Landmines in Eritrea - 3 cases

Landmine injuries in Eritrea, by Kurt Hanevik

Landmine injuries in Eritrea

Three case stories
Case 1 (25 years old)

This man is a herder from Adhare. He is unmarried. 5 weeks before this picture was taken he was walking home from Afabet. He knew about the mined areas in his way, but he saw another herder with animals in one of these areas and wanted to take a shortcut. He thought that if the other herder could go there if was maybe not so dangerous. He stepped on a landmine at Debeskaie and when he came to the hospital his left leg had to be amputated. He also had severe lacerations on his right leg, most often seen with PMN landmies.
He is now training to manage on cruthes. He had heard about artificial legs, but seemed sure he would never get one. He realized he could not continue to work as a herder, and was very depressed.

Case 1

Case 2 Case 2 (14 years old)

He is a herder and lives with his parents in Naro. Six weeks before the photo was taken he was herding amimals near Agot, when he and some friends found a mine on the ground. His friends told him it had already exploded, but when he grabbed it, it really did explode. The way he describes it, it was most probably a POMZ mine.
With a severly injured hand he was transported on a camel to Afabet and then sent to Naqfa hospital. He had to amputate his 4th and 5th finger on his right hand his hand badly hurt. He still can barley move the remaining fingers on and realizes he probably will not be able to write with this hand again.

Case 3 (5 years old)

This boy and three of his friends of about the same age were looking after some animals 4 km from his house the 28th of March. This photo was taken 4 days later at Mendefera hospital. Examination showed multiple blast and burn injuries in the chest, both legs and right arm.
The area they were in was known to be mined, but the children did not know. One mine accident had happened there also before the liberation. The boys found a flat round object a little bit bigger than an egg. When one of the boys grabbed it, and started beating it with a stone, it exploded and he died instantly. Another of the boys died soon after from the injuries. The boy in the photo and one of his friends, Toshone (9), suffered severe injuries but will probably survive.

Case 3

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