I supervise theses on topics ranging from topological machine learning and geometric deep learning to machine learning applications in medicine and physics. Below you find a list of current and former students I worked with and their thesis titles. You find some of the master thesis projects that I am interested in supervising here. If any of them interests you or you have your own project idea related to my research interests, I am happy to talk to you.

PhD students


Master students


  • Audun Ljone Henriksen
  • Tobias Madsen
  • Morten Blørstad
  • Julia Cat-Vy Nguyen
  • Simen Høyvik
  • Sigurd Roll Solberg
  • Magnus Øian
  • Adrian Tvilde Evensen
  • Brage Alvsvåg
  • Oda Inanna Klemetsdal Stene
  • Fromsa Hera