Jan Petter Hansen

Name        : Jan Petter Hansen 
Position    : Professor Institution : Department of physics and technology, University of Bergen
Address     : Allégt. 55, N-5007 Bergen, Norway Email       : Jan.Hansen [at] uib.no

I received my Phd in 1990 and became professor in 1999 at the late Department of Physics, now Department of Physics and Technology. My primary scientific interest has been (and is) quantum dynamics, more precisely, theory and computational modelling of atomic collisions, atoms and molecules in strong laser fields, quantum dots and Rydberg atoms. In recent years I have also taken interest in energy issues and sustainability, which has resulted in a number of recent publications and the text book, Energy Technologies and Economics

Online publications lists: Google Scholar and Scopus

At UiB I have taught courses in mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, atomic physics and energy resources in the period 1993-2016. In addition I have enjoyed teaching at HVL , NHH and numerous nordic and international schools. My favorite public topics are global energy issues, followed by BIG Questions (What is Life?), followed by long ongoing debate articles on internal academic organisatoric issues.

I served as Head of Department in the period 2004-2010. At present I am on leave from UiB, working in Sweden as Prefect at Chalmers University of Technology, of Department of Space, Earth and Environment.