHOR

Nos Finrod (House of Finrod) (S)

nose (A, Q, S) MBUD, (Q, S, Dor) NEÑ-WI

not (R, Q) LA, not (Q?) GALA, (R) ; not- (Q) UGU/UMU; do not, am not (Q) UGU/UMU; not endure (R) WAR

notion (S) INK/INIK

novel tale (S) SI

now (R, Q) SI

Nuinoer, Nuinor (in the published Silmarillion Nienor) (S) NAY

number (noun) (Q, S) NOT; large number (Q) KHOTH; in a very great number (Q) UB; numberless (S) AR2, (Q?) AWA

Númenóre (Q) NDÛ; Númenórean (Q) TUR

numerous (A, Q, OS, S) RIM

Núron (S) NU

Nurqendi [Nurquendi] (Q) NU

Nurufantur (Q) ÑGUR, (Q; S) SPAN



oak (R, Q, Dor, Ilk), having many oak-trees (Q) DÓRON, LI

oath (A, Q, OS, S) WED

obey (R) NDÛ

obliged (Q) NUT

oblique (S) TALÁT

obscure (Q, S, A:) NDUL, (S:) DUL, (S, Dor:) KHIS/KHITH; obscurity (Q) MOR

obstinate (S) TÁRAG

obstructive (Dan) SKWAR

occasion (Q, S) LU

odour (Q, L, S, A) ÑOL

Oeros (S; Q) GOS/GOTH

of earth (Q, S) KEM; of gold (S) SMAL, (Q) [KUL/KULU]; of silver (Q, S) KYELEP/TELEP (entry rewritten); of stone (Q, S) SAR

Oiakúmi (Q) OY

ointment (R, Q) LIB2

old (A, Q, S) GYER, (Q) YEN; old ("only used of things, and implies that they are old, but not changed or worn out") (OS) ("that has long endured, or been established, or in use") (S) BORÓN; old, old(er) (S) YA; olden (Q) YA; suffering from old age (S) GENG-WÂ

Olfannor (S) ÓLOS, SPAN

Olo(s)-fantur (A) ÓLOS

Olofantur (Q) ÓLOS, SPAN

ominous (Q) DUB

on both sides (S) AT(AT)

on the contrary (Q) LA, NDAN

on the other hand (Q) NDAN

once upon a time (Q) YA (use yalúmessë or yáressë rather than yassë, that also means *"in which")

one (Q) ERE; (Q, S) MINI; One-handed (S) KAB, (Ilk, S) MAP; of one kind (Q, A. OS) TOR

one of the wise folk (noldo) (R, Q, OS, S, T, Dor, Dan) ÑGOL

open (adj) (A, Q) PAT; open (Q, S) LAT; open (verb) (Q, S) PAT; open wide (Q) PAL; open space (S) LAT; open-mouthed (Q) PHAU; opening (A, Q) GAS, (S) DEN

open (verb) (come out, of flowers, sun, etc.) (R), open! (S) ETER

oppress (R) MBAW, (S) MBAW; oppression (S) STAG; oppressive (Q) DUB, (S:) MBAW; oppressor (S:) MBAW

orange (colour) (Q) KUL; orange (fruit) (Q) KUL

orc (A, Q, OS, S, Dor, Dan) ÓROK; a name of Orcs (S) ÑGAL; Orc-name/Orc-warrior (S) ÑGWAL; Orchrist (S) RIS;

Orient (S, Q) AM2

originate (Q) GAWA/GOWO

Orion, a name of (Q) TEL/TELU

Orodreth (S) ORO; Orodreth's son SKAL1

Orome, Oromë (Q; A, OS, S) ORÓM, (Q, S) ROM; a by-name of Oromë (S) TÁWAR

Oroume (OS; A, Q, S) ORÓM

Osse, Ossë (Q; S) GOS/GOTH

Ossiriand = Lindon (Ilk, A) LIN2, Mountains of Lindon/Ossiriand (S) LIN2, LUG2

out (R) AWA, (R, Q, S) ET; out of (R) 3O (p. 360)

outer isle (Q) LONO

outer lands (Q?) ET

outline (S) KAT

outside (Dor) GAT(H), (Q) AR2, (Q) AWA, (Q?) ET; outside the fence (Dor) GAT(H)

over there (R) EN, YA

overshadow (Q) TEL/TELU

overwhelming (S) TÁWAR, TUR

own (S) 3AR (p. 360)


pain (noun) (R, S) NÁYAK; sharp pain (Q) NÁYAK; pain (verb) (Q) ÑGWAL, (S) NÁYAK (note: negro is perhaps an error for *naegro); painful (Q) NÁYAK

pair (married) (A, Q) BES

Palantir (palantír in LotR, except as name of a Númenorean king) (Q) TIR

pale (A, Q, S) SMAL, (Dor, Dan:) LUG2, (R, Q, S:) MAD, (S:) GIL, (S:) NIK-W, (S, Ilk:) THIN; pale blue (Q, OS, S:) 3EL (p. 360), (R, Q, S:) [GLINDI]; pale-glitter (S) MAD

pallid (A) THIN

pallor (S) NIK-W

palm of hand (OS, S) DAL, (S) LAD

Palúrien (Q) PAL

parched (Q) PHAU

parent (Q, S, A) ONO; parents (Q) ONO (Note: pl. ontani should be ontari; cf. Sauron Defeated p.73, but this source also suggests that Tolkien scrapped this word and decided to use nostari instead, sg. nostar)

pass (R, A, S) LOD; pass between high walls (S) AK; pass between hills (Q, S) KIL/SKIL; pass in mountains (S) DEN

passage (R) DEN; passage up or down slope (S) PEN/PÉNED

past (Q) WAN; past, past time (Q) WAN

pasture (S) NAD

path (A, S) RAT; path (S) AK; narrow path (Q) AK, (A, S) LOD; pathway (A, OS, S) BAT

pause (R), pause (noun) (S) PUS

paved way (S) LOD

peace (Q, S) SED; at peace (Q) SED

peak (noun) (Q) AYAK (cf. mountain peak); Peaks of Iron (S) AYAK

pebbly (Ilk) BIRÍT

pedlar (S) MBAKH

pen (A, Q, S) TEK

Penedhrim (= *Elf-folk) KWEN(ED) (but this word is not valid in mature Sindarin; see Elf)

people (Q) LI; people-name suffix (S) KHOTH

perforation (A, Q) GAS

Peringol (S) PER

permit (R) DAB; permission (S) DAB

perverse (Dan) SKWAR

Phay-anâro (A) PHAY

Phayanô'r (OS) PHAY

Phind-ambar (A) PHIN

Phindekâno (A) PHIN

Phinderauto (A) PHIN

Phinwe (OS) PHIN

physical strength (A, Q, OS, S, Ilk) TUG, (T) BEL; physically strong (R) POL/POLOD

piece of shaped wood (Q) PAN

pierce (R), piercing (A) TER/TERES

pile (R, A, Q) KHAG

pilgrim (S) RAN

pillar (wooden) (A, OS, S) STAB

pillow (Q, S) KWES

pin (A, Q, Ilk, S) TAK

pine-tree (Ilk, S) THÔN

pinion (A, S) RAM

pit (A, Q, S) DAT/DANT

pivot (A, Q, OS, S) PEL, (Q, S) TAK

place (verb) (especially set in place a piece of wood) (R) PAN. See set.

place (noun) (Q) MEN

plain (Dor) ROS2, (S) DAL (but in mature Sindarin, dalath appears as talath), watered plain (Q) NAD; Guarded Plain (S) TIR; plain of Gondolin (Q) LAT

plane (S) DAL

plank (especially in a floor) (A, OS, S) PAN

plant (S) GALA; long and trailing plant (Q) UY

play (on stringed instrument) (R) ÑGAN; play a harp (S) ÑGAN

play (R) (noun) (Q, S) TYAL; play (verb) (Q, S) TYAL

plenitude (Q) PHAR

pliant (A, Q, OS) MASAG

plural marker (S) RIM, plural suffix (Q) LI

poem (S, Q) GLIR; narrative poem (S) GLIR

point (noun) (Q) TIK, (Q, Dan:) SNAS/SNAT, (Q, S:) MET, (R, Q:) TIL, (R, S:) NAS; dots or points placed above or below the line of writing (Q) TIK; point of spear (S) STELEG

point (verb) (S) NAS

pointed (R, S) AYAK

poison (A, Q, S) SAG

Poldórea (Q) POL/POLOD

polished metal (OS) RUS

pollen (A, Q, OS, S) SMAL

pondering (S) ID

pool (A, Q, S) AY, (Q) NEN, (Dor) MBOTH, (R, Q, S, Ilk) LIN1 ; large pool (Dor) MBOTH; small pool (S) MBOTH; Pools of Twilight (S) AY (but in mature Sindarin, Aelin-uial rather than Oelinuial is the preferred reading; see Silmarillion index)

poor (S) SPAY

poplar-tree (A, Q, S) TYUL; having many poplars (Q) LI

possess (Q) 3AR (p. 360); possess (R) KHER, (R, S:) [GAR]; possessing (Q) 3AR (p. 360)

post (A, OS, S) STAB; wooden post (A, Q) STAB

potter (Q) KEM, (Q, S) TAN

pour (R, Q) ULU; pouring (Q) ULU

power (R) TUR; Power (= Vala) (Q) BAL

precede (R) ESE/ESET (read probably *YESE/YESET; see FIRST), (R) [EDE/EDEL (see ELED]

precious thing (Q, OS, S) MIR

precipice (A, S, Dan) KHARÁS

present (A) ANA1

press (R, A, Q) STAG, (R) KRAB

prick (Q, S) ERÉK; prick (verb) (Q, S) NAS; prickle (Q, S) ERÉK

prince (Q) 3AR (p. 360), (R, Q, S) KUNDÛ

principal (Q) KHER

prison (R) MBAD, (S) GAT(H)

project (R, A) MBUD

prolong (Q) TAY

prominent (Q) MINI

prone (S) PEN/PÉNED

prop (A, Q, S) TULUK

property (S) 3AR (p. 360)

prosper (R) GALA; prosperous (Q) GALA

protect (A, Q, S) BAR; protected (A, Q) BAR; [protection] (Q) BAR

prow of ship (Q) LAG

puddle (S) MBOTH

puff (R) THÛ; puff (noun) (S) SWES; puff of air (Q) SWES; puff (verb) (Q) SWES

pure (A, Q) POY

pursue (Q) ROY1, (R) SPAR

put a stop to (Q) PUS; put an end to (Q) MET

put in motion (R) KHOR

put together (R) PAR

putrid (Q) THUS


Qendelie (= *Elf-folk, better spelt Quendelië) KWEN(ED)

Qenya [Quenya], another name of (Q) PAR

quarrel (R) KOT; quarrel (verb) (Q, S) KOT

queen (A, Q, Ilk, S) TÂ/TA3, (S) RIG

quick shake (A, Q) RIK(H)

quite (S) (adverb) (S) PHAR

quiver (S) GIR


race (Q, S) (Note: 'race' here means 'group of related people', not 'running contest or course')

Radhrim (Dor) RAD, RÎ

Radhrost (Dor) RAD, ROS2

radiate (R) PHAY; radiance (A, Q, S) KAL, (Q:) AKLA-R, (Q, OS:) PHAY; radiance of Laurelin (S) LÁWAR/GLÁWAR; radiant (Q) AKLA-R, (S) PHAY; radiant one (= Sun) (Q) KAL; radiant sun (R, Q, OS, S) PHAY

rain (S) ROS1 ; ULU; fine rain (Q) ROS1, (R, A, Q, Dan) MIZD; it is raining (S, A) ULU; rainbow (Q, OS, S) 3EL (p. 360); (S) YAT

raise (Q, OS, S) ORO, (R) BAR

range (R, OS) LIR2; range of mountain peaks (S) AYAK (but read aeglir rather than oeglir in mature Sindarin; cf. Hithaeglir as the S name of the Misty Mountains; see Silmarillion Index); range of mountain peaks (S) LIR2; range of mountains (S) ORO

rapid (A) NÁRAK, (Q, S) LAK2

rat (A, Q, S) NYAD (Note: Q nyano is evidently a misreading for *nyaro)

Rathloriel (S) LÁWAR/GLÁWAR

ravine (A, Q, S) YAG, (Q) AK, (S) RIS

ray of light (Q) AKLA-R

re- (Q) ATA [TAT]

reach (R) PHAR, (R) RAK

readiness for action (S) KHOR

real (Q?) ANA2

realm (S, Dor, Q) 3AR (p. 360); Fenced Realm (Dor) 3AR (p. 360)

reap (A, S) KIRIK

rear (A, Q, S), in rear (of) (S) TELES

reckon (R, Q, S) NOT

recount (S?) NAR2

red (R, A, Q, S) KARÁN, (Q, S:) GAY, (S:) NAR1, (R:) ROY2 , (A, S:) KUL, [GUL], (Ilk:) YAR; fiery red (A?:) NAR1; Redhorn (S:) RAS

reed-bed (Ilk) ESEK

reek (A, Q, S) USUK

refuse (R) AB/ABAR; (Q) KWET/PET; refuser (A, Q, S) AB/ABAR

regiment (S) WEG

region (Q) MEN; region where certain people live (Q, S, A) NDOR

Region (Dor; S?) ERÉK

Regornion (Dor? S?) ERÉK

regular (Q) STAN

relate (Q) NAR2

release (verb) (R, S) LEK; release (noun) (S) LEK

remain (R) DAR, LEB/LEM

remote (Q) KHAYA; remote land difficult to reach (R, Q) LONO

rend (verb) (Q, S) NÁRAK; rend (OS, S) RIS, (R) SKAR; rend (tr. and intr.) (R) NÁRAK; rending (Q) NÁRAK

repeated (Q) BOR; continual repetition (Q) BOR (read *vorongandele, voroñgandele for vorogandele)

repose (noun) (Q) SED

rescue (?) (R) BAR

resonant (of strings) (Q, S, Ilk) TUG

respite (S) PUS

rest (R) EZDÊ, NDOR; rest (noun) (R, Q) SED, (S) PUS; rest (verb) (Q) KHAW, SED, (R) KHAW; resting (A) KHAW; resting (adjective) (Q) SED; resting-place (S) KAY

retreat (R) AB

return (Q) PEL

revolve (Q) PEL; revolve on fixed point (R) PEL

Rhamdal (S) TALAM

Rhian (S) RIG

Rhibdath, Rhimdath (S) RIP

rich (Q) ÁLAM, [AL], GALA, KHER

ridge (R, S?) KEPER

right (adjective) (Q, S) PHOR, (A, Q, S) TE3; right hand (S) PHOR; right-hand (R) PHOR; righthanded (Q, S) PHOR

rigid (OS, S) STAR

ring (sound) (R) NYEL; ringing of bells (S) NYEL; ringing sound (Q) LAM

Ringil (Q) RINGI

ringlet (A, S) LOKH

rip (R, OS, S) RIS

rise (verb) (R), (R, Q, OS, S) ORO; rising (Q) ORO

river (Ilk) DUI, (Q, OS, S) SIR, (S > Ilk) KEL; River under Veil (Ilk) SKAL1; river-bed (A, OS, S) RAT

rivulet (Q) SIR

road (Q) TEÑ; road (in sea) (Q) LOD

rock (tooth of) (S) KARAK

Rómenildi (Q?) KHIL

roof (verb) (R, Q, S) TOP; roof over (S) TOP; roof (noun) (Q) TOP; roof of leaves (Ilk) SKAL1; domed roof (Ilk) ROD; roofing (S) TOP

room (A,Q) STAB

root (Q) TALAM, (Q?) SUD; root (especially as edible) (Q, OS, S) SÚLUK; root-word (Q?) SUD

rotten (S) THUS

rough piece of wood (A, Q) RUD

round (R) OS, (R, A, Q, S) KOR; round bread (Ilk.) KOR; round head (Q) NDOL; round knob (Q) NDOL; cut round (verb) (S) OS; go round (Q) PEL

row (R, OS, S) LIR2, (S, A, Q:) TEÑ; row of teeth (A, Q, S) NAK, (Q:) KARAK

ruddy (Q, S) GAY, (R, Q, S:) ROY2; ruddy (of face) (A, S) KARÁN; Ruddiface (S) THÊ; Ruddihorn (S) TARÁK

rule (Q) STAN, (R) KHER

run (R, OS) YUR; run (especially of water) (R) KEL; run out (R) KYEL (see KEL); running free (Ilk) LEK

rush (A) ÁLAK, (R:) RIP; Rushdown (R) RIP; rushing (A) NÁRAK, (Q:) RIP, KHOR (see under GOR), (R, S:) ÁLAK, (S, Ilk:) SKAR; rushing flight (A) ÁLAK

rustle (Q, Ilk) [EZGE]; rustling sound (S) SLUS/SRUS


sad (R, A, Ilk) DEM, (S) NAY; sadness (A, Ilk) DEM

safe (A, Q) BAR

saga (Q, S) NAR2

sail (verb) (A, S) RAM

salve (A, Q, S) LIB2

sanctuary (Q, S) YAN

sand (R, Q, OS, S) LIT; thirsty sand (S) PHAU

Sangahyando (Q; S) STAG

sapless (OS, S) STAR

Sarn Athrad (S) RAT; Sarnathrad (S) SAR

Sauro, Sauron (Q; S) THUS (but in the Silmarillion Appendix, the S name of Sauron is given as Gorthaur, not Thû or Mor-thu as in the Etymologies)

save (R) BAR

say (R, A) KWET/PET

scatter (R) RED

scholar (Q) IS

scoop out (Q) KALPA

scorn (Q, OS, S) YAY

scratch (R, S) SRIP

screen (noun) (Ilk, Dan) SKAL1; screen (verb) (Q) TEL/TELU, (R, OS, S:) SKAL1; screen from light (Q, OS:) SKAL1

sea (R, Q, S) AYAR/AIR (but the statement that these stems only applies to "the inner seas of Middle-earth" must be ignored; words that clearly refers to the ocean are derived from them. For oear, oer given here, read aear, aer or gaear, gaer, gae(a)ron in mature Sindarin. In later works, the Eldarin words for "sea" are derived from a stem GAYA "awe, dread" instead of AYAR/AIR; see PME:363). Cf. also: sea serpent (lit. fish-dragon) (Q, S) LOK; sea-elf (R) TELES; sea-spirit (Q) PHAL/PHALÁS; Sea-wing (Q) RAM; seashell (S) SYAL

second (adj) (Q) NDEW

secret (probably adj) (A, Q, S) DUL, (Q, Dor) MUY; secrecy (Q) MUY; secret lore (Q) ÑGOL

secrete (R) THUR

secure (A, Q) BAR

security (Q) BAR

sedge (Ilk) ESEK

see or seem (R) THÊ; seem (S) THÊ

seed (A, Q, S, Ilk) ERÉD

seeweed (Q, S) UY

seize (R, Q, OS) MAP

send flying (Q) KHOR; send for (Q) TUL; send out rays of light (R) PHAY

series (Q) TEÑ

serpent (great) (R, Q) LOK

serve (R) NDÛ; serve (R, A, OS, S, T) BEW

set (of Sun, Moon, etc.) (R, Q) NDÛ

set free (R) LETH (see LEK), (S) LEK

set going (R) KHOR

set in place (especially of wood) (R, Q, S) PAN

seven (R, Q, S) OT/OTOS/OTOK; Seven Stars (Q, S) OT/OTOS/OTOK

shade (Dan) SKAL1; shade (R, A, Q) DAY, (R, OS, S, Ilk) WATH; shade (S) LUM; shades of night (Q) DO3/DÔ

shadow (Dor) MUY, (Q:) MOR, (R, A, Q, S:) DAY, (R, Q:) LUM; shadow of trees (Dor, Ilk) DAY; dark shadow (Q) ÚLUG; deep shadow (Q) PHUY; Shadow of Abomination (S) DYEL; Shadow of Fear (S) DAY; shadowed (Q, A, OS, S) SKAL1; woman of secret shadow, she of hidden shadow (Dor, S) THUR

shady (Q) DAY, (Q, A, OS, S) SKAL1, (S) LUM

shaggy hair (OS, S) PHAS; shaggy lock (Q) PHAS

shake (quick) (noun) (A, Q) RIK(H)

shape (R) KAT; shape (verb) (Q, S) KAT; shaped (Q, A, OS, S) KAT; shaped stone (Q) MBAL; shapely (A, S) KAT

sharp (R, Q, S) AYAK, (R, Q, S, Ilk:) LAIK; sharp end (R, S) NAS; sharp fang (R) KARAK; sharp pain (Q) NÁYAK; Sharp-ears (Q, S) LAS2

she (Q, S) S (The "se"-inflection mentioned actually manifests in Quenya as the ending -re, s becoming r between vowels; cf. HE.) She of hidden shadow (Dor, S) THUR

shear through (R) SYAD

Sheen (= Moon) (Q) THIL

shell (A, Q) SYAL

shield (A, Q, T, Ilk) TURÚM

shine (R, Q) KAL, (R) GAL; shine (white or pale) (R) GIL; shine gold or red (R) [GUL]; shine silver (R) SIL; shine white (Q) NIK-W; shining jewel (Q) MBIRIL; shining white (adjective) (A, Q, S) SIL

ship (R, Q, S) KIR

shipbuilder (S) KIR, TAN

shore (A, Q, OS, S) SKYAP, (S) PHAL/PHÁLAS

short (R, Q, OS, S) STINTÂ; 'shortness' (name of mark indicating short quality of vowel) STINTÂ

shout of triumph (Q) GYEL; shouting (S) GLAM

shudder (S) GIR; shuddering (S) GIR

sick (A, Q, OS, S) SLIW, (Q, S) KAY; sickly (Q, S) GENG-WÂ, (R, A, Q, OS, S) SLIW; sickness (A, Q, OS, S) SLIW, (Q, S) KAY, (R, Q, S, Ilk) KWAM

sickle (R, Q, S) KIRIK; Sickle of the Gods (constellation) (Q, S) KIRIK, (Q) OT/OTOS/OTOK

sign (Q) TEK

Silevril (S; Q) SIL, RIL

*Silfion (hypothetical S form of Q Silpion, not used) SIL

silimarille (A; Q, S) RIL

Silivros (S) ROS1, SIL

Silmaril (Q; S, A) RIL, (Q; S) SIL (but the normal, non-cognate S name of the Silmarils is found under MIR); Silmarille, Silmarilli (Q) RIL. Other names of Silmarils: (Q) IL, (S, Dor) ÑGOLOD (see ÑGOL), (Q, S, Dor) MIR

Silmerosse (Q) ROS1, SIL

Silpion (Q, S) SIL; Silpion (Q) ROS1 Silpion (Q) BAL; light of Silpion (A, Q) SIL

silver (R, Q, S) KYELEP/TELEP (entry rewritten >) silver (R, OS, S, Q, T, Ilk:) KYELEP/TELEP; silver (R) TELEP, (A, Q:) SIL; silver (adj. = of silver) (Q, S:) KYELEP/TELEP, (A, Q, S:) SIL, (Q:) TIN; Silver-mace (S) RUD; Silver-rain (S) ROS1; silver light (Dor) SIL; silver spark (S) TIN; shine silver (R) SIL

Sindo (Q; T, Ilk, Dor?) THIN

sinew (A, Q, OS, S, Ilk) TUG

sing (R) LIN2, NYEL, (R, Q, S) [GLIN], (R, Q, S) LIR1 ; sing (R, S, Q) GLIR (but S glin- "to sing, recite poem" is evidently a misreading for *gliri-; cf. giri- "[to] shudder" from GIR); singer (Q) LIN2, (Q) NYEL; singing bird (Q) LIN2

single (A, S) MINI, (Q, S) ERE

sink (verb) (R) NDEW, (R, Q) NDÛ

sip (Q) SÁLAP

Sirion (S) SIR

sister (Q) , (R, OS, S, Q) THEL/THELES

sit (R, Q) KHAM

six (Q, S) ÉNEK

skill (R, OS) PHIN; magic skill (S) PHIN; skilled (Q, OS, S) MA3, (A, OS, S) MAG (see MA3), (OS) PHIN; skilled in dealing with, be (Q) KHAN

skin (A, Q) SKEL

sky (Q, OS, Dor) 3EL (p. 360); starry sky (R) EL; sky-blue (Dor) 3EL (p. 360); sky-bridge (= rainbow) (Q, OS, S) 3EL (p. 360), (S) YAT

slacken (Q) LEK

slain (adjective) (S) NDAK; slain (noun) (OS) NDAK

slant (S), slanting (S) TALÁT

slash (Q) KIRIS, (R) RIS

slaughter (OS) NDAK

slave (R, A, Q, S)

slay (R, OS, S) NDAK

sleep (R) LOS

slender (A, S) SLIN, (Q, S) NIN-DI, (S, Ilk, Q) TER/TERES; 'slender-dark' (Q) TER/TERES

sling (for throwing) (S) KHAT, (S) LATH

slope (noun) (S) TALÁT, (Q) TALÁT, (R, Q) [DEN], slope (Q) PEN/PÉNED; slope (verb) (R, S, Q) TALÁT, upward slope (Q) AM2; sloping (Q, S) TALÁT, (Q, S) [DEN]; sloping down (Q) PEN/PÉNED

slot (Q, S) RUN

slumber (Q) LOS

small bird (Q, S) PHILIK, (R, Q, S) AIWÊ; small fish (Q) SKAL2, (R, Q) KHAL1; small pool (S) MBOTH; small spot (OS, S) PIK; small star (S) TIN

smell (verb, intransitive) (R) ÑOL

smith (Q) TAN

smoke (Ilk) USUK

smooth (A, OS, S, Q) PATH

smoulder (Q) [GUL], (R) YUL

snake (R, Q, S) ANGWA/ANGU

snare (Q, OS, S) SNEW

snatch (verb) (S) RIK(H)

snout (A, Q, S) MBUD

snow (Q) NIK-W, (S) GOLÓS; fallen snow (Q) GOLÓS; snow-white (S) GOLÓS; *snowdrop (Q) LIB1 (helkelimbë is not glossed, but cf. KHELEK); snowdrop (Q, S) NEI, (Q, S) NIK-W

soap (A, Q, S) LIB2 (The wording is not clear, but it seems that A *libda, Q lipsa means "soap", like S glúdh.)

socket (S, Ilk) TAK

soft (A, Q, OS, S) MASAG; make soft by rubbing (R) MASAG

soil (noun) (R, S, A) SMAG, (R, S, Q) KEM

soil (verb) (R, Q, OS, S, Ilk) WA3; soiled (Q, OS, S, Ilk) WA3

soldier (R, OS, S) NDAK

sole (= single) (Q) ERE; solitude (Q) ERE

sole of foot (A, Q, S) TALAM, (R, A, Q) RUN

solid (Ilk) TAK

Solonel (T) PHAL/PHÁLAS, SOL; Soloneldi (T; Q) NYEL, SOL

Solonyeldi (Q; T) NYEL, SOL

sombre (Q) MOR, (S) DO3/DÔ

son (R, Q, S) /YON, (OS?) SEL-D

song (S) GLIR, (Q, S) [GLIN]; Song of Creation (Q) AYAN

sorcery (S?) ÑGOL

Sorontar (Q; S) THOR/THORON, (Q) TÂ/TA3

sound (noun) (Q) LAM, (Ilk) DING; loud sound (Q, OS, S) ROM; sound of horns (S) ROM

sound (verb) (R, Q) LAM; sound bells (verb) (S) NYEL; give out a sweet sound (R) NYEL

soup (OS) SÁLAP

source (of water) (S) KEL

south (Q, S) KHYAR; South (Q) MEN; southern (Q, S) KHYAR, (S) NDÛ (note: this reading is extremely doubtful)

sow (R, Q, S) RED; 'sown', sown field (A?) RED

Spanturo (A?) SPAN

spark (S, Ilk) TIN; make to spark (Q) TIN

silver spark (S) TIN; spark-dragon (Q) LOK

sparkle (verb) (R, Q, Ilk) TIN, sparkle (noun) (A, Q, Ilk) TIN

spear (R, Q, S) EK/EKTE; spear-head (Q, Dan) SNAS/SNAT; spearpoint (Q) EK/EKTE; spearman (Q) EK/EKTE

speech (barbarous) (S, A) ÑGAL

speed (verb) (Q, S) KHOR; speeding (Q) KHOR

spell (S, Dor?) LUK

spelling (Q) TEK

spider (A, S, Q) SLIG; the Spider (Ungoliant) (Q, S) UÑG; spider filament (A, Q, S) SLIG; spider's web (A, S, Q) SLIG

spike (Q) NAS, (R, S) KARAK; jagged hedge of spikes (Q) KARAK

spine (Q) ERÉK

spirant consonant (Q?) SUS

spirit - departed spirit (Q, S) MAN; fiery spirit (S) KHOR; holy spirit (R) MAN; spirit of woods (A, Q) TÁWAR

spit (verb) (R, Q, OS, S) PIW

splendour (poetical) (S) KAL

split (verb?) (R), STAK (noun) (Q, OS, S) STAK

sponge (A, Q, S) SWAD

spoor (S) RUN

sport (Q, S) TYAL

spot (= place) (Q) MEN; small spot (OS, S) PIK

Spouses, day of (Q, S) LEP/LEPEN/LEPEK

spread (verb) (Q, S) PAL; spread out (Q) PAL

spring (of water) (A, Q, S) KEL

spring (verb) (R, Q, S) TUY

spring-time (Q) TUY; 'spring-singer' (= swallow) (Q, A, S) TUY

sprout (verb) (R, Q, S), (noun) (A, Q, S) TUY

stain (verb) (R, A, Q, OS, S, Ilk) WA3, stain (noun) (A, OS, S, Q) WA3, (Q) MOR, (R, S, A) SMAG; stained (S, A) SMAG

stairway (S) PEN/PÉNED

stalk (R) TÉLEK

stalwart (A, S, OS, Q) STÁLAG, (S) TULUK

stand up (straight) (R) TYUL; stand alone (R) MINI

staple (S, Ilk) TAK

star (R, Q, Dor, S) EL, (A, S:) GIL, (Ilk:) TIN; small star (S) TIN; twinkling star (Q) TIN; starlight (Dor) SIL, (Ilk) TIN, (Q, S) GIL; starlit dusk (Q) TIN; starlit village (S) PEL(ES); starry sky (R) EL; starry-dome (S) EL; star-crowned (Q) EL; Starfolk (Elves) (A?) EL, (Q, S) ÉLED; star-hunter (S) SPAR; Star-kingdom (Q) 3AR (p. 360), Star Queen (= Varda) (Q) EL; star-maker (title of Varda) TAN; Starbeard (S) SPÁNAG

stay (R) LEB/LEM, (R, S) DAR, (R, S) NDOR

steadfast (Q) TULUK, (S) KHIM; steadfast man (OS, S, Ilk) BOR

steady (A, S, OS, Q) STÁLAG

steep (OS, S) BARÁD, (Q) AYAK, (R, A, Ilk) STAL; steeply falling (of river) (Ilk) STAL

stem (R, S) TÉLEK

stench (S) ÑOL, (S) THUS

stick (verb) (R) KHIM, (R) LEB/LEM, (S) NAS; sticking (Q) KHIM

stick in (OS, S) STAK

stick out (R) MINI

stick to (Q) KHIM

stick up (intransitive verb) (R) RAS

sticky (A, S) KHIM

stiff (A, R, OS, S, Ilk) TÁRAG, (Ilk) TAK, (Ilk, A) STARAN, (OS, S, R) STAR; stiffness (S) TÁRAG; stiff-necked (S) TÁRAG; stiff dry grass (Q) STAR; stiff grass (S) STAR

sting (verb) (Q) NAS

stone - small stone (Q) SAR; shaped stone (Q) MBAL; stone as material (Q) GOND, (S) SAR; stones (S?) KEPER; broken stones (A, Ilk) BIRÍT; great stone, rock (S) GOND; Stone of the World (S) GOND; of stone (Q, S) SAR

stop (verb) (R, Q) TAP, (R, S) DAR, (R) PUS; stop (intransitive verb) (Q) PUS, KHAW; stop (transitive verb) (Q) PUS; stop (noun) (Q) PUS; stopping (S) DIL; full stop in punctuation (Q) PUS; stopper (Q) TAP, (S) DIL; stop up (R, S) DIL; stopgap (S) GAS, DIL; stopped consonants (S) PUS

storm of wind (S) ÁLAK

straight (A, Q, S) TE3, (S, A) TEÑ; straight line (Q) TEÑ

strait (R, A, S) LOD

strap (Q) LATH

stray (verb) (R, S) MIS; stray, (R, Q, S) RAN; stray about (verb) (Q) MIS; straying (Q, S) RAN, (S) MIS

stream (noun) (Q) KEL

street (R, Q) MBAL, (S) RAT

strength (A, OS, Ilk) BEL; bodily strength (S) BEL; physical strength (A, Q, OS, S, Ilk) TUG, (T:) BEL; strength-vigour (A, S?) TUG

stretch out (R) RAK

strife (A) KOT

strike (R) DRING

string (R) LATH

strip (verb) (A, S) SKEL (Note: helta should be *heltha, unless it is meant as a Q verb); stripped bare (Q) SKAL1, SKEL

strive (R) KOT

stroke (verb) (S) MA3; heavy stroke (S) DARÁM; stroke of pen or brush (Q) TEK

strong (Q) POL/POLOD, (Q) TULUK, (R, T, OS) BEL; physically strong (R) POL/POLOD; strong (OS), strong in body (S) BEL; strong place (Q) SAR

stuffing (S) DIL

subject (verb) (R) MBAW

sublime (A) BARÁD, (S) TUR

successor (Q, Dor) NDEW

sudden (S) BERÉK; suddenness (S) BERÉK; sudden move (R, S) RIK(H); sudden fire (S) see Battle of Sudden Fire, wildfire

suffering from old age (S) GENG-WÂ

suffice (R, Q) PHAR; sufficiency (Q) PHAR; sufficient (adjective) (Q) PHAR; sufficient (adverb) (S) PHAR

Súlimo (Q) THÛ

sum up (S) NOT

summit of high mountain (S, A) TÂ/TA3

summon (Q) TUL

Sun (Q, S) NAR1 (note: the spelling Anar for S. here is probably wrong, confused with the Q form; read Anor as under ANÁR), (Q) KAL; sun (R, Q, S) ANÁR; a name of the Sun (Q) UR (this entry was struck out in the Etymologies, but a word that must be derived from this stem occurs in LotR, so it seems that Tolkien restored it); sunlight (S) LÁWAR/GLÁWAR; sunrise (Q) ORO, (S, Q) AM2; sunset (Q, A) NDÛ; Sun-maiden (Q) AR1

sup (Q) SÁLAP

superior (OS, S) KHAL2, (S) ORO

support (noun) (A, Q, S) TULUK

suppose (Q) INK/INIK; supposition (Q) INK/INIK

sure (Q) TAK

surf (Q) SOL

surface (Q, S) PAL; flat surface (S) DAL

Súro (Q; S) THUS (but in the Silmarillion Appendix, the S name of Sauron is given as Gorthaur, not Thû or Mor-thu as in the Etymologies)

surround (R) THUR

survive (OS, S) BORÓN

swallow (bird) (Q, S) LIN2, (Q, A, S) TUY, (R) LAK1

swallow (verb?) (R) SLUK

swan (A, Q, T, OS, S, Ilk, Dan) ÁLAK; Swan-haven ÁLAK; Swan-road ÁLAK

sward (A, OS, S) PATH

swart (Q, OS, S) BARÁN; swart, swarty (S) DUN

[swear (to do something)] (Q) WED

sweet (S, Ilk) LIND; sweet-sounding (A) SLIN

swell (R) TIW (see TUY for this gloss), (S) TIW

swift (R, A, Q, S) LAK2, (R, Q, S) KYELEK

swim (R) LUT

swirl (Q) SWIN

swooping (S?) THOR (p. 393); come swooping down (R) THOR (p. 393)

sword (R, Q, S) MAK, (S) KIRIS, (S) LAG, broad sword (Q) LAG; sword(name) (A, Q) SYAD; sword-blade (Q) RUS

sworn brother (S, Q) TOR

symbol (A) TEK

syrup (Q, S) PIS


Ta-niqe-til [Taniquetil] (Q) TIL

Taen-Nimdil (S) TÂ/TA3

take a rest (Q) KHAW

take away by force (OS) MAP

Talagand, Talagant (S) ÑGAN/ÑGALAM

tale (Q, OS, S) NAR2, (Q, S, Q) KWET/PET; novel tale (S) SI; tale (= count or reckoning, not = story) (S) NOT

talk loud or incoherently (R) ÑGAL

tall (A, Q, S, Ilk) TUN

Talmar Ambaren (Q) TALAM (In mature Quenya *Talmar Ambaro)

tangle (verb) (Q) PHAS; tangled hair (Q) PHAS

Taniqetil(de) (Q) NIK-W, Taniqetil [Taniquetil] (Q; S) TÂ/TA3, (Q) TIL. Other names of Taniquetil: (Q) EL, (Q, OS, S) OY, (Q) [GEY]

tap (Q) TAM

Taragaer, Taraggaer (S) TARÁK

Tarkil (Q - language determined by other sources) TUR, (A, Q) KHIL

Tarlang's Neck TÁRAG

tarry (R) LEB/LEM

task (S) TARAS

taste (R) KYAB; taste (verb) (Q) KYAB

Taur-na-Delduath (S) ÑGOROTH

Taur-na-Faras (S) SPAR

Taur-na-Fuin (S) ÑGOROTH, Taur na Fuin (S; Q) PHUY, (S) THÔN

Taur-nan-Erig (S?; Dor) ERÉK

Taure Huinéva (Q; S) PHUY

Tauros (a S by-name of Oromë, Tauron in the published Silmarillion) TÁWAR, (S) ORÓM, Taur-os (S?) GOS/GOTH

taut (Q, S, Ilk) TUG

Tavari TÁWAR

Tavr-obel (S) TAM, Tavrobel (S) PEL(ES)

tear (R, Q, S, A) NEI, tearful (S, A) NEI

tear (verb) (R) SKAR, (verb, tr. and intr.) (R) NÁRAK; tearing (A) SKAR

teeth (row of) (Q) KARAK

Teleri (Q) TELES, Teler-folk (Q) TELES; Telerian (Q) TELES; Telerin Ilkorins (Q, S) LEB/LEM. Other names of the Teleri: (Q) MIS, (Q; T) PHAL/PHÁLAS, (T, Q) NYEL, SOL

tell (Q, archaic S) NAR2; tell a story (OS) NAR2; tell to the end (S?) NAR2

Telumehtar ('Warrior of the Sky', name of Orion) (Q) TEL/TELU



terror (S) GOS/GOTH

Thalion (S) STÁLAG

Thalos (Ilk) STAL

Thar-bad, Tharbad (S?) THAR

Thar-gelion, Thargelion (S?) THAR

that (Q) TA, (R) I; that (the former) (Q) YA

thatch (A, Q, Ilk) TUP

the (Q, S) I

there (R) YA; there, look! (Q) EN

thick (R, A, Q, OS, S, Ilk) TIW

thigh (A, Q) TIW

thin (R) NIN-DI, (S, A) SLIN; long (and thin) (S) TAY

Thind (Ilk; Q, T, Dor?) THIN

thing (Q, S) 2, (S) MBAKH; thing made (Q) TAN; treasured thing (Q) 3AR (p. 360); 'thing for fixing' (A) TAK

Thingol (Dor?; Ilk, Q, T) THIN, (S) KAL/GAL (the etymology given here was later rejected; in the mature conception, Thingol means "Greycloak")

think (R) NOWO; think out (R) GAWA/GOWO

thirsty (Q, OS, S) PHAU; thirsty sand (S) PHAU

this (R) SI

thither (A, Q, S) TA; Thither Lands (Q) EN

thong (R) LATH, thong of [?leather - Tolkien's handwriting was illegible] (S) LATH

thorn (Q) NAS, (R) ERÉK, (S) EK/EKTE

Thorntor (Ilk) THOR/THORON

Thorondor (S; Q) THOR/THORON

thought (S) NOWO, inner thought (S) ID; thoughtful (S) ID; thoughtfulness (A, S) ID

thrall (R, A, Q, S)

three (R, Q, S) NEL; day of three kings (S) LEP/LEPEN/LEPEK (Ar Neledhuir)

threshold (Q, OS, S) PHEN

thrive (R) GALA

throat (Q) LAK1, (R, Q, S) LANK

throng (A, Q) STAG; 'throng-cleaver' (swordname) (A, Q, S) SYAD; (Q, S) STAG

through (preposition) (Q, S, OS), through (prefix) (S, OS, Q) TER/TERES

thrower (of spears or darts) (S) KHAT

thrust (verb) (S) NAS

Thû (S) THUS

Thuringwethil (Dor; S) THUR

tidings (S) SI

tidy (S) POY

tie (R) NAT, (R) SNAR, (R, Q, S) NUT

tight (Q, S, Ilk) TUG

Tilion (Q and S) TIL

tilted (Q, S) TALÁT

Timbredhil (S?) TIN

time, a time (R, Q, S) LU; once upon a time (Q) YA (use yalúmessë or yáressë rather than yassë, that also means *"in which")

Tindobel (S) PEL(ES)

Tindómerel (Q; S, A) TIN, (Q; S, A) SEL-D

Tindômiselde (A; Q, S) SEL-D

Tindubel (S?) TIN

Tindúmhiell (S; Q, A) TIN

Tinfang (S) SPÁNAG

Tinfang Gelion (S) GYEL

Tinnúviel (> Tinúviel in mature Sindarin) (S; Q, A) SEL-D, (S; Q, A) TIN

Tinnúviel (S; Q, A) TIN, (S; Q, A) SEL-D

Tintánie, Tintánië ("star-maker", title of Varda) TAN

Tinúviel (S; Q, A) TIN

Tinwerína (Q) RIG

[Tinwerontar] (Queen of Stars, title of Varda) (Q) TIN, TÂ/TA3

[Tinwetar] (Q) TIN; Tinwetári (Queen of Stars, title of Varda) (Q) TÂ/TA3

tiny (OS, S) PIK, (Q, S) TIT; tiny mark (Q) TIK

tip (R) TALÁT

tissue (Q) LAN

to (Q) 1, (R) ANA1

to a great extent (Q) PAL

to the inside (Q) MI

together (R, Q, S) (Note: According to WJ:367, o did not survive as an independent word in Quenya, only as a prefix)

toil (verb) (Q, S)

Tol-Ereb (S; Q) TOL2

Tol Eressea, Tol Eressëa (Q) LONO; Tol-eressea (Q; S) TOL2, (Q) ERE

tomb (S) KHAG

tongue (Q) KWET/PET, (Q, S) LAB; forked tongue (S) STAK

tooth (R, Q, OS, S) NÉL-EK; tooth (Q, R, S) KARAK; tooth of rock (S) KARAK

top (S) KAS, (R) [KEPER]; from top to bottom TEL/TELU

Tor Tinduma (Dor?) THIN, (Ilk; S) TIN

torment (R) ÑGWAL; torment (noun) (S) ÑGWAL, (verb) (Q) ÑGWAL; Torment-slayer (Orc-warrior) (S) ÑGWAL

torrent (A, S) ULU, (Ilk) STAL, (S?) THOR (p. 393)

Torthingol (Dor?) THIN

Torthurnion (Ilk?) THOR/THORON

torture (Q) ÑGWAL

tough (A, R, OS, S, Ilk) TÁRAG; toughness (S) TÁRAG

towards (Q) 1, (R) ANA1

tower (Q) TIR, (S) BARAT, (S, A) MINI; isolated tower (Q) MINI

town with wall round (Q, S) OS; 'town' (Q, S) PEL(ES) (Note: town is here used in an archaic sense)

track (A, S) RAT, (S) RUN; beaten track (A, OS, S) BAT

trade (Q, S) MBAKH; tradesman (Q, S) MBAKH (the Q word makar should possibly be mankar, mancar; elsewhere, makar, macar is given the meaning "swordsman")

trample (OS, S) BAT

travel (R) LED

traverse (OS, S) BAT, (S) RAT

treasure (Q) 3AR (p. 360), (Q, OS, S) MIR; treasured thing (Q) 3AR (p. 360); treasury (Q) 3AR (p. 360)

treaty ([Q], S) WED

tree (Q, S, Dor) GALAD > GÁLAD, (Q, S, Dor) ORO; high tree (R) ORO; high isolated tree (Q) ORO; large tree (S) ORO; the Elder Tree (Q) SIL; tree-grown (Q) 3AR (p. 360)

tress (A, Q) SPIN

tri- (S) NEL; triangle (Q, Dan) SNAS/SNAT, (Q, S) TIL, (S, A) NEL (Note: neltildi should be marked with an asterisk)

trick (noun) (S) RIK(H)

trill (R, Q, S) LIR1

triumph (S) GYEL; triumphant (S) GYEL

troop of able-bodied men (S) WEG, troop under a lord (S) KHER

troth (A, Q, OS, S) WED

trouble (noun) (OS), (verb) (S) TARAS, (S) PERES

true (Q, S) STAN, (Q?) ANA2

trumpet (Q, OS, S) ROM; trumpet-sound (Q, OS, S) ROM

trusty (S) TULUK; trusty man (OS, S, Ilk) BOR

Tulkas (Q; S) TULUK

Tumladen (S) TUB

tûn (Old English word) (OS, S, Q) PEL(ES) (Note: OS peleki is probably an error for *pelehi)

Tûn (S; Q, OS) TUN

Tún, Túna (Q/OS; S) TUN

tune (S, Q) LIN2, [GLIN]; tuneful (S, Ilk) LIND

Tuor (A, S) TUG, (S, A) GOR; Tuor's ship - see RAM

Túramarth (S; Q) TUR

Turambar (Q; S) MBARAT, TUR

Túrin (S; Q) TUR; Túrin, Túrinn (S) ID

Turindo (Q; S) TUR

Turkil (Q - language determined by other sources) TUR

twang (Q) TING/TANG

twelve (R) RÁSAT; twelve hours (Q, S) AR1

twi- (S)

twilight (A, S?, Ilk) TIN, (Dor) MUY, (Q, S) KAL; twilight, starry twilight (A, S, Q, Ilk) DOMO

twilit city (S?) TIN

twinkling star (Q) TIN

twirl (S) SWIN

twist (R) SNUR; give quick twist (Q) RIK(H)

twisted (S) SNUR

twitch (noun) (S) RIK(H), twitch (verb) (Q,S) RIK(H)

two (R, Q, S) AT(AT), (S) TATA, (R)

tyrant (S) MBAW; tyrannous (S) MBAW


Udun (S; A, Q, Ilk, Dan) TUB

Uduvon (Ilk; A, S, Q, Dan) TUB

Ui-nend (A?; Q) NEN

Uiar (S; A, Q) WAY

Uigolosse (OS; S) OY

Uilos (S) GOLÓS, (S; OS) OY; [Uiloss] (S, A) [EY]

Uinen (Q; OS, S) UY, (Q) NEN

Uinend (S; OS, Q) UY

Uldor (S?) ÚLUG


Ulfast (S) ÚLUG, PHAS

Ulmo (Q; A, S) ULU; another name of Ulmo (A, Q, S) WAY; a S name of Ulmo NU; day of Ulmo (Q, S) LEP/LEPEN/LEPEK

Ulu (S; A, Q) ULU

Ulwarth (S) WAR, ÚLUG

Umboth Muilin (Dor) KHIS/KHITH, MBOTH, (Dor, S) MUY

*un- (actually glossed "no, not" as prefix) (A, Q)

uncountable (arnediad) (S) AR2 ; cf for this gloss

under (Q, S) NU, (Q) UNU

underneath (adverb) (Q) NU

understand (R) SAY, (R, Q, S) KHAN; understanding (Q, S) KHAN

unfurl (Q) PAT

Ungoliant (S from Q) UÑG; Ungoliante, Ungoliantë (Q, S) UÑG, (Q; S) SLIG, (Q; S) DYEL

Ungweliante, Ungweliantë (Q; S) UÑG

unique (A, S) MINI

unite (R) SAM

universe (R) ILU

untamed (R) RAB

up (Q) UNU, (R) ORO, (R, Q, S) AM2; up(wards) (S) AM2; uphill (adj.) (Q) AM2; uphill (S) PEN/PENÉD, [DEN]

uplift (R) BAR, KHAL2

upper air (Q) 3AR (p. 360), SPAN

uprising (S, Q) AM2

upward slope (Q) AM2, (Q) PEN/PÉNED

urge (verb) (Q) KHOR, (R) SIW; urge on (R, S) KHOR; urging (Q) KHOR; urgency (Q) KHOR

Úrion (Q?) UR

Urthin (Ilk; S) WATH

use (verb) (R) MAG (see MA3), (R, S) YUK; useful (A, Q, S) MAG (see MA3)

Utum (Dan; A, Q, S, Ilk) TUB

Utumno (Q; A, S, Ilk, Dan) TUB

Úvanimor (Q) , (Q) UGU/UMU


vague (S, Dor) KHIS/KHITH; vagueness (Dor) MUY

Vaiaro (Q; A, S) WAY

Vaire, Vairë (Q; A, S) WEY

Vaiya (Q; A, S) [GEY]

Vala, Valar (A, Q, OS, S, T, Ilk) BAL (but in mature Sindarin, the plural of Balan is Belain rather than Belein; see the entry val- in the Silmarillion Appendix); Vala-king (Q, Ilk) BAL; Vala-queen BAL (but Tolkien dropped the notion that there is no feminine form of Vala and that Valatári "Vala-queen" is used instead; in the Silmarillion we find Valië)

Valacirca see Valakirka

Valakirka (Q) OT/OTOS/OTOK, (Q; S) KIRIK

vale (flat, lowlying) (Ilk) DAL; vale of Gondolin (S) TUB; Vale of Black Horror (S) DUN

Valian week, names of days 1-5 (Q, S) LEP/LEPEN/LEPEK

Valian Year (S) YEN, Valian Years (A, Q, OS, S) RAD

valiant (R) BER, valiant man (Ilk) BER

Valinor (Q; A, OS, S) BAL, (Q) NDOR; Valinóre (Q) NDOR

valley (Dor) NAD; deep valley, under or among hills (A, Q, S) TUB

valor (Ilk) BER; valour (Q, S) KAN

Vána (actually spelt Vana in Etym) (A, Q, OS, S) BAN

Vanimor (Q) UGU/UMU

vanish (R) WAN; vanished (Q) WAN

Varda (Q; A, OS, S, T) BARATH, (Q, T, [A, OS, S]) BARÁD. Titles of Varda: (Q) TIN, (Q, S) EL, (S) GIL, (Q, S) TAN, (Q) TÂ/TA3

vassal (A, OS, S, T) BEW

vast (S) TÁWAR, TUR

vault of heaven (Ilk) ROD

veil (verb) (Q, OS) SKAL1; veiled (Q, A, OS, S) SKAL1, (Q, Dor) MUY; veiled pool (Dor?, S) MUY

vein (S) RAT

very large (Q) UB

victor (A, Q) TUR; victory (R, A, Q, S) TUR

vigour (A, Q, OS, S, Ilk) TUG, (Q, A) WEG, (S) KHOR; manly vigour (R) WEG; vigourous (Q) WEG

village - walled village (Q, S) PEL(ES), starlit village (S) PEL(ES)

violence (R, Q) GOR, (S) BERÉK; violent (A, Q) NÁRAK, (S) BERÉK, (S, Ilk) SKAR

virginity (Q, S) WEN/WENED

viscous (A, S) KHIM

Vista (Q) WIL

voice (Q) OM

void (Q) LUS, (R, OS, S) KUM; the Void (Q, S) KUM, (A, OS, Q, S) GAS

Voronwe, Voronwë (Q; OS, S) BORÓN

vowel (Q) OM


wait (R, S) DAR

wakening (adj.) (Q) KUY

walk (verb) (R) RAT, (Q) BAT; walk (noun) (Q) BAT

wall (Q, S) RAMBÂ; Wall's-end (S) TALAM; walled house (Q, S) PEL(ES); walled village (Q, S) PEL(ES); Walls of the World (Q) IL; Long Walls (S) RAMBÂ

wan (A) THIN

Wand of Death (sword-name) (S) ÑGUR

wander (A, S) RAM, (R) MIS, (R) RAN; wanderer (S) RAN; wandering (Q, S) RAN, (S) MIS

want (Q) MER

war (Q, S) KOT, (Q, S, Ilk) OKTÂ; make war (S) NDAK

ward (R) THUR

ware (S) MBAKH

warm (R, A, Q, S) LAW

warrior (Ilk) BER, (R, OS, S:) NDAK, (Q, S:) MAK, (Q:) KAR (rewritten >) (Q) KYAR (see KAR); Warrior of the Sky (a name of Orion) (Q) TEL/TELU

waste (S) ERE

watch (verb) (R, Q, S) TIR, watch (noun) (S) TIR; watch-tower (Q) TIR

water (Ilk) DUI, (Q, S) NEN; spring, issue of water (A, Q, S) KEL; draw water (Q) KALPA; water-mead (Q) NAD; water-vessel (R, Q, S) KALPA; watered plain (Q) NAD; watery (Q, S) NEN

wave (crested) (Q) PHAL/PHÁLAS

way (S) TE3; make or find a way (S) RAT

weal (Q, S) GALA; wealth (Q, S) GALA; wealthy (Q) KHER

wear (out) (Q) GYER

weave (R) NAT, WEY, (R, Q) LAN; weaver (S) NAT

web (Q, S, Dor) NAT, (S) WEY; webster (S) NAT

wed (R, Q) BES (cf. WED); wedding (Q) BES

week (Valinorean week of five days) (Q) LEP/LEPEN/LEPEK; week of the Trees (Q, S) LEP/LEPEN/LEPEK

weeping (S) NEI

weft (Q) LAN

went (Q) LED

werewolf (S, Q) ÑGAW

west (Q, S) NDÛ, (Dor) NIB, RAD, West (Q) MEN; western (Q) NDÛ; West-Beleriand (Ilk, Falathrin) AR2; West-dales (Dor) NIB; West-march (Dor) NIB; Western Ocean between Beleriand and Valinor AYAR/AIR (but in mature Sindarin, the Great Sea is called Belegaer rather than Belegoer; see Silmarillion index)

wet (A, Dor) MIZD, (Q:) NEN, (Q, S:) MISK, (R, Q, S:) LINKWI, (S:) NEI; wet mist (S) MITH; Wet Head, Wet-head (Dor) NDOL, MIZD

whine (R) MIW, whining (Q) MIW

whirl (R, S) SWIN; whirling (S) SWIN; whirlpool (Q) SWIN

whisper (R) SLUS/SRUS; whisper (verb) (Q) SLUS/SRUS; whisper (noun) (S) SLUS/SRUS; whispering sound (Q) SLUS/SRUS

white (Q, A) NIK-W, (R, Q, S, T, Dan) SPAN, (S) PHAY; white fog (S) MITH; white heat (S) BARÁS; white-hot (S) BARÁS; white tear (Q) NIK-W; the White Tree (Q) BAL; whiteness (Q) NIK-W; whiten (Q, S) NIK-W; shine white (Q) NIK-W; shining white (A, Q, S) SIL

whole (Q) IL

wide (A, S) PAT, (Q) PAL, (R, S) UR, (R, Q, S) LAD; wide (open) (R) PAL; wide grassland (S) NAD; wide land between mountains (Dor) ROS2

wield (S) MA3 (confused with *maktâ from MAK)

wield (Q, S) TUR; wield a weapon (Q) MAK

wife (A, Q, OS) BES, (S) KHER, (S) NDIS

wild (A, Q) BERÉK, (R) RAB, (Q, S) MERÉK (replaced by MBEREK, not given as a separate entry); wild wind (A) ÁLAK; wild-fire (S) BERÉK

wilderness (Q,S) RAB

[wile] (S) KUR

willow-tree (A, Q, S), TATHAR; of willow (S) TATHAR

wilma, wilwa (Q) WIL

wily (S) KUR

wind (noun) (Q, S, Ilk) WÂ/WAWA/WAIWA; wild wind (A) ÁLAK

wind (verb) (R) WEY

wine (R, Q) LIP

winë (Old English word = friend) (Q) NIL/NDIL

[-wine] (Old English ending in names = "friend") (Q) YEL

wing (A, Q) RAM; wing (or horn) (A, S) RAM; great wing of eagle (A, S) RAM; winged dragon (Q) LOK

Wingelot, Wingelóte (Wingelótë) (Q; S) WIG; Wingelote (Q, S) LOT(H)

Wingildi (Q?) WIG

Wings of the Sea (name of Tuor's ship) (Q) AYAR/AIR

wise (Q) IS, (Q?:) SAY, (Dor?:) THIN, (R, Q, S, Dor, A:) ÑGOL, (S:) ID; wisdom (R, Q) ÑGOL; one of the wise folk (= Noldo) (R, Q, OS, S, T, Dor, Dan) ÑGOL; be wise (R) ÑGOL

wish (noun) (A) ID, wish (verb) (Q) MER, (S) YES

with (S) 1

wither (R) KWEL; withered (OS, S) STAR

within (Q) MI

without (S) AR2; without number AWA; without reckoning (S) AR2

wizard (Q) SAY, (S) KUR

wolf (A, Q, S, Dor:) DARÁK, (Dor, S, Q:) ÑGAR(A)M, (Dor, S, Q, Dan:) [3ARAM] (p. 360); wolf-howl (Q, S) ÑGAW

woman (R, Q, OS, S) , (Q:) INI, (R, Q:) NDIS, (S:) BES, (S:) DER; young woman (OS:) BES, (OS, S:) NDIS; woman of secret shadow (Dor, S:) THUR

wood (R) TÁWAR; great wood (A, Q, S, Ilk) TÁWAR; wood (material) (A, Q) TÁWAR; smouldering wood (Q) YUL; of wood (Q) TÁWAR; wooden (S) TÁWAR; spirit of wood (A, Q) TÁWAR; wooden hall (Q) PAN; wooden pillar (A, S) STAB; wooden post (A, Q) STAB; woodpecker (A, Q, S) TAM

wool (Q, S) TOW, of wool, woollen (Q) TOW

word (S) KWET/PET

worn (A, Q, S) GYER, (S) YA

wound (noun) (A, Q, S, Ilk) SKAR, wound (verb) (S, Q) SKAR; wounded (A, Q, S) SKAR

wrath (Q) GOR

wright (A, Q, OS, S, Ilk) STAB

write (R, Q, S) TEK; writing (Q) TEK; writing system (Q) TEK

wrong (Q, S) RÁYAK


Yavanna (Q; S) YAB, (Q) ANA1; surname of Yavanna (Q) PAL

yawn (R) GAS, (R) YAG; yawn (verb) (Q) YAG

year (R, S) YEN (but in LotR, yén is the word for an Elvish "long year" of 144 solar years. Use loa or coranar for a normal year. In S it might be wiser to use idhrin (RIN) than în (YEN), as în means "his" in a later S text.) Year (S) RIN; last year (Q) YA; first year (Q?) YEN; Valian Year (S) YEN; 100 Valian Years (A, Q, OS, S) RAD; 'year-full' (= old) (S) GENG-WÂ; 'year-sick' (= old, of mortals) (S) GENG-WÂ, YEN

yellow (R, A, Q, OS, S) SMAL; yellow bird (A, Q, OS, S) SMAL; yellow powder (A, Q, OS, S) SMAL; yellow-green (Q) GWEN; yellowhammer (A, Q, OS, S) SMAL

yield (Q) DAB, (R) WAR

yoke (A, Q, S) YAT

yonder (Q?) YA, (R, Q) EN

young (R, Q, S, A) NETH; youthful (Q) NETH; youth (abstract noun) (Q, S, A) NETH, (Q) GWEN; young woman (OS) BES; day of the younger Gods (Ossë, Oromë, Tulkas) (Q, S) LEP/LEPEN/LEPEK