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Multiphase systems

The processing or handling of material streams containing more than one phase represents a bottleneck for the processing industry. To improve on this requires multidisciplinary research to study and model processes on the nano- and microlevel and to use this for formulating knowledge-based macro-models.

This research group works in this challenging area, carrying out experimental, numerical and theoretical work in collaboration with industry and the classical sciences of physics, mathematics and chemistry. It is positioned in the unit of Theoretical Physics and Process Technology. It is thus a part of an interdisciplinary cooperation woven into the structure of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Bergen.

The group leader is Alex C. Hoffmann. Here is a link to his CV, to scopus and to orcid. See also our CD Chart made with Gnuplot.


DLA agglomerate. Press the play button to see it move

LORs from a tracer particle in a PET camera during one millisecond, graphics made with Gnuplot

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