Landmine references

Landmine references

Useful references for information on Landmines

TITLE: Well done, but landmines ahead
JOURNAL: The Economist, VOL: 336, YEAR: 1995, NO: 7934, Sept 30- Oct 6, PAGE(S): 53- 54
KEYWORDS: Middle East; Israel; agreements; regional security;conflict resolution; regional conflicts; Arab- Israeli relations;Palestinians; PLO

TITLE: The Muslim defence industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina
AUTHOR: Vego, Milan, JOURNAL TITLE: Jane's intelligence review
VOL: 6, YEAR: 1994, NO: 5, DATE: May, PAGE(S): 213- 214
KEYWORDS: Bosnia and Herzegovina; arms industry; arms production; Islam; small arms; mines

TITLE: Social cost of landmines in four countries: Afghanistan, Bosnia, Cambodia, and Mozambique
AUTHORS: Neil Anderson, Cesar Palha da Sousa, Sergio Paredes
JOURNAL TITLE: British Medical Journal
VOL: 311, YEAR: 1995, DATE: 16. September, PAGE(S): 718- 721

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