Landmines in Eritrea - Contacts

By Kurt Hanevik

Landmine injuries in Eritrea

Appendix 3: List of contacts

Thanks to these people I was able to put together this report:

Dr Nerayo Teklemichael - Director, Eritrean Relief and Rehabilitation Agency

Lau Dyg - project coordinator, ICRC

Dr Sennay Kisleyesys - Ministry of Health

Dr Debrezion Berke - Communicable Diseases Control Division

Haile Awalom - Ministry of Agriculture

Alamin Ibrahim - Publ. Rel., Authority of Social Affairs

Haile Melokot - Rehabilitation unit, Authority of Social Affairs

Arild Jacobsen - Norwegian Church Aid

Dr Michael . . - Director, Mekane Hiwot Hospital, Asmara

Dr. Abdelkadir Said Nuur - Mekane Hiwot Hospital, Asmara

Erik Alfredsen, Handikapforbundet

Terje Halvorsen - Centre for International Health, Bergen, Norway

Russom Semere - Head of landmine clearing operations

Jonas Debezai - Desert Locus Control Organization

Dr. Assefaw Tekeste - College of Health Sciences, University of Asmara

Dr Andom Ogbamariam - Medical director, Keren Hospital

Dr. Hadgenbes Johannes, Nacfa Hospital

Josief Teklamariam - Former handeza soldier

Dr. Mogos Yosief - Medical officer, Ministry of Defence

Dr. Abraham Yedhego - Mendefera Hospital

Dr. Tesfay Solomon - Medical director, Mendefera Hospital

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