Increase the value of your research
 Barbara Salopek, Business Development Manager,

IFT - felleseminar, Aud B 17.2 at 14.15

BTO AS . Thormøhlensgt. 51 . 5006 Bergen . Norway
Good research results could have a great impact on both the quality of life for individuals and on value creation in the society as such.
BTO helps researchers commercialize their research results to ensure that knowledge and inventions benefit individuals, society and industry.

In Bergen, there are about 4000 researchers performing cutting-edge research in a variety of disciplines for close to 4 billon NOK each year.
This creates a lot of knowledge. The BTO team consists of highly skilled and experienced people with specialized knowledge within the field of
 business development and technology transfer. BTO knows business development - the challenge lies in choosing the most effective path.

BTO was founded December 2004 by the University of Bergen, Haukeland University Hospital and the Institute of Marine Research,
 and we commercialize research results and handle all intellectual property (IP) aspects on behalf of 8 research institutions in Bergen.

At BTO we know that the most of the world's great ideas have yet to be put into life. We guide good ideas.