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The main part of money (2/3 parts of the budget) is reserved for the funding of workshops, seminars, students schools and similar events. To plan the activities for 2009-2011 we open Call for Proposals. To apply, please copy the following form to the e-mail body, fill it in, and send to The deadline for the application is 6 mounth before the event.

Application form for events in frame of NordForsk Research Network "Analysis and Application"

Name of the main applicant:
Affiliation of the applicant:
Name of the conference:
Dates of the conference:
Place of the conferences:
Organising commettee:
Short description of the main purpose of the conference (half-page):
Estimated total budget:
Required financial support from Network:

Note: all figures must be in Norwegian Kroner.

One third part of the grant money is reserved for mobility scholarships. NordForsk's goal is to stimulate internordic cooperation, so one of the main targets for these scholarships is travel interchange between the Nordic countries. The support may cover travel and per dime, but not necessarily 100%.

We plan two types of scientific visits:

Short visits of up to 15 days. Short visits are supposed mostly for senjor researchers.
Exchange visits from 15 days up to three months, specially encourage young researches and Ph.D. students.

Short visits

Deadline: 3 times each year: September 15,  January 15,  April 15
We cover the travel and accomodation expences accoding to the following scheme:

  • we cover the travel expences (for economy class ticket costs),
  • we cover the accomodation (but no more then 800 NOK per day and with the presence of receipts).

Exchange visits

There are no deadlines for submission of an application. However, the application for an exchange grant shoud be submitted at least 1 months before the expected starting date.

Exchange grants are reimbursed on the basis of travel in the economy class and an allowance of  9 000 NOK per month / 3 000 NOK per week.

Applications for travel support should be sent by email to the Network Coordinator (
Please copy the following form into e-mail body, fill it in,  and send it.

Application form for Short and Exchange visits in frame of NordForsk Research Network "Analysis and Application".

Name of the applicant:
Affiliation of the applicant:
Name and affiliation of the receiving person:
Dates of the visit:
Short description of the main purpose of the visit (half-page):
Required financial support from Network:

Remark: By the condition applied in the Standard Contract the participation from the Baltic countries and Russia requires joint funding of at least 30% from the Baltic part and Russia of the concrete activity costs. The joint funding shall be documented in the annual Progress Reports as well as in the Final Report.

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