The fingerprints of Vilhelm Bjerknes on modern climate science

Brian Hoskins, Director,
Grantham Institute for Climate Change, Imperial College, London

A discussion will be given of modern climate science, highlighting aspects of it that reflect the fundamental influence of Vilhelm Bjerknes. These include the scientific approach to prediction, the seamless nature of the weather and climate problem, and the attempt to understand phenomena based on materially conserved quantities. More generally his influence is seen in the drive to provide predictions that are of practical use to our community.

About the speaker:

    • Knighthood (2007)
    • Symons Gold Medal (2007) of the Royal Meteorological Society
    • Elected to the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (2002) [1]
    • Commander of the British Empire (1998)
    • Honorary Professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (1998)
    • EGS Vilhelm Bjerknes Medallist (1997) [2]
    • Fellow of the Royal Society (1988) [3]
    • Carl-Gustav Rossby Research Medal (1988) of the American Meteorological Society
    • The Chree Medal and Prize of the Institute of Physics (1987)
    • Fellow of the American Meteorological Society (1985)
    • Royal Meteorological Society L.F. Richardson Prize (1972) and Buchan Prize (1976)