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Stochastic Modeling in Process Technology
H.G. Dehling
T. Gottschalk
A.C. Hoffmann

Elsevier, Amsterdam, Oxford
ISBN 978-0-444-52026-5


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This book, which is part of the series Mathematics in Science and Engineering from Elsevier, discusses an elegant, but little-known technique for formulating process models in process technology: stochastic process modelling.
The technique is based on computing the probability distribution for a single particle's position in the process vessel, and/or the particle's properties, as a function of time, rather than - as is traditionally done - basing the model on the formulation and solution of differential conservation equations.
Using this technique can greatly simplify the formulation of a model, and even make modelling possible for processes so complex that the traditional method is impracticable.
Stochastic modelling has sporadically been used in various branches of process technology under various names and guises. This book gives, as the first, an overview of this work, and shows how these techniques are similar in nature, and make use of the same basic mathematical tools and techniques.
The book also demonstrates how stochastic modelling may be implemented by describing example cases, and shows how a stochastic model may be formulated for a case, which cannot be described by formulating and solving differential balance equations.


Key Features

  • Introduction to stochastic process modelling as an alternative modelling technique
  • Shows how stochastic modelling may be succesful where the traditional technique fails
  • important cyclone separation and pressure drop models
  • Overview of stochastic modelling in process technology in the research literature
  • Illustration of the principle by a wide range of practical examples
  • In-depth and self-contained discussions
  • Points the way to both mathematical and technological research in a new, rewarding field
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The book is released in August of 2007. It will available in all major bookstores carrying scientific/technical books, and is during the first part of 2007 available for pre-ordering.



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