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Multiphase systems---Members

Present members
Dr Boris Balakin Assoc. Professor 55585063
Ravali Thipparty, BSc Master student 55582806
Maryam Ghaffari, MSc PhD student 55582806
Prof. Alex C. Hoffmann Group Leader 55582876
Dr Crina S. Ilea Assoc. Prof. II 55588342
Prof. Pawel J. Kosinski Professor 55582817
Truls Lygren, BSc Masters student 55582806
Dr Christopher Nilsen VISTA postdoctoral fellow -

Email addresses for the students are of the form:
and for Ph.D. students and staff:

Research Fellows
Dr M. Cloete Unsteady terms in the BBO equation -
Dr P. Chhabbra Pneumatic conveying studied with PEPT NFR
Dr Weiming Peng Cyclone separators Shell Global Solutions
Dr E. Apol Interparticle forces by Molecular Dynamics simulations (IFMD) NWO/STW, Shell, Akzo, DSM, Unilever, University of Twente
Dr J. Bosma Dry particle classification in fluidized beds with internals EET
Ir H.J. Finkers Segregation in powder handling apparatus/Transport phenomena in protein-sugar foams Lafarge Gips/Cadbury
Dr A. Kosinska Numerical Simulation of Hydrate Particles HYPERION project, NFR, Norsk Hydro
Dr R. Noordman Transport phenomena in protein-sugar foams Cadbury
Ir R. Postma Improvement of cyclone separators for the FCC-process Shell Global Solutions
Dr M.B. Ray PoC, a new way of improving the separation efficiency of industrial scale cyclones Bureau M+I, NOVEM
Ph.D. Students
Dr. S. Karakitsiou Experimental and theoretical study of pressure-driven transport of gases in micro and nanopores NFR, Univ. of Bergen
Dr. Yu-Fen Chang Study of the flow in a hydrocyclone using positron emission particle tracking and computational fluid dynamics simulation NFR, Univ. of Bergen
Dr. J. Tveit A Nonlinear Differential Equation Solver With Potential Application To Pelton Turbines BKK, Univ. of Bergen
Dr. B. S. Sæthre Interfacial free energies in gas-hydrate/fluid interfaces Statoil, NFR
Dr. H. Tikkanen Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly Methods for the Fabrication of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Components Prototech AS, NFR
Dr. G. Pisarev Experimental and numerical study of the end of the vortex phenomenon Utrecht University, NFR
Dr. B.V. Balakin Experimental and theoretical study of the flow, aggregation and deposition of gas hydrate particles NFR, SINTEF, StatoilHydro, Chevron
Dr. C. Ilea Numerical simulations of dust lifting NFR
Dr. T.X. Ho Modeling of transport, chemical and electrochemical processes in solid oxide fuel cells NFR, CMR Prototech
Dr. C.S. Ilea New materials for solid oxide fuel cells based on nanoparticles NFR, Prototech AS
Dr. T. Austrheim Experimental Characterization of High-Pressure Natural Gas Scrubbers HiPGaS consortium
S. Silalahi M.Sc. Simulation and testing of SOFC materials NFR, Prototech
Dr E.J.W. Wensink Molecular Simulations of Complex Liquids and Confined Systems NFR, Univ. of Groningen
Dr C. Dechsiri Particle transport in fluidized beds -- Experiments and Stochastic models Dept. of Maths, Univ. of Bochum; Dept. of Metallurgy, Univ. of Liverpool; Shell Global Solutions
Ir R. la Riviere CaNS, an automated and predictive maintenance system for gas treatment installations NAM
Dr S. Schaafsma Fluidized bed granulation Dept. of Pharmacy, Univ. of Groningen
Dr M. Cioffi Rheokinetics ERASMUS; Dept. of Chem. Eng., Univ. of Groningen
Dr G. P. Hartholt Particle mixing in gas fluidized beds Univ. of Groningen
Dr E. Marring Fluidization and discharge of cohesive powders Dept. of Chem. Eng., Univ. of Groningen
Master Students
Ir J. Prins Menging en segregatie in gefluidiseerde bedden  
Ir H. Paarhuis Gefluidiseerde bedden. Menging en segregatie, verblijftijdspreiding  
Ir H. Sie Wervels, Wrevel en wat dies meer zij  
Ir H. Arends Cycloononderzoek. Een kritische kijk op het kritisch beladingsconcept van Muschelknautz  
Ir E. Romp Gefluidiseerde bedden. Menging en segregatie  
Ir H. Grommers Cyclonen. -Vortex lengte -stromings profielen -deeltjesgrootte analyse  
Ir M.A. Luttmer Fluidisatie technologie. Invloed van de gasvochtigheid op het fluidisatie proces  
Ir B. Kamphuis Een mengcriterium voor gefluidiseerde bedden  
Ir R. la Riviere Methods for the determination of particle residence time distribution in continuous gas fluidised beds  
Ir J.H. Moes De stroming veroorzaakt door een opstijgende gasbel in een vloeistof Dept. of Maths, Univ of Groningen
Ir S. Riedstra Visual observation of mixing mechanisms by means of X-ray radiation and endoscope Dept. of Chem. Eng, University College London
Ir H. Bunt Invloed van de bedhoogte, de poedersamenstelling en de kolomdimensies op de deeltjesmenging in gefluidiseerde bedden  
Ir H. Verkaik Modellering van batch gefluidiseerde bedden  
Ir W. Meetsma Gravity based downhole dehydration. Theory and process simulation Shell Exploration
Ir H.J. Finkers Onderzoek naar stromingsgedrag van industriele poeders in poederafvul-apparatuur (een benadering op deeltjes-, bulk- en proces niveau" Calumatic
Ir E.-H. Meindertsma Particle residence time distribution in continuously operated vertical and horizontal fluidized beds  
Ir R. Postma Karakteriseren en optimaliseren van een PoC Bureau M+I, NOVEM
Eng. A. Berrino Numerical simulation of cyclones and swirl tubes Shell Global Solutions
A.V. Ganesh, B.Sc. Characterization of foams  
B. Baratte Centrifugal separators for the FCC process Shell Global Solutions
Ir F. Snieders The behaviour of coarse particles in an interconnected fluidised bed Depts. of Chem. Eng., University College London and University of Birmingham
Drs H.W. Stuut Stochastic models for transport in a fluidized bed Dept. of Maths, University of Groningen
Drs W.B. Rass A numerical model of the flow past a spherical cap bubble rising in a fluidized bed Dept. of Maths, University of Groningen
Ir J.-J. van Dijk X-ray studies into the influence of baffles on bubble hehaviour and particle mixing and fluidized bed granulation Dept. of Chem. Eng., University College London
Ir W. Wage Invloed van baffles op de deeltjesmenging in gefluidiseerde bedden  
Ir E. Wensink The effect of moisture on interparticle forces. Investigated by means of molecular dynamics simulations Dept. of Biophysical Chemistry, Univ. of Groningen
Ir M.T. Mos Fluide bed agglomeratie  
Ir P.J.A.J.Boot Flow field and performance measurements in a tangential cyclone Shell Global Solutions
Ir N. Koops Ontwikkelen conditiemodellen pijpleiding, manifold en Joule Thomson klep NAM
Ir A. Udding The optimisation of axial cyclones in FCC third stage separators Shell Global Solutions
Ir J. ter Horst The optimisation of fluid catalytic cracking gas cyclones Shell Global Solutions
Ir T. Marx, T Mixing and segregation in fluidised bed granulation Dept. of Pharmacy, Univ. of Groningen, Depts. of Chem. Eng., University College London and University of Birmingham
Ir M.P. Hoogerwerf Effect of conduit characteristics on the deposition of various powders in horizontal pipelines and bends Dept. of Chem. Eng. National University of Singapore
Ir A.J. van der Velden Steps towards better swirl tube operation, Vol. I Shell Global Solutions
Ir M. de Groot Steps towards better tangential cyclone operation Shell Global Solutions
Ir T. Girardot A study to determine the efficiency of cyclone separators using narrowly dispersed powders Dept. of Chem. Eng., National University of Singapore
Ir P. van den Berg The rise of bubbles and solid particles in the proximity of a plane wall: a numerical study Dept. of Maths, Univ. of Groningen
Ir L. Blauw Conditiemodellen voor een betere CAnS in de 21ste eeuw NAM
Ir H.C. Breed Validatie van het Capaciteits Analyse Systeem NAM
Ir R.J. Reuvekamp Effect of conduit characteristics of various powders in pneumatic conveying systems Dept. of Chem. Eng., National University of Singapore
Ir E. van der Zwan PET, a new method for analyzing fluidized beds University Hospital, Groningen; University of Bochum
F. van de Wiel PET investigation of particle dynamics in fluidized beds University Hospital, Groningen; University of Bochum
B.S. Sæthre Interfacial area and mass transfer in a high intensity mixer ProPure; Industrial Instrumentation, UiB
R. Lie Sand transport in horizontal tubes Rogalands Forskning; Optical Physics, UiB
A. Ghione Analysis and interpretation of PET data for fluidization University Hospital Groningen; University of Genova; University of Bochum
E. Kvinnesland Single-phase characterization of the inlet arrangement schoepentoeter HiPGaS project
D. Christensen Single-phase characterization of the new open spinlet arrangement HiPGaS project
S. Jacobsson Single-phase characterization of the Verlaan cyclone HiPGaS project
R. Heimvik SOFC fuel cells Prototech AS
R.B. Asserson Interfacial tension measurements of freon hydrates by means of droplet deposition and contact angle measurements HYPERION project
Dagfinn Mæland Sintering and impedance spectroscopy characterisation of nanoparticle-based functional materials for solid oxide fuel cells NanoSOFC project, NFR, Prototech AS
O. Thormodsæter Production and characterization of YSZ nanoparticles and thin films for planar ceramic SOFC electrolytes NanoSOFC project, NFR, Prototech AS
H. Pedersen Formation, particle size distribution and flow dependence of Freon (R11) hydrates in multiphase flow systems HYADES projekt, NFR, SINTEF, StatoilHydro, Chevron
Z. Kilinc Formation and particle size distribution of cyclopentane hydrates in a multiphase flow system HYADES projekt, NFR, SINTEF, StatoilHydro, Chevron
E. D. Fatnes Numerical simulation of the flow and plugging behaviour of hydrate particles HYADES projekt, NFR, SINTEF, StatoilHydro, Chevron
V. Eikill Characterization of the anode and cathode materials for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC's) NFR, CMR Prototech
R.-D. Nyheim Hybride eksplosjoner mellom "ENSACO conductiv carbon black 350G" og propangass CMR Gexcon
V. I. Gjerde The natural vortex length in centrifugal separators NFR, University of Utrecht
Ø. L. Aasen Experimental investigation of particle trajectory through an hydrocyclone using a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner Aker Solutions, NFR
M. A. Dahl New experimental techniques to study the adhesion to various solid surfaces of hydrate-relevant droplets and particles NFR, SINTEF, StatoilHydro, Chevron
S.-A. Marthinussen The effect of fluid viscosity on hydrocyclone performance Aker Solutions, NFR
D. G. Fonnes Investigation of particle trajectories in hydrocyclones using positron emission tomography and numerical simulations Aker Solutions, NFR
T. Rødland Experimental and Theoretical Study on the Effect of Wall Roughness on the Phenomenon "End of the Vortex" in Swirl Tubes Utrecht University, NFR
I. Notøy Experimental and simulational study of particle deposition and intial plugging in pipeline flow using model particles -
L. Opstvedt Influence of viscosity ratio and surfactants on droplet break-up in a shear field studied through experiments and numerical simulations Statoil
L. K. Leirvåg PEPT in a gaseous system and as a measurement technique for pneumatic conveying -
Å. Skorpen Investigation of particle trajectories and flow patterns in a hydrocyclone by positron emission particle tracking (PEPT) Aker Solutions
A. Vestvik Partikkelagglomerasjon i rør relatert til hydratplugger -
D. A. Hernandez Rubio Tapecasting of lanthanum chromite CMR Prototech AS
O. Østensen Hydrocyclone-Decanter-Hybrid with Self-Regulating Flow Split -
M. Sahoo High Back Pressure on Pressure Safety Valves (PSVs) in a Flare System Statoil
E. A. Svensen Numerical and experimental study of the vortex length in a gas cyclone -
A. Romsloe Cyclonic oil-water separator with an overflow system -
S. S. Pletten An Experimental and Theoretical Study of Transfer Rates of Phenols from Caustic to Crude Oil Statoil
A. Hellestø A Study of Orthokinetic Agglomeration in Cohesive Multiphase Flows HiB
A. Salimi A The Effect of Fluid Viscosity and Influence of Geometry on Hydrocyclone Performance Aker Solutions, NFR
F. Tassew Numerical and Experimental Study of Deposition of Polystyrene Particles in Multiphase Pipe Flows -
I. E. Kvamme Experimental and Numerical Performance Analysis of a New Oil-Water Cyclone Separator -
N. Thambiraj Identification of thresholds for oxygen utilisation / sea water contamination of solid oxide fuel cell cathode -

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