Refunding Information for Short and Exchange Visits

How do you get your money?

Our Network has very limited administrative resources, as NordForsk allows no overhead on its funds. To minimize the administrative work, we ask that you send your travel claim with all original ticket stubs and other documents to the address below, as soon as you have returned from the journey.

To refund the money please do the following

  • Write a short report (at most 1/2 page) on the visit/travel, including place and dates, people you have collaborated with, titles of talks you have given, etc.
  • Fill in the standard travel subsistence claim form (Pdf version) (see an example here)
  • Fill in the form about your bank data (Pdf version)
  • Do not forget to sign all the forms and to attach the tickets and receipts from hotels!

Prof. Irina Markina
University of Bergen
Department of Mathematics
Johannes Brunsgt. 12
N-5008 Bergen, Norway


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