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Here you will find articles related to IPPNW student work. You may view them only, or download them for use in your own information work.

Library Contents:

Atomalderens avskrekkende arv - a cronicle over IPPNWs book "Nuclear Wastelands".

Nedfall over Bergen

50 år i atomalderen - a chronicle over 50 years in the atomic age.

The value of Nuclear Weapons - excerpts from an e-mail discussion.

SPSR's Chapter Start-up Kit - good hints on how to get started.

Nuclear weapons - The Medical Record, by Mons Lie.

Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

Protocol to the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

The Stewardship Smokescreen (on post-CTBT design capability).

IPPNW Student Action Plan (from student pre-congress, August 1996).

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