DWQBS - Network Description

This project entitled "Dynamics of Weakly Bound Quantum Systems" (DWBQS) describes a joint collaborative academic project and exchange scheme between researchers from Norway, Sweden and France as beneficiaries and Argentina and India as participants. The first focus of the program is on the theoretical challenges regarding transfer and breakup mechanisms in excited atomic and molecular systems. We will study breakup and imaging of atoms and molecules in laser fields and Rydberg like systems in collisions between ions. The ability to solve the time dependent Schrödinger equation in this regime results in new insights regarding novel quantum processes involving entangled particles.

A second focus will be to develop new understanding for the atomic structure problem in Super Heavy Elements (SHE) based on experience of many body physics in systems like large clusters and quantum dots.

During the network period 2011-2014 in total 135 travel months (secondments) is planned to/from the partner countries (Argentina, India) to the beneficiary countries (Norway, Sweden and France). The travellers are a mix of early stage researchers, experienced researchers and technical/administrative personell.

Paricipating institutions & scientific coordinators:

National network cooridinators: Pablo Fainstein (CNEA) Mohini Gupta (Manipal) Alain Dubois (UPMC) Jan Petter Hansen (UiB) Eva Lindroth (Stockholm)

For more info - Please contact the DWQBS coordinator.