Landmines in Eritrea - Sources

By Kurt Hanevik

Landmine injuries in Eritrea

Appendix 2: Sources of information

Apart from interviews I found the following sources very helpful in puttting together this report.

Landmines - A Deadly Legacy
Human Rights Watch and Physicians for Human Rights, USA, October 1993, ISBN 1-56432-113-4

Eritrean Profile - Nr 49
18th of February 1995, Ministry of Information

Ertitrea Health Profile 1993
Ministry of Health

The Report of the 1st National Conference on Rehabilitation of Disabeled
Authority of Social Affairs

The Need for Community based Rehabilitation in Eritrea
Authority of Social Affairs

Eritrean Programe for the Rehabilitation of the Disabeled
Authority of Social Affairs

Hidden Killers: The Global Problem With Uncleared Landmines
Washington DC: U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Political-Military affairs
Office of International Security Operation, July 1993

Landmines - a global and intractable health problem
IPPNW, March 1994

Injuries from anti-personnel mines: the experience of the International Committee of the Red Cross
British Medical Journal, December 1991, Vol. 303, Pages 1509-1512

Landmine Warfare - Mines and Engineer Munitions in Eritrea
National Ground Intelligence Center, November 1994.
(This document was provided by the Human Rights Watch Arms Project,
which obtained it under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act).

Locust Handbook
ODNRI, 1988

Military Museum, Asmara

Map of Eritrea made by ERRA Netherlands

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