HK/XA ratio

Method(s): LC-MS/MS (1).

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What is the HK/XA ratio?

HK/XA is the ratio in serum or plasma of 3-hydroxykynurenine (HK) divided by xanthurenic acid (XA), which are substrate-product pair of the vitamin B6-dependent enzyme, kynurenine aminotransferase (KAT). In general, metabolite ratios cancel out the influence from potential confounders affecting the components (metabolites) in the nominator and denominator. This explains why the HK/XA ratio is not associated with renal function and inflammation (2). HK/XA ratio shows a steep inverse association with plasma pyridoxal 5´-phosphate at concentrations less than 20 nmol/L, and stands out as a specific and sensitive functional marker of vitamin B6 status (3).

Performance of the assay (LC-MS/MS)

Lower limit of detection (LOD) (HK/XA): 2/0.5 nmol/L.
Within-day CV: na; between-day CV: na.


Assessment of vitamin B6 status.

Specimen, collection and processing

Matrix: EDTA plasma and serum.
Volume: Minimum volume is 60 µL, but 200 µL is optimal and allows reanalysis.
Preparation and stability: HK decreases while XA is stable during storage of serum/plasma samples. The blood sample must be centrifuged and the plasma/serum fraction put on ice, and frozen.

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Frozen, on dry ice.

Reported values, interpretation

Reported values: 1.5-2.7.
Intraclass correlation coefficients (ICC): na.


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