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Topology Seminar, Spring 2015

Where and when: Thursdays at 10:15 in the "topology lunch room".

This semester we run a slightly softer seminar than usual with local participation from all members of the topology group speaking on an assigned topic, in addition to the usual research talks.

  • January 22 Rosona Eldred,
    Comparing the homotopy functor calculi
  • February 12 Mirjam Solberg,
    Tor, Ext and all that
  • February 19 Mirjam Solberg,
    Tor, Ext and all that, II
  • February 19 Kristian Alfsvåg,
    Applications to groups and concrete calculations
  • February 26 Kristian Alfsvåg,
    Applications to groups and concrete calculations, II
  • March 5 Bjørn Ian Dundas,
    Some Tor-calculations, divided powers and the transpotence
  • March 12 Anders Husebø,
    Spectral Sequences: introduction and application
  • March 19 Eivind Dahl,
    K2-homology of K(Z/pjZ) after Ravenel-Wilson
  • March 26 Valentin Krasontovitsch,
    Applications of the Leray Serre spectral sequence
  • April 9 John Harper,
    Derived Koszul duality and TQ-homology completion
  • April 16 John Harper,
    Homotopical essential surjectivity: comparing O-algebra spectra and K-coalgebra spectra
  • April 23 Andrea Tenti,
    Hochschild Homology: introduction and some concrete calculations
  • April 30 Kim Haugland,
    Computing Persistent Homology
  • May 7 Stefano Piceghello,
    Log Hochschild Homology and log Kähler differentials
  • May 21 Nash and Nirenberg in Bergen,
    Check updates on Abel Prize events
  • May 28 ,
    No seminar