Invited presentations and keynotes

2014 Invited presentation, American Geoscience Union Fall meeting, San Francisco.
  Keynote presentation, Lithosphere 2014 symposium, Turku, Finland.
  Keynote presentation, Geomod conference, GFZ-Potsdam.
  Keynote presentation, GeoFrankfurt meeting, Frankfurt.
  2 Invited presentations, European Geosciences Union meeting, Vienna.
2013 Keynote presentation, Geoprisms workshop, American Geoscience Union Fall meeting, San Francisco
  Invited presentation, Lithosphere Asthenosphere Boundary conference, College de France, Paris.
  Invited presentation, EPOS / TopoEurope meeting Erice, Sicily.
  Invited presentation, University of Loraine, Nancy, France.
  Keynote presentation, TopoAfrica meeting, Saasfeld, South Africa.
  Keynote presentation, Norwegian Geoscience annual Wintermeeting, Oslo, Norway.
2012 Invited presentation, American Geoscience Union Fall meeting, San Francisco.
Invited presentation, Advanced Climate Dynamics Course, Dovre, Norway.
Keynote presentation, International Geological Congress, Oslo.
Keynote presentation, Tectonics Structural Geology annual meeting DGG, Geomar, Kiel Germany.
2011 American Geoscience Union Fall meeting, San Francisco.
  Keynote presentation, EarthScope-GeoPRISMS Science Workshop on Eastern North America (ENAM).
  Keynote presentation, International Conference "Gondwana, 14 - East Meets West", Buzios, Brazil.
  Invited presentation, GSA-DGG 2011 FRAGILE EARTH, International conference, Munich, Germany.
  Keynote presentation, 12th International Workshop on Modeling of Mantle Convection and Lithospheric Dynamics, Berlin.
  Invited presentation, European Science Foundation Summerschool, Numerical modeling, ETH Zurich.
  Invited presentation, Univ. Grenoble, France.
Invited presentation, Total, Pau, France.
  Invited presentation, ENS-CNRS-BGR-TOTAL South China Sea workshop, Paris.
2010 Keynote presentation, AGU, San Francisco.
  Keynote presentation, Geomod, Lisbon.
Keynote presentation, AAPG, Calgary.
Keynote presentation, Sample conference, Kiel.
  Invited presentation, University Marie Pierre Curie, Paris.
2009 Keynote presentation, ESF TopoEurope conference, Heidelberg.
  Keynote presentation, Source to Sink conference, Statoil, Bergen.
Keynote presentation, EGU, Vienna.
Invited presentation, Chevron, Houston.
2008 Keynote presentation, AAPG, Cape Town.
  Keynote presentation, Geological Society Meeting, Rift Renaissance, Houston.
  2 Keynote presentations, International Geological Congress, Oslo.
  Keynote presentation, Ocean Drilling Consortium workshop, Houston.
  Keynote presentation, Force workshop, Oslo.
  Keynote presentation, European Geosciences Union meeting, Vienna.
2007 Keynote presentation, Penrose conference on Extending Continental Lithosphere.
  Keynote presentation, Academie Français OCT meeting, Paris.
  Keynote presentation AAPG-Hedberg meeting, The Hague.
  Invited presentation Euromargins workshop, GFZ Potsdam.
2006 Invited presentation, Edinburgh University.
  Invited presentation, Physics of Geological Processes, Oslo University.
  Keynote presentation, European Geosciences Union meeting, Vienna, The link of deep and shallow lithospheric processes in sedimentary basins - New perspectives in the International Lithosphere Program.
  Keynote presentation US-Margins “Rifting Continental Lithosphere” meeting, Ensenada, Mexico.
2005 Invited presentation Canadian Institute of Advanced Research (CIAR) workshop, Italy.
2004 Keynote presentation, ”Margins/Intermargins workshop Modeling Extensional deformation of the Lithosphere”, Pontresina, Switzerland.
2003 Invited presentation Danish Lithosphere Centre, Kopenhagen.
  Keynote presentation EGS-AGU-EUG Joint Assembly, Nice, France.
2002 Invited presentation Geo-Forschungs Zentrum, Berlin.
  Invited presentation Monash University, Melbourne.
  Invited presentation Australian National University, Canberra.
  Invited presentation, Geological Survey, Ottawa, Canada.
2001 Keynote presentation AGU Chapman Conference on Exploration Geodynamics. Perth, Australia.
1997 Invited presentation Conference “Lithospheric structure, evolution and sedimentation in continental rifts”, Dublin.