Medieval Unicode Font Initiative

Disclaimer: This site is managed by scholars in Medieval studies with the aim of establishing a consensus on the use of Unicode among medievalists. It is not affiliated with or endorsed by Unicode.

N3027 proposal to Unicode

A proposal for the inclusion of approx. 100 medieval characters was submitted to the Unicode Technical Committee and favourably received at the 6–9 February 2006 meeting (although questions were raised about some of the characters). The proposal has been edited by Michael Everson and has contributors from the MUFI group as well as from other projects.

The characters in this proposal have been drawn from several sources and are attested with a broad variety of samples from many European countries.

N3027 30 January 2006 - PDF file, 3.6 MB


N4704 proposal to Unicode

This proposal, also edited by Michael Everson, contains 21 punctuation characters of interest for medievalists:

N4704 19 December 2015 - PDF file, 3.1 MB


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