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Three Falathrin words are mentioned in Etym: Ariad (AR2), Ariador (AR2, GAT(H)), and galbreth (BERÉTH). Falathrin is evidently to be understood as a dialect of Ilkorin. Under GAT(H) we get the impression that Ariador is the general Ilkorin word, but according to AR2, the Ilkorin word is Argador and Ariador the Falathrin variant. The word galbreth, galdbreth was also used in Doriathrin (see NEL).

One Ossiriandeb word, laur, is given under LÁWAR/GLÁWAR.

One "Lindarin" word, holme, is mentioned under ÑOL. There is also the "Q[u]enya-Lindarin" name Ingwe under ING. For "Lindarin" we should read Vanyarin; Tolkien later revised the names of the clans: The First Clan was renamed Vanyar, and Lindar became a name of the Teleri instead.

Six words are explicitly identified as PQ, Primitive Quendian: atar (ATA), atû (ATA), dêr (NI1, also der-, NÊR), khalatirnô/khalatirno (TIR), mâ3 (ma3-) (MA3), and taurâ (TUR, also /TA3, TÁWAR; said to be PQ under /TA3). Three words are explicitly identified as (Common) Eldarin: mahtâ- (MA3), ndæ^r (NDER) and wa (). Of course, nearly all the asterisked words in Etym must be understood as being either PQ or Eldarin, so these few words have also been included in the Asterisked/Ancestral list.

The apparently Mannish name Brodda is given as a separate entry, Brodda.

Christopher Tolkien mentions two Gnomish words, Gondothlim and Gondothlimbar, under GOND.

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